Seba & Paradox – Beats Me

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‘Seba & Paradox Beats Me’ features 12 tracks of Deep, Melodic and truly Timeless Drum and Bass. The Vocal talents of New York resident Robert Manos are present throughout the cd; in tracks
such as DJ Fabio’s favorite ‘Cant Let Go’, DJ Flights top 2005 track of the year ‘Stone Cold’ and the awesome and emotional ‘Last Goodbye’. The tracklisting really shows both of the labels
diversity with the Source Direct-esque ‘Its Not a Dream’ and ‘No Words Can De-scribe It’ right through to the 1970’s Funk grain of Paradox’s ‘Futures Extinction’ and the dark vision’s of Seba’s
‘External reality’. In all, this is a CD that will never gather dust on the shelf. Too much of today’s Drum and Bass doesn’t have that shelf life that can be played for years to come. Identity is
everything in music. This IS Seba & Paradox at their very best. Enjoy!.


Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Drum & Bass , Electro

Sortie : 2006

Tracklist :

01. Paradox – Future’s Extinction 6:24

02. Seba & Paradox – Stone Cold 6:02

03. Seba – Shapeshifter 5:45

04. Seba – External Reality 5:29

05. Seba & Paradox – It’s All Love 5:18

06. Seba & Paradox – Last Goodbye 5:40

07. Seba & Paradox – Remembrance 6:13

08. Seba & Paradox – Can’t Let Go 6:34

09. Seba & Paradox – No Words Can Describe It 5:40

10. Seba & Paradox – Wakeup Call 5:17

11. Seba & Paradox – You Didn’t See It, Did You? 5:29

12. Seba & Paradox – It’s Not A Dream 5:39



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