V.A – Afrika Underground – Jazz funk & fusion under apartheid

https://babylonburnradi0.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/zzafrikaundergroundja_101b.jpg?w=300Note :

Sortie : 2002
Style : Jazz funk , Fusion

Tracklist :
1. Lament
2. Chapita – Dick Khoza
3. Half N Half – Zacks Nkosi
4. Thunder into Our Hearts – Jabula
5. I la I La
6. I Remember You – Mike Makhalemele
7. Way It Used to Be
8. African Live [Moto] – Dick Khoza
9. Wilderness – Zacks Nkosi
10. Musikana – Harari
11. Blues for Yusef – Lionel Pillay


Really wonderful stuff — a collection of totally unique grooves that won’t cross over with any of your other African funk compilations! The focus here is on jazz, not funk or soul — and the set features a wealth of great tracks pulled from obscure South African records of the late 70s and early 80s. Funky fusion is definitely in command here — and the overall feel of the tracks is similar to some of the best European funky fusion of the 70s, fused with elements of African percussion and instrumentation — creating a true crossover of styles that crackles with a freshness that will have you coming back to this one again and again! Most tracks are instrumental — and the grooves here are a lot more complicated than on your average James Brown-inspired African funk tracks, a mix of strident modal modes, and other choppier funkier riff-heavy tunes. Plus, the whole thing’s put together with the righteous intelligence of all the other Counterpoint titles — with great notes, incredible sound, and an approach that will easily take you to a whole new musical world! Titles include « I Remember You » by Mike Makahalemele, « Half N Half » by Zacks Nkosi, « Chapita » by Dick Khoza, « Lament » by Movement In The City, « Blues For Yusef » by Lionel Pillay, « The Way It Used To Be » by Pacific Express, and « La I La I La » by George Lee Larnyoh.

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