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There are at least two bands named « Husky ».

More popular (more tracks submitted so far) is Polish electronica-downtempo duo consisting of Patrycja Hefczynska (vocalist/writer) and Jacek Dojwa (composer/producer). Their music is influenced
by such artists as Björk, Craig Armstrong, Amon Tobin, Telefon Tel Aviv, Portishead and Lamb. They released two LP’s: « Czy słyszysz? » (eng. Do you hear) in 2002 and « Zgadnij » (eng. Guess) in

Based in Charlotte, NC, Husky is made up of Mark Hadden (bass), Phil Strickland (guitar), and Nate Wilkinson (drums). Hadden and Strickland began playing together as high school sophomores in
1991. After various band experiences, they recruited Wilkinson and in early 2000 Husky was born. In the past six years, the instrumental trio has grown from spinning improvised epic rock jams to
firing off focused, intelligent yet simple tunes. Ranging from thick, head nodding groove-rock to echoing bluesy twang and swirling psychedelia to driving Southern grit, Husky’s masculine punch
has been embraced by fans of blues and classic rock to modern and stoner rock aficionados. Their improv skills often come into play during live shows. They rarely play the same show twice and
have recently played with Atomic Bitchwax, Weedeater, Gods of Mars, and Pearls and Brass. The full-length debut “Circle the Wagons” was released in March 2006.


Origine du Groupe : Poland

Style : Electro

Sortie : 2006

Tracklist :

01 Iskrzy, Iskrzy!!! (2:44)

02 Niue (5:05)

03 Zgadnij (4:04)

04 BlackCoffee (4:08)

05 Hruloe (4:37)

06 Dwa Warkoczyki (4:18)

07 Kuki (3:56)

08 Else (6:44)

09 Billie H (3:46)

10 Po Kostki (5:07)



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