The Dark City Sisters – Best of the Dark City Sisters :

Sortie : 1976
Style : World music , South Africa

Tracklist :
 1   Tamatie yoyo no. 3
 2   Langa more
 3   Emarabini
 4   Sekusile
 5   Insizwa
 6   Amangwane
 7   Jimmy
 8   Isinkwa no fishi
 9   Sihamba kancane
10  Izinto ezinhle
11  Umtshi tshimbo
12  Umlando
13  Soze ndende
14  Lomfazi uyangihlupha
15  Izintombi zika Mogatusi
16  Amahlokohloko
17  Bayangi zonda
18  Rosie

The Dark City Sisters were a group of session singers who came together to record an album and in the process popularized an innovative new style of singing. Rather than singing a common four-part harmony, the Sisters used five parts, which created a richer tone. Sometimes known as « vocal jive, » this technique was subsumed under the umbrella term « mbaqanga, » meaning, literally, dumpling, and figuratively, a homegrown style.
~ Leon Jackson

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