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août 29, 2010

Big Sam’s Funky Nation – King Of The Party

Note :

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Funk , Soul , Rock

Sortie : 2010

Big Sam’s Funky Nation’s fourth album, King of the Party, extends Big Sam’s reign beyond the kingdom of Funk! This Hypersoul Records release embodies the full of life and celebratory attitude of
band’s hometown of New Orleans, and adds to it a funk-charged, rock n’ roll, jazz and hip-hop infused vibe.

The title track and anthem, « King of the Party, » declares that the party has arrived. The energetic drumming and gritty guitar work lay it down for Big Sam’s funky trombone to blow you away as he
flexes his musical muscle and takes on new musical territory. Big Sam wants you to dance, and sets out to do so with high energy and playful Parliament Funkadelic-inspired funk-rock jams like
« Krunked Up » and « Rage On! »

The album takes a turn to a more soulfully-inspired groove with « Rock Yo Soul. » A powerful drum intro, heavy guitar and bass lines underlie Big Sam’s deep trombone in this funk-laden tribute to
the classic rock gods such as Sabbath, Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones.

BSFN allows you to catch your breath with « Take 5, » then pushes forward full-throttle with driving and upbeat rendition of Otis Redding’s « Hard to Handle. » The straight BSFN party continues with
horn heavy funk tracks « Big Ole Booty » and « Work It. »

If you’ve ever seen BSFN live, you know exactly what Sam is talking about with « See Me Dance. » The horn-heavy song swings into a bouncy beat and breaks it down to the nitty gritty– Big Sam is a
dancing machine and you’d better be ready to shake too it when you come to a live show.

King of the Party closes strong with « Dance Floor, » an electronic funk track with lively vocals that could make a robot second line. King of the Party is full of pure musical energy andtranscends
the confines of homegrown New Orleans funk to a momentous blend of funk, rock, R&B and jazz that will keep the party going all night.


Tracklist :

King Of The Party 3:33

Krunked Up 4:44

Rage On! 2:46

Straight To It 3:15

Rock Yo Soul 4:24

Take 5 1:55

Hard To Handle 4:14

Big Ole Booty 3:46

See Me Dance 3:35

Work It 4:58

Dance Floor 3:31

Untitled 0:11

Untitled 0:18

Untitled 0:18

Untitled 0:18

Untitled 0:18

Bonus Track 4:01



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août 29, 2010

1/16 – Pornstar

Note :

Origine du Groupe : Ukraine

Style : Alternative , Trip Hop , Art Rock , Downtempo

Sortie : 2010

Stream :

From :

We don`t know much about 1/16, besides that they come from the Ukraine and make damn good music. The result is a mixture of Trip Hop, Downtempo and Art Rock, abstract modern rhythmic poetry
filled with strange and sometimes shocking images.

Tracklist :

01. Bald-Headed

02. Lullaby

03. Pornstar

04. Stereovomiting

05. Japan Animation

06. John

[Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Austria]



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août 29, 2010

Healamonster & Tarsier – Cupcake Cave

Note : ++

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style Electro , Trip Hop

Sortie : 2009

Healamonster & Tarsier (H&T) are an electronic production duo whose music is characterized by soft vocals, mid-tempo elastic breakbeats, and a variety of traditional instruments. Their
musical style combines elements of dream pop, dub, ambient, and other cinematic forms of music.

Healamonster (Burgess Tomlinson) began writing songs with Tarsier (Rona Rapadas) in New York where they recorded their 2002 debut EP, « 00:00:01 (One Second) ». CMJ described it as « a psychedelic
fantasyland created with delicate vocals, light piano, a harshly-fuzzed out drum machine and mischievous electronic sounds. »

At the end of 2005, they self-released another EP, « The heart of a blue whale is the size of a small car », which was co-produced by Mitch Osias, a New York Film and TV soundtrack composer whom
they first met at Brooklyn venue, Southpaw, while opening for The Sneaker Pimps. The six-track album is full of atmospheric arrangements, subterranean cellos, abstract synthesizers, broken guitar
fuzz, programmed percussion, and crystalline vocal harmonies. Throughout 2006, the album was in heavy rotation at KCRW with songs, « Cotton Candy » and « Vista » played by veteran DJs Nic Harcourt
(« Morning Becomes Eclectic ») and Jason Bentley (« Metropolis »). The album enjoyed commercial success on an indie level, staking its post on Amoeba Music’s Best Selling Electronic Albums List for a
continuous 15 months. Over 500 copies have been sold at indie retail giant, Amoeba Music in Hollywood, CA to date.

H&T have collaborated with different artists, including Ninja Tune/ Mush recording artist, Neotropic. Tarsier also collaborated with electronic/hip hop producer, Alias from Anticon, on two
albums (“Brookland/Oaklyn”, released May 2006 and “Plane That Draws A White Line”, released September 2006). H&T toured the U.S. extensively throughout 2006, playing 40 dates with the 4-piece
Alias & Tarsier live band for these Anticon releases.

In 2008, they settled in Los Angeles from New York and recorded tracks for their first full-length, « Cupcake Cave ». The album was produced by Jaymee Carpenter and recorded and mixed by engineer
Arnie Geher in Studio City, CA. The result is an ambient pop album baked with layers of enigmatic soundscapes and intricate melodies. A blissful marriage of melodic whimsy and emotive
introspection that transports you to a wonderland of acoustic guitars, zither, vocal harmonies, dog collars, UFO sightings, dubby beats, double rainbows, dirty rainbows and of course the sweet
serenity of cupcakes. H&T’s goal for this album was to create a peaceful and abstract soundtrack to everyday meandering. It celebrates the constant search for hidden trails and the ones that
eventually lead us to caves.


Tracklist :

 01. Daxmosphere               04:18

 02. Ships With Lights         03:17

 03. Rattlesnake               03:56

 04. No Memory                 03:58

 05. Osceola                   03:33

 06. Inch Inch (H&T Remix)     05:04

 07. Sadie                     03:43

 08. Delicate                  04:07

 09. Cupcake Cave              03:15

 10. Six Eight                 02:56



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août 29, 2010

Morodo – Rebel Action

Note : ++

Origine du Groupe : Spain

Style : Ragga Dancehall , Reggae

Sortie :2010

Madrid, España. Ruben Morodo regresa este año con un nuevo trabajo en el cual plasma líricas que describen tanto injusticia social, reclamos de igualdad, así como sus características historias
descriptivas de fiestas, amores y desamores, todas adornadas con su inconfundible voz ragga. A lo largo de su carrera, Morodo ha tenido un estilo que viaja del reggae al hip-hop apoyado siempre
con un sound system de enorme calidad.

By Anibal


Tracklist :

01 Intro

02 Obama/Osama

03 El Bwoy del plan

04 Rantan De Gyals

05 Así no se puede Feat. Donpa

06 Date cuenta

07 Rap´N´Party

08 Amor sufrido Feat. Almirante

09 Ganjaman

10 La Batalla

11 Jah is always around Feat. Tomy Rebel

12 Wild West

13 Abuso Y Maltrato

14 Outro

15 Dubmix date cuenta



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août 29, 2010

Akira Kosemura – Grassland

Note :

Origine du Groupe : Japan

Style : Electro , Electro Piano

Sortie : 2010

Just to confuse matters there’s two different versions of the new Akira Kosemura album. There’s a regular single CD version which contains all the kinds of things you’d find in that kind of
package (ie cardboard sleeve and shiny musical face mirror thing). There’s also a CD/DVD version which is six quid more and features the aforementioned goodness plus an extra DVD which I’ve not
seen yet. So I’m not sure if it’s worth the extra quid for the seven track DVD. Maybe if I get some time soon I’ll watch it and let you know somehow through some modern medium like Twitter or
something else equally as stupid. Here Akira creates a more organic sound featuring the likes of Paniyolo, Haruka Nakemura, Aspidistrafly etc. It still features all the twinkles and the like…
the things you come to expect from a new CD on Schole. It seems less electronic that previous releases I’ve heard from him. There’s still lots of micro electronics and piano but there’s plenty of
acoustic guitar poking it’s head around pastoral corners. It’s all very pretty and nice, perhaps too nice but I’m not sure if anything can really be too nice. The vocals that pop up on the odd
track are also refreshing and the collaborative efforts here make this an interesting (yet nice) release. Lovely

by Phil


Tracklist :

01. Grassland

02. Petrarca

03. Light

04. Marriage

05. Xiao Ge Er

06. Little Dipper

07. Ballet

08. Over The Horizon

09. Just A Few Minutes

10. Amour

11. Ensemble



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août 29, 2010

Up, Bustle & Out – Soliloquy

Note :

From Official Site :

 Listening to the music of Up Bustle & Out, I feel each song is a testimonial, conveyed on timeless instruments full of grace, and modern electronic wizardry as well.

– Pablo Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead

Ever since setting out as one of the first and most prominent jazz – dance combos on the young Ninja Tune label, Up, Bustle & Out have come a long way since pioneering Ninja Tune’s global
reach. Their search for sounds, traditions, stories, allies and cultural change has lead them to places like South America: Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, Europe, urban mega-cities like New York and
Tokyo and the Orient. Their studio base in Bristol, England is the place where they bring it all together, forging one colorful, authentic and truly revolutionary album after another, and, in
this collage process, relentlessy experimenting with sounds and styles to generating creative, new dubs, fusions and versions.

Up, Bustle, & Out have me mesmerized, intoxicated, enveloped in a process that takes the idea of collaboration and synthesis one step further to transform art through the alchemy of sound

– Pablo Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead

Soliloquy is full of moods, sounds, landscapes and even evokes the scents of foreign places. There is the Bosporus region, which was already celebrated on a double disc (Istanbul’s Secrets), and
where singer and actress Sevval Sam has long since become an extended family member. It’s her voice that dominates most of the album’s 13 tracks. We can also discover the voices of Bronagh Slevin
(ex- Crustacean), as well as Columbian singer Andrea Echeverri, and « Sally’s City Cats » appear on the studio rooftops of the Bristol production HQ.

Soliloquy album front cover by Up, Bustle and Out The Andalucian vibe on Waterfalls of Gold is provided by Benjamin Escoriza, singer of award-winning Radio Tarifa, while credit for most of the
other spanish moods must go to band member Cuffy « El Guapo » and his dreamatic and tense Flamenco guitar work. Fellow Bristolian Jim Barr of Portishead Band and The Blessing provides the
trustworthy foundation on his beloved double bass. Other U, B&O stalwarts from Bristol include trumpeter Andy Hague and the bucket-loads of percussion by the Eugenia Ledesma (Argentina)…
Again, founding member, Rupert Mould Medd made the musical journey across Europe to Instanbul to return with the recorded tapes of magical studio session work, while his partner « Clandestine » Ein
held out at the HQ composing and adopting the hands-on production approach that is now the U, B & O trademark.

A soliloquy conjures for me a single dream, a drop of water, a bubble, a violin solo: the spoken word recounts the inner feelings of one self among many.

– Pablo Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead

Let us not forget that the album title hints at moments of loneliness and inwardness. Powerfull club tunes, so much loved by DJs and dancers around the world, take a step back this time, giving
way to delicate arrangements, Eastern chords and contemplative moods that all contribute to the album’s common thread: the spirit of our environment, our concerns for a future, the very sounds of

Listen closely, you will hear the sound of beach surf, winds, animal and children, also a movie organ, a steam boat leaving the harbour, or a Gypsy carousel. These field recordings were captured
over the years by band founder and musical director Rupert Mould Medd.

With the addition of four dubs and versions as bonus tracks, this album, covers a wide range of the world. It is softer, deeper, introspective and certainly carefully crafted, skillful movements
as U, B & 0 strive for the next level. This release not only celebrates a unique and deeply humanistic vision of a globalized world, and its concerns, but also the leading role of Istanbul –
as an inspiration for the European Capital of Culture in 2010.

Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Electro Dub , Downtempo , Lounge , Abstract Hip Hop , Electro World Music

Sortie : 2010

Tracklist :

   1. Theme

   2. Absent Crowds

   3. Littered Dreams

   4. Silver Fish – An Ocean’s Dub Tale

   5. Waterfalls of Gold feat. Benjamin Escoriza

   6. Sho Beto’l Alreh feat. Amal Murkus

   7. Popcorn Delights – an unusual Waltz

   8. Beach Combing feat. Andrea Echeverri

   9. Soliloquy Theme

  10. Luminous Fragments feat. Bronagh Slevin

  11. Scratchy Aperture – Dub

  12. Sokak Cats feat. Sally’s City Cats, Bristol

  13. Satie’s Atelier

  14. bonus tracks Silver Fish – An Ocean’s Full Tale

  15. Waterfalls of Gold – Dub

  16. Satie’s Atelier – Dub

  17. Golondrinas Volando feat. Benjamin Escoriza




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août 29, 2010

Mourah – From One Human Being to Another

Note :

From Myspace :

By the end of 2003, Mourah starts his musical carreer with the release of his debut album FROM ONE HUMAN BEING TO ANOTHER. It is a fine and pure piece of work that finds its centre in a raw blend
of acoustic and electronic sonorities.

Author composer arranger and performer, he brings us here an ensemble of diverse themes in their intensity and style: «It is not a homogeneous album with tracks following a logical sonority in
order to set a scene in the listener’s imagination. It is rather a kind of collection of my first (serious) musical attempts as a composer exploring different fields such as trip-hop and
drum’n’bass amongst others…Therefore there is no main connecting thread running through the tracks, here what links them is the rupture from one to another. It is not an one-hour single journey
but rather eleven journeys of five minutes each».

In sum, it reflects shared experiences first with a funk band called Anticlockwise in Geneva (1995) and later with his friend Dj Kmi (co-founder of Geneva collective Audioactivity) in the quest
of the art of djing by mainly mixing drum’n’bass and breakbeat tunes.

It would finally be the Portuguese independent label Nova Zona/ Zona Musica to give him the first chance of showing his skills. Aware of his lack of experience they bet, nevertheless, on the one
hand on his sensitivity and on the other hand on the cultural richness an early immigration to switzerland might have given him. It is in some sense, on a personal level a return to his roots, to
an unknown country after his father’s death. A page is now turned and many more are about to be written. To our concern, musical ones.

FROM ONE HUMAN BEING TO ANOTHER was nominated for best national album 2003, at the Dance-Club Music Awards, rewarding alternative and electronic music both Portuguese and international. For him
the highest point of a global acknowledgment by the media and specialized press.


Origine du Groupe : Portugal

Style : Electro Drum & Bass , Trip Hop , Downtempo

Sortie : 2003

Tracklist :

1 – A bow

2 – J. Butterfly

3 – Let it slow flow

4 – Lisbon underground Genova

5 – World in peace

6 – Moonlit

7 – Os mudos da vale

8 – I did not know

9 – Heavylightness

10- Higher love (Dub Version)

11- Silence



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août 29, 2010

Andrea Dawson – Left With The Uptown Blues

Note : ++

This album is a collaboration between Tom the songwriter and Andrea the singer. Tom had written some songs he wanted recorded and Andrea was ready to put out her first CD. We used some of the best
musicians and studio for this recording. Andrea’s slogan is from « Downhome Blues to Uptown Jazz ». To please the most of her fans we recorded this « Uptown Blues » CD. This CD has a wide variety of
types of Blues. The CD contains shuffle, soul, jazz, swing among other in fluences. It even has a « New Orleans Funeral March » Blues


Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Soul Blues , Jazz

Sortie : 2010

Tracklist :

01. Watch Me Burn

02. Fool For You

03. Dead Love

04. Laugh At the Blues

05. Dark Days

06. Another You

07. Less Left of Me

08. Wish You Were Here

09. Not Much

10. Memory To Me



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août 29, 2010

Los Guanabana – Reggae Rocksteady Ska

Note :

Los Guanábana son una de las mejores bandas de Reggae, Dub, Rocksteady y Ska-Jazz de nuestro país. Este disco de Nombre Reggae, Rocksteady, Ska es un demo que apareció en el año 2003 y
prácticamente es con el que se dieron a conocer en todo el país ya que su calidad gozaba de ser muy buena. En el Radiocast incluimos el Tema El Día en Que se Fue la Luz (Versión en Vivo).

By: Mr.Diego Alcapone


Origine du Groupe : Mexico

Style : Dub , Reggae Instrumantal

Sortie : 2003

Tracklist :

1. El Dìa que se fue la Luz

2. La Noche de las Manzanas

3. New Rock Steady

4. Brownies (Ska Jazz)

5. La Jungla

6. A Minor



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août 29, 2010

Jacob Miller – Tenement Yard 1976-80

Note :

From Wikipedia :

Il est élevé par sa mère Joan Hashman jusqu’à l’âge de huit ans. Ne pouvant subvenir à tous ses besoins, elle décide de le confier à ses grands-parents qui habitent un quartier non loin de
Trenchtown. À 13 ans, grâce à l’aide de son ami Al Campbell, Jacob enregistre ses deux premiers titres (Love is a message et My girl has left me) dans le studio de Coxsone Dodd. Un autre passage
chez Bunny Lee avec la chanson What more can I do le détermine vraiment à devenir chanteur.

Cependant il lui faudra encore attendre six ans avant de pouvoir enregistrer le morceau qui lui fera connaitre le succès. C’est Augustus Pablo qui lui propose d’enregistrer Keep on knocking au
Studio Dynamic, une variante de Love is a message.Le titre connait un véritable succès et Jacob reste donc à ses côtés quelque temps et s’investit de plus en plus dans la musique et dans le
mouvement Rastafari.

En 1976 il rejoint Inner Circle et ils enregistrent « Tenement Yard », ce sera le plus grand succès que Jacob Miller ai connu. De nombreux hits suivent tels que Tire fi lick weed ina Bush, Foward
Jah Jah Children, Take a Lift, 80 000 careless Ethiopians,… Inner Circle est alors un groupe incontournable de la scène jamaïcaine.

En 1978 il joue dans le film Rockers.

Il meurt tragiquement au volant de sa voiture le 23 mars 1980.

Origine du Groupe : Jamaica

Style : Reggae

Sortie : 1976 – 1980

Tracklist :

01 – Dreada Dread

02 – Money

03 – Tenement Yard

04 – Suzie Wong

05 – Every Day With You Girl

06 – Dock Of The Bay

07 – Tired Fe Lick Weed Ina Bush

08 – Truth Has Come Again

09 – All Night Till Day Light

10 – Forward Jah Jah Children

11 – Why Can’t We Be Friends

12 – Romans Soldiers Of Babylon




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