Root Soul – Root Soul

Note :

A much-needed full length set from Root Soul – aka Kenichi Ikeda – a Japanese artist who’s really been winning our ears with his earlier singles! The groove here is upbeat and soulful – a heavy
influence from the UK scene of recent years, particularly that side that’s more based in classic jazz/funk modes of the 70s! Vanessa Freeman steps out on two great tracks for the set — and other
guests include Andrea Clarke, Lyric L, Leon King, Shea Soul, and Cro-Magnon – but the core grooves are really what win us, and they feature some great jazzy horn parts dropped in alongside the
beats and keyboards – more of a jazz/funk style of instrumentation than the usual Japanese groover.


Origine du Groupe : Japan

Style : Nu-Soul , Funk

Sortie : 2009


1. Spirit Of Love (Feat. Vanessa Freeman & Mike Patto) (4:35)

2. Sky High (4:55)

3. It’s The Way (Feat. Vanessa Freeman) (6:07)

4. Override & Fly (Feat. Andrea Clarke & Lyric L) (5:39)

5. Moog Rock (7:15)

6. Fuselage (Feat. Leon King) (6:14)

7. Feeling Good (8:43)

8. Disco-Tech Tribe (Feat. cro-magnon) (7:03)

9. On & On (Feat. Shea Soul) (5:48)

10. My Dream Came True (Feat. Leon King)(6:13)

11. Spirit Of Love (Feat. Vanessa Freeman & Mike Patto – Phil Asher’s restless soul Boogie mix) (12:45)



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