V.A – The dark side of disco vol. 2

https://babylonburnradi0.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/dark_side_of_disco_2.jpg?w=295Note :

Sortie : 2005
Style : Electro , Funk , Soul , Disco

Tracklist :
01 Talking Heads – Crosseyed And Painless (12″ Long Version)
02 Eberhard Schoener – Why Don’t You Answer (feat. Sting)
03 Sugar Daddy – Another One Bites The Dust (Remix Instrumental)
04 The Human League – Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Instrumental Version)
05 Q – The Voice Of Q
06 Skatt Bros – Walk The Night
07 Harlequin Fours – Set It Off (Walter Gibbons Mix)
08 Nancy Martin – Can’t Believe
09 Visage – Fade To Grey (12″ Extended Play)
10 Rinder & Lewis – Gluttony
 11 Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance (Extended Club Mix)


Latest update from the disco revival frontline – here a doublepack of boots revisits Talking heads for the second week running, Derrick Carter favourite Skatt Brothers walk the night, all in a bewildering mix from the questionable Men Without Hats, the timeless if poptastic Visage’s fade to grey, Harlequin 4’s brilliant mega mix friendly Set it off and ver Human League’s opus The things that dreams are made of in its instrumental guise. Curios include the voice of Q, spooky theremin disco, and Sugar Daddy’s leather thonged remix instro to Another One Bites The Dust. Party on!

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