Club Des Belugas – Caviar At 3 A.M.& Minority tunes

Note :

Origine du Groupe : Sweden , England , Germany , North America

Style : NuJazz , Electro Lounge , Lo Fi

Sortie : 2009

Tracklist :

CD 1:
01. Early Daiquiris
02. Tokyo Dawn
03. Hot Vibes / Special Bar Tunes Edit
04. Next Order Please
05. Quatre pieces cellees, part 1
06. Faute De Mieux
07. Caviar At 3 A M
08. Sisi Tartar
09. Kissez In Gallop
10. Papaya
11. Seven Chills
12. Weather Report
13. La Mer

CD 2:
01. Gadda Rio
02. Jelly Galore
03. Heya
04. Get Shorter
05. Nerono
06. Lou Two
07. Hip Hip Chin Chin / Smooth Return Mix
08. The Rebirth Of The Fat Lola
09. Quatre pieces cellees / part 2
10. One Note Brazil
11. Jilt By Julie
12. The Nil Reference
13. Hip Hip Chin Chin / Maxim Illion Mix


Club des Belugas is one of the leading lounge & nujazz projects in Germany, perhaps in Europe. They combine Contemporary European Lounge & Nujazz Styles with Brazilian Beats and American Black Soul of the fifties, sixties and seventies, using their unique creativity and intensity.

Main members are Maxim Illion & Kitty the Bill, with such exquisite guest vocalists as the Californian Jazz Lady Brenda Boykin, Swedish singer anna.luca, London based Jazz singer Iain Mackenzie, Anne Schnell from Jojo Effect, Ferank Manseed from Newcastle/UK, Dean Bowman from New York, trumpeter Reiner Winterschladen (Nighthawks) and trumpet player Thomas Siffling.




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