Trojan Reggae Rarities Box Set

Note :

To celebrate the release of its 50th box set, Trojan Records asked the members of its online forum to suggest some hard to find tracks for a reggae rarities anthology, and the end result is this
intriguing three-disc collection that scoots all over the place. Disc one, which covers Jamaican releases from 1966 to 1969, is probably the strongest of the three, yielding gems like the Soul
Leaders’ laconic « Pour On the Sauce, » Gladstone Anderson’s « Chances » (culled from the pianist’s debut album, 1968’s Glad Sounds), and « Worries (A Yard) » by the Versatiles, featuring lead vocals
by a young Junior Byles. The second disc covers 1969 to 1973, and includes Boris Gardiner’s powerful Hammond B-3 instrumental « Darkness, » the Cables’ « (Name) Ring a Bell » (with founder Keeble
Drummond on lead vocal), and the great Slim Smith covering Billy Stewart’s « Sitting in the Park. » Disc three concentrates on British releases from 1970 to 1977, and although the U.K. reggae scene
is often deemed musically inferior to the Jamaican one, there are some wonderful tracks included here, particularly on the pop side of things, like Tony Nash’s orchestrated « Keep On Trying, » the
Cimarons’ « Check Out Yourself, » Danny Ray’s moving « Just Because, » and the Marvels’ « Touch Me Baby, » which manages to suggest how the Supremes might have sounded had they abandoned Motown for
reggae. There are a couple of missteps, like Gene Rondo’s ill-advised reggae cover of the Allman Brothers’ « Ramblin’ Man, » but the highs far outweigh the lows throughout the set. True reggae
fanatics will treasure this anthology of rarities, while novice listeners may want to check out some of Trojan’s other 49 box sets first.

~ Steve Leggett


Origine du Groupe : Jamaica , U.K

Style : Reggae

Sortie : 2004

Tracklist :

CD 1 :

1.The Spanishtonians  – Suffer Me Not

2.The Soul Leaders & The Carib-Beats – Pour On The Source

3.Roland Alphonso & The Beverley’s All Stars – Goodnight My Love

4.The Tartans – Coming On Strong

5.Johnny Melody – Govern Your Mouth

6.Ewan Mcdermott & Jerry Matthias With The Carib-Beats – I’m Gonna Love You

7.Austin Faithful – Ain’t That Peculiar

8.Vin Gordon – Caterpillar Rock

9.Carlton Alphonso – I Have Changed

10.Gladstone Anderson With Lynn Taitt & The Jets – Chances

11.The Young Souls – Why Did You Leave

12.The Versatiles – Worries (A Yard)

13.The Crashers – Music I Fight (Aka Target)

14.The Soul Directions – Su, Su, Su

15.The Bleechers – Adam And Eve

16.The Conquerors – Mr D.J.

17.Anonymously Yours – It’s Your Thing

CD 2 :

1.Lloyd Parks & The Techniques – Feel A Little Better

2.Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Last Lick

3.Eric Monty Morris & The Maples – No More Teardrops

4.Boris Gardiner & The Love People – Darkness

5.Bobby Davis & The Sensations – Going In Circles

6.Winston Wright & The JJ All Stars – Neck Tie

7.Dave Barker & The Techniques – Lonely Man

8.The Charmers – Sweet Back

9.The Cables – (Name) Ring A Bell

10.Byron Lee & The Dragonaires – Julianne

11.Lizzy – More Heartaches

12.Earth & Stone – What A Day

13.Jeff Dixon – Super Bad

14.Slim Smith – Sitting In The Park

15.I Roy – The Drifter

16.Ron Wilson – Horns Of Paradise

17.Fud & Del – Dr. Fud


1.Tony Nash – Keep On Trying

2.The Aces – Call Me Number One

3.Greyhound – Moon River (7″ Mix)

4.Nicky Thomas – B.B.C.

5.Teddy Brown – Rose Garden

6.Winston Francis – A Little Today, A Little Tomorrow

7.Jimmy Shondell – Snake In The Grass

8.The Cimarons – Check Out Yourself

9.Sugar Simone – Rock And Cry

10.Donny Dawson – You Can’t Buy My Love

11.Danny Ray – Just Because

12.Junior English – Back On The Scene

13.The Marvels – Touch Me Baby

14.Gene Rondo – Rambling Man

15.Candy Lewis – I’ll Be Free Someday

16.Honey Boy Martin – You Are Mine

17.Emperor Rosko – Kaiser Bill (I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman)



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