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août 5, 2010

Choc Quib Town – Oro

Note :

Currulao, chirímia et aguabajo ? Plus besoin d’être ethnomusicologue pour s’initier aux rythmes et sonorités traditionnels de la côte Pacifique colombienne. Une région enclavée, connue comme la «
petite Afrique » de Colombie, dont Choc Quib Town s’est fait le porte-parole, puisant dans son folklore pour produire une fusion musclée de hip-hop, dancehall et de funk-pop latino. Outre son
caractère éminemment festif, la formule doit son succès aux messages positifs véhiculés par la charismatique chanteuse Goyo et les MC Tostao et Slow, qui épinglent les problèmes sociaux (« De
Dónde Vengo Yo »), ethniques (« Oro ») et écologiques (« Pescao Envenenao ») qui, au-delà d’une région (« Somos Pacifico »), touchent le pays tout entier. Consacré sur le plan national et fort
bien reçu aux Etats-Unis, Choc Quib Town débarque en Europe avec un disque sous forme de best-of de ses deux premières productions, avant une tournée estivale qui sera l’occasion de mesurer la
formidable énergie communicative du trio.

par Yannis Ruel


Origine du Groupe : Colombia

Style : Alternative Fusion World , Rap Fusion

Sortie : 2010

Tracklist :

01 El Bombo 3:33

02 Son Bereju 3:11

03 Somos Pacifico 3:48

04 Pescao Envenenao 4:03

05 San Antonio 4:06

06 De Donde Vengo Yo 4:20

07 Rumba Sin Pelea 4:05

08 Te Saco A Corre 3:32

09 Oro 3:52

10 La Calle O La Casa 4:14

11 Los Tenis 3:22

12 Infiel 4:00

13 Somos Pacifico Rmx Richard Blair 4:37

14 Somos Pacifico Salsa Version 5:55


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août 5, 2010

V.A – Origins of Guitar Music in Southern Congo and Northern Zambia

Note :

More dry guitars, let’s go back in time.

In the new urban culture during the fifties in the copper mining towns of Katanga Province

in southern Congo and on the Copperbelt in northern Zambia, the guitar became an important status symbol.

Hugh Tracey the South African broadcaster turned field recordist amassed probably the largest body of pre-independence recordings of music in central and southern Africa.

This focus on guitar music offers a journey from remote forest villages into the cities and mining camps.

Depending on where they lived, miners and urban professionals heard on their radios American jazz and its South African imitators, Cuban pop, and its Congolese imitators, as well as all sorts of
traditional music…..

All of that is echoed in these recordings from Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi during the 1950s.

An exciting document, the emergence of a new sound – with some famous names such as Mwenda Jean Bosco

and George Sibanda……

by nauma


Origine du Groupe : Africa

Style : World Guitar

Sortie : 2002

Tracklist :

1957 &’58 recordings

Congo :

01-Ilunga Patrice & Misonba Victor-Mama Josefina

02-Ilunga Patrice & Misonba Victor-Masengu

03-Ngoi Nono & Kabongo Anastase-Muleka Mwene Yombwe

04-Kaseba Anatole-Muleka Mwene Ngoie

Zambia :

05-Stephen Tsoti Kasumali-Ematamno Waifwe Bantu

06-Stephen Tsoti Kasumali-Banakatekwe

07-T. Muntali & M. Sapao-Maio Wafwa

08-The Four Pauls-Nifwe Ba Four Pais

09-The Four Pauls-Maselino Yaya Yoyayu

10-John Lushi-Bamgufya Ba Kwati

11-Isaac Matafwana & Sunkutu-Katikalepuke Katikatobeke

12-Luson Mwape Muchalo-Chilomendo Chakumena

13-William Sivale-Nashe Nsapato

14-F. Musonda-Amatstotsi Mama Amaononge Chalo

Malawi :

15-Pearson Kapeni-Akazi

16-De Ndirande Pitch Crooners-Elube

1950,’51,’52 recordings

Zimbabwe :

17-George Sibanda-Gwabi Gwabi

18-George Sibanda-Dali Ngiyakuthanda Bati Ha-Ha-Ha

19-Josiah Nkomi-Itaula Bava Yami

Congo :

20-Mwenda Jean Bosco-Mama Na Mwana

21-Ombiza Charles-Nachelewa

22-Ombiza Charles-Safari Ya Baraka

23-Bembele Henri-Colette

24-Bembele Henri-Beni



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août 5, 2010

Bombay Dub Orchestra – 3 Cities In Dub

Note : ++

Step inside the sound of 3 Cities, Bombay Dub Orchestra’s sophomore release, and experience the crossroads where Mumbai, Chennai, and London musically meet. Since the release of their self-titled
debut, the name Bombay Dub Orchestra (consisting of composer/producers Garry Hughes and Andrew T. Mackay) has built quite a reputation.  From main-stage performances at the UK’s Big Chill
Festival and Djing across the globe, scoring feature films to remixing such world-renowned artists as Bob Marley, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Bebel Gilberto, fans and critics have been eagerly
awaiting their next album.  For 3 Cities,

both Hughes and Mackay traveled to Mumbai and Chennai to record with the cities’ premier musicians and vocalists before returning to London to mix the album. 3 Cities is where their cinematic
soundscapes meet Indian Classical and electronica featuring a huge cast of over 75 musicians.


Origine du Groupe : India , U.k

Style : Electro Dub

Sortie : 2009

Tracklist :

1. Egypt By Air (Bombay Dub’s Funky Old Medina Remix)

2. Monsoon Malabar (International Observer Remix)

3. Journey (Rise Ashen Nataraj Dub)

4. Egypt By Air (Earthrise SoundSystem Remix)

5. Junoon (Bombay Dub’s Jaipur Active Remix) ♪

6. Journey (Liquid Stranger’s Sliptrip Edit)

7. Junoon (Alpha & Omega Dub #3)

8. Monsoon Malabar (Bombay Dub Orchestra’s Dub Mix)

9. Journey (Pathaan’s Epic Mix)



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août 5, 2010

Esne Beltza – Noa

Note :

Esne Beltza presenta un segundo disco (Noa) lleno de múltiples sonidos. Esne Beltza es basque global roots. En Esne Beltza todos los ritmos hablan por su nombre, los de allí con los de aquí. En
el cántaro de Esne Beltza encontraremos colores, pluralidad y el presente convertidos en la base musical del sujeto popular. Esne Beltza nos acerca a esos pueblos pequeños, rebeldes, para
recordarnos abiertamente con sus empapados sonidos duraderos el placer de los sentimientos y que las cosas son como son, sin perder las raíces populares, y no como nos las venden. Aunque utilice
un sinfín de estilos musicales, dos hilos conductores homogenizan el disco de Esne Beltza: por un lado, el atractivo e impulsivo sonido de la triki y, por otro, el vigor dulce de la voz de



Origine du Groupe : Argentina

Style : Alternative Fusion World

Sortie : 2010

Tracklist :

01 Hommes et femmes de couleur

02 Lurraren

03 Hona bostekoa

04 Hankatxuak

05 Eskuekin

06 Hogei

07 Hiru kolpetan!

08 Gogoak

09 Sonidero

10 Freedom

11 Sortzen

12 Rocokokofader

13 Revolutions piratak

14 Break-rut

15 Noa

16 Love my land mix

17 Nafar Erreinua



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août 5, 2010

Terumasa Hino – Hip Seagull

Note :

« A fine trumpeter influenced by Freddie Hubbard and Miles Davis, Terumasa Hino has long been one of Japan’s best jazz musicians. A professional since 1955, Hino has mostly become known to Americans
since the 1970s due to his Enja recordings, although some of his albums were made available domestically by Catalyst, Inner City, and Blue Note. He moved to the U.S. in 1975, where he worked with
Gil Evans, Jackie McLean, Dave Liebman, and Elvin Jones. Hino spent more of his time in Japan after the early ’80s, and recorded in several different styles ranging from straight-ahead to fusion. »


Origine du Groupe : Japan

Style : Jazz Fusion

Sortie : 1977

Tracklist :

1. Hip Seagull 16:01

2. This Planet Is Ours 6:54

3. Fall 6:28

4. Life Trip 7:35

Terumasa Hino – Trumpet

Kohsuke Mine – Sax (Tenor, Soprano)

John Scofield – Guitar

Mikio Masuda – Piano

Clint Houston – Bass

George Ohtsuka – Drums (2-4)

Motohiko Hino – Drums (1)

M’tume – Percussion, Congas, Voice

Kimiko Kasai – Vocals (3)

Tawatha – Vocals (2)



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août 5, 2010

Trojan Reggae Rarities Box Set

Note :

To celebrate the release of its 50th box set, Trojan Records asked the members of its online forum to suggest some hard to find tracks for a reggae rarities anthology, and the end result is this
intriguing three-disc collection that scoots all over the place. Disc one, which covers Jamaican releases from 1966 to 1969, is probably the strongest of the three, yielding gems like the Soul
Leaders’ laconic « Pour On the Sauce, » Gladstone Anderson’s « Chances » (culled from the pianist’s debut album, 1968’s Glad Sounds), and « Worries (A Yard) » by the Versatiles, featuring lead vocals
by a young Junior Byles. The second disc covers 1969 to 1973, and includes Boris Gardiner’s powerful Hammond B-3 instrumental « Darkness, » the Cables’ « (Name) Ring a Bell » (with founder Keeble
Drummond on lead vocal), and the great Slim Smith covering Billy Stewart’s « Sitting in the Park. » Disc three concentrates on British releases from 1970 to 1977, and although the U.K. reggae scene
is often deemed musically inferior to the Jamaican one, there are some wonderful tracks included here, particularly on the pop side of things, like Tony Nash’s orchestrated « Keep On Trying, » the
Cimarons’ « Check Out Yourself, » Danny Ray’s moving « Just Because, » and the Marvels’ « Touch Me Baby, » which manages to suggest how the Supremes might have sounded had they abandoned Motown for
reggae. There are a couple of missteps, like Gene Rondo’s ill-advised reggae cover of the Allman Brothers’ « Ramblin’ Man, » but the highs far outweigh the lows throughout the set. True reggae
fanatics will treasure this anthology of rarities, while novice listeners may want to check out some of Trojan’s other 49 box sets first.

~ Steve Leggett


Origine du Groupe : Jamaica , U.K

Style : Reggae

Sortie : 2004

Tracklist :

CD 1 :

1.The Spanishtonians  – Suffer Me Not

2.The Soul Leaders & The Carib-Beats – Pour On The Source

3.Roland Alphonso & The Beverley’s All Stars – Goodnight My Love

4.The Tartans – Coming On Strong

5.Johnny Melody – Govern Your Mouth

6.Ewan Mcdermott & Jerry Matthias With The Carib-Beats – I’m Gonna Love You

7.Austin Faithful – Ain’t That Peculiar

8.Vin Gordon – Caterpillar Rock

9.Carlton Alphonso – I Have Changed

10.Gladstone Anderson With Lynn Taitt & The Jets – Chances

11.The Young Souls – Why Did You Leave

12.The Versatiles – Worries (A Yard)

13.The Crashers – Music I Fight (Aka Target)

14.The Soul Directions – Su, Su, Su

15.The Bleechers – Adam And Eve

16.The Conquerors – Mr D.J.

17.Anonymously Yours – It’s Your Thing

CD 2 :

1.Lloyd Parks & The Techniques – Feel A Little Better

2.Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Last Lick

3.Eric Monty Morris & The Maples – No More Teardrops

4.Boris Gardiner & The Love People – Darkness

5.Bobby Davis & The Sensations – Going In Circles

6.Winston Wright & The JJ All Stars – Neck Tie

7.Dave Barker & The Techniques – Lonely Man

8.The Charmers – Sweet Back

9.The Cables – (Name) Ring A Bell

10.Byron Lee & The Dragonaires – Julianne

11.Lizzy – More Heartaches

12.Earth & Stone – What A Day

13.Jeff Dixon – Super Bad

14.Slim Smith – Sitting In The Park

15.I Roy – The Drifter

16.Ron Wilson – Horns Of Paradise

17.Fud & Del – Dr. Fud


1.Tony Nash – Keep On Trying

2.The Aces – Call Me Number One

3.Greyhound – Moon River (7″ Mix)

4.Nicky Thomas – B.B.C.

5.Teddy Brown – Rose Garden

6.Winston Francis – A Little Today, A Little Tomorrow

7.Jimmy Shondell – Snake In The Grass

8.The Cimarons – Check Out Yourself

9.Sugar Simone – Rock And Cry

10.Donny Dawson – You Can’t Buy My Love

11.Danny Ray – Just Because

12.Junior English – Back On The Scene

13.The Marvels – Touch Me Baby

14.Gene Rondo – Rambling Man

15.Candy Lewis – I’ll Be Free Someday

16.Honey Boy Martin – You Are Mine

17.Emperor Rosko – Kaiser Bill (I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman)



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août 5, 2010

Beneva Vs. Clark Nova – Sombunall

Note : ++

At the end of 2007 we reviewed a 3” CD teaser from this duo, the two-part ambient adventure of Flotsam/Jetsam. The mini-EP served as the opening of Fenêtre’s new 3” series, but also as a teaser
heralding the imminent release of Beneva v Clark Nova’s debut album, Sombunall.

Now it’s here, and wow, what a tour-de-force of new, refreshing sounds. Beneva and Clark Nova, Frank B. Finger and Rudi Simmons hidden behind their artist monikers, are productive and highly
versatile musicians, and on Sombunall they demonstrate their grasp of various genres within electronica, swerving between styles to make an entertaining record to listen to that never lets go of
your attention, it has highs, lows and intermission-like passages, both ambient sequences to lull you gently towards sleep, but then they slap your face with stuttery, fun rhythms, from ventures
into something nearly breakcore-like but also more leftfield and downtempo melodies. Many tracks have a lot of vocal focus, both the rasp voice of one of the guys themselves perhaps, but also the
inclusion of lovely, soulful female vocals belonging to upcoming Norwegian talent, Therese Aune. And as we’ve heard before, here are sampled elements and field recordings a-plenty, the
programming is ace, beats are frenzic, chords both liquid and broken, and it all sounds crisp as heck!

One of my personal highlights comes on “Suppose She Was Telepathic”; a stuttery rhythmic beat accompanied by a lovely melody based around guitar and gentle bleeps and accordion-like sounds.
There’s little distance between the highlights on the record though, and from the third last song with the fabulous title, “Two Men Being Hospitalised When Only One Had To” and out, the album
goes from strength to strength. The song in question, a bit like wild western meets crazed, broken Japanese-sounding vocals with fragmented, reverberated guitar chords, and then we’re off into
Squarepusher-land as “Poligraph Poligraphikov” goes off the hook with its high-paced, catchy melody of stuttered, guitar strums fading in and out over a frantic drum beat, and we end on “Nothing,
Only Worthwhile” with its repetitive guitar strums over a shimmering synth lead that promise of something uplifting to come.. but we’ve just been through something uplifting over the course of
the last 12 tracks, so I already feel fine.

For fans of music like Four Tet, Squarepusher, Autechre, Plaid, Beneva v Clark Nova should become a household name after this, we think!

by trym


Origine du Groupe : Norvegia

Style : Electro , Glitch

Sortie : 2008

Tracklist :

1. I’m Twins (The Babies Said)

2. 88 Kilos of Excrement

3. His Freefloating Affection (feat. Therese Aune)

4. Institute Benjamenta

5. Thora’s Inferno

6. With Love, Etc. (feat. Therese Aune)

7. Suppose She Was Telepathic

8. Social Wrist-Twistings

9. Lazy, But Comfortable Size

10. Two Men Being Hospitalized When Only One Had to Be

11. Poligraph Polygraphikov

12. Nothing, Only Worthwhile



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août 5, 2010

Big Boss Man – Winner

Note :

Sortez les chemises col pelle à tarte, les pantalons cigarette, les jupes et cuissardes Bardot, Big Boss Man revient avec « Winner », concentré psyché et entêtant de boogaloo rétro futuriste, qui
devrait embraser quelques dance-floors. Le quatuor de Newbury confirme et signe ici un deuxième essai fort réussi, méritant ses lettres de noblesse dans le catalogue Blow Up.

Entre le convaincant « Humanize », sorti en 2001, et cette nouvelle production, le combo a tourné en Europe et a participé à différents projets, notamment un remix du Golden Hours de Mansfield et
une nouvelle version du générique de la série culte des années 60, ‘Rubbi Tobbi’ (Diggler Records). Pas très surprenant d’ailleurs que le groupe soit sollicité pour ce type de compos. A l’écoute
d’instrumentaux comme Oh my gawd ou le mal nommé Deception, on s’imagine dans les rues de San Fransisco, à l’arrière de la Ford Gran Torino de Starsky et Hutch, fleurtant avec Wonderwoman. Les
instrumentations bien trouvées évitent la ringardise sous-jacente propre à ce type de musique. Si le jeu frénétique de Nasser Bouzida à l’orgue Hammond reste la pièce maîtresse, les arrangements
assez inattendus et pertinents (le break aux bongos sur l’excellent Fever Special, le riff façon Kinks sur Reach Out, l’extrait radio sur le psychédélique Jackson 16) forgent un groove ultra
vitaminé et irrésistible. Ici, peu de paroles ; la priorité est à la musique, brassant le son vintage des guitares et claviers avec des percus assez brutes. L’élégance et le son de cet album sont
le fruit du travail de Morgan Nicholls, digne héritier de son père (Billy Nicholls, compositeur et arrangeur talentueux des années 60).

Celui qu’on nomme le ‘punk of the funk Hammond’ a réussi la savante équation entre rythm’n’blues, funk, pop, latino soul et revival sixties. « Winner » mérite bien son nom. Il suffit d’ essayer
d’écouter Everybody boogaloo sans bouger pour comprendre.


par Cedric B


Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Alternative Fusion

Sortie : 2005

Tracklist :

01. Kelvin Stardust

02. Fall in fall out

03. Complicated lady

04. Tu as gâché mon talent ma Chérie

05. Reach out06.Oh My Gawd!

07. B.O.O.G.A.L.O.O.

08. Fever Special

09. Everybody Boogaloo

10. Jackson 16

11. The hawk

12. Got it so bad

13. Deception



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août 5, 2010

Skalpel – Virtual Cuts

Note : ++

Skalpel. Your favorite Polish jazzers gone hip hop. This is a series of 2 mixtapes that Skalpel made a year after their Polish Jazz EP. And is it any wonder they were picked up by Ninja Tune for
their next release? Heavy heavy beats and some jarring production make these ones keepers for sure. Drop the needle on these babies at your next soiree, watch the jaws drop and the genitals

As a ‘lil side note, here’s an interview with
where they talk about how shitty mp3’s are! I guess I’m slightly embarrassed to be sharing and listening to Skalpel’s music on mp3, but I’m sure I’d be less of a person without them,
shitty quality or not. Pick up their other albums too. They have a completely different feel, but it’s a worthwile adventure.



Origine du Groupe : Poland

Style : Mix , Nu-Jazz , Downtempo , DJ

Sortie : 2001

Tracklist :

01 – side – a

02 – side – b



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août 5, 2010

Lymbyc Systym – Shutter Release

Note :

Lymbyc Systym est l’histoire des frères Bell, Jared et Michael, que vous connaissez peut-être, si vous aimez Crystal Castles et Broken Social Scene dont Michael a fait partie comme batteur. Avec Shutter Release, ils imposent leur musique instrumentale entre shoegaze et post-rock. Une petite merveille.
Jared qui s’occupe de tout ce qui est électronique dans le groupe est le genre de type à affirmer sans sourciller que son seul problème, après la composition des titres, est, à partir d’éléments inclus sur 80 pistes, de faire sonner cela organique pour pouvoir les jouer sur scène sans que cela soit trop synthétique. Rien que de très normal pour celui dont les influences majeures sont Squarepusher, Aphex Twin et Broken Social Scene…
Le duo en est à sa troisième livraison après Carved by Glaciers (EP), Love Your Abuser et Field Studies, un split EP avec les Texans de This Will Destroy You. Et l’intérêt de celui-ci est d’élargir le propos à d’autres musiciens, comme le violoniste Chris Tignor qui tourne avec eux depuis l’automne dernier, et de travailler sur des titres plus courts et aux constructions mélodiques plus simples – attention, c’est pas les Ramones – cela reste au niveau des albums les plus fouillés du post-rock de Tortoise (côté jazz) ou d’Explosions In The Sky (côté cinématique).
Mais, pour un groupe parti du son rock adolescent écrit et joué à Austin où ils ont été élevés, l’évolution est ahurissante et le choix d’une musique instrumentale sans paroles, finalement très malin. Et comme ils aiment vraiment la confusion des genres, ils emploient trompette et banjo joués par de vrais musiciens – mais qu’ils font sonner avec une raideur toute synthétique… Une vraie expérience basée sur les textures sonores. Une belle expérience !
par Jean-Pierre Simard permalink

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Electro , Ambient , Abstract

Sortie : 2009

Tracklist :


2.Ghost Clock


4.Bedroom Anthem


6.Contemporary Art


8.Shutter Release


10.Late Night Classic


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