Speedometer – Four Flights Up

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<a onclick="window.open('http://http//www.speedometer-funk.co.uk’, », »);return false; » href= »http://%3Cb%3Ehttp//www.speedometer-funk.co.uk »>http//www.speedometer-funk.co.uk

Sortie : 2007
Style : Soul Funk

Tracklist :

01 – The Meter’s Running
02 – No Woman Worries
03 – Same Old Thing
04 – Are You My Woman ?
05 – Four Flights Up
06 – Main Man
07 – Take A Chance
08 – Starlight
09 – This Is The Real Me
10 – Safari Of Soul
11 – This Ain’t Moving
12 – Chicken Run

Speedometer get better and better with each new record – and this time around, they’ve risen to the upper level of grooving in the deep funk underground – sitting nicely next to the best from the Daptone, Soul Fire, and Tru Thoughts camp with an approach that’s heavy on the drums, filled with funky guitars, and topped with plenty of horns! Vocals are great too – thanks to guest appearances from Ria Currie and Miami soul legend Robert Moore – both of whom really flesh out the tunes wonderfully with their soulful styles. Core instrumentation is as tight as it can be, and it looks like the move to the Freestyle label has really been a great one for the group.

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