Robert French Meets Anthony Johnson

Note :

origine du Groupe : Jamaica , U.K

Style : Reggae , Dub

Sortie : 1982

Tracklist :

a1 – Anthony Johnson – Sitting In The Park

a2 – The Roots Radics – Park Dub

a3 – Anthony Johnson – Know Yourself Mankind

a4 – The Roots Radics – Mankind Dub

a5 – Anthony Johnson – I Want To Hold You

a6 – The Roots Radics – Hold You Dub

b1 – Robert Ffrench – Stop Spread Rumour

b2 – The Roots Radics – Rumour Dub

b3 – Robert Ffrench – Number One Lover

b4 – The Roots Radics – Lover Dub

b5 – Robert Ffrench – No War

b6 – The Roots Radics – War Dub

Producer : Jah Thomas

Backing : The Roots Radics


Jamaican and U.K. favorite Robert Ffrench was one of those dancehall singers who emerged in the first half of the eighties. In 1989 he reached platinum status in England with his monster hit « Bun
And Cheese ». Robert Ffrench is not only a very talented songwriter, singer and performer, but a producer as well, having worked with such heavy-hitters as Buju Banton, Pliers and Courtney Melody.
Discography 1985 * The Favourite * Wondering 1986



INTERVIEW Anthony Johnson

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