Rhythm Rockers – Soul surfin


Note :

Quite possibly the greatest surf album you’ve never heard, this 1963 release from the Rhythm Rockers is a classic. Pounding surf-rock from the days when surf was surf and rock was something
entirely other than some white-pupiled, devil-worshiping geek in a black corset. Turn it up! Reject Satan! Save your soul and lose your lease!


Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Surf Rock

Sortie 1963

Tracklist :

01. Surfin’ At Mazatlan (2:35)

02. Rendevous Stomp (2:43)

03. Ramrod (1:52)

04. Nine Toes (2:37)

05. Moondawg (2:33)

06. Wipeout (2:52)

07. Breakfast At Tressles (2:49)

08. Moovin’ N’ Groovin’ (2:10)

09. Get It On (3:17)

10. Caravan (1:35)

11. The Breeze and I (3:49)

12. You Can’t Sit Down (3:09)

13. The Slide (bonus track) (1:55)

14. Garbage Cans (Fanny Warble) (2:56)



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