Johnny Clarke – Dreader Dread 1976-78 :

Sortie : 1976-78
Style : Reaggae Roots

Tracklist :
Top Ranking (I’m The Toughest)
In The Roots Of The Ghetto
Live Up Jah Man
Love Up Your Brothers And Sisters (Extended)
African People
Dread A Dread
Fire & Brimstone A Go Burn The Wicked
African Roots (Extended)
Roots Natty
Every Knee Shall Bow (Extended)
Play Fool Fe Get Wise (Extended)
Age Is Growing
Time Will Tell


Although he was enormously popular in Jamaica during the 1970s, Johnny Clarke is now known primarily among reggae aficionados. This is unfortunate, since his sweet, crooning style is at least as winning as that of other, more commercially successful reggae singers (Dennis Brown, for example, or Sugar Minott). His relative obscurity notwithstanding, there are quite a few good compilations of Johnny Clarke singles available, and this one is very good. It includes a fine version of Peter Tosh’s Top Ranking, one that doesn’t pack quite the same snide wallop as Tosh’s, but which improves on Tosh’s generally mediocre singing. Live Up Jah Man and African Roots are excellent examples of the « conscious » subject matter that Clarke has always favored, and Roots Natty remains one of Clarke’s finest performances. Several of the tracks on this album duplicate those on Front Line’s Authorised Rockers compilation, but the extended mixes and other rarities are a fantastic bonus. And Authorised Rockers was never released on CD and is so much difficult (and expansive) to find on LP, so… Enjoy it!

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