Snow & Voices – Anything That Moves

Note :

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Alternative Rock , Indie , Psychedelic Pop

Sortie : 2010

Beat Surrender gets an increasing amount of emails these days, not all the music « fits » the blog and by definition my personal taste but time permitting I always try to take a listen to
everything that drops into my inbox and there are occasions where something on the fringes catches my attention and Snow & Voices new album Anything That Moves was one of them, the promo
track that got my attention was Maybe Finland and straight of I was captivated by the vocal of Lauri Kranz.

Kranz’ has a talented song-writing partner, multi-instrumentalist / producer Jebin Bruni (Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple) and together with a supporting cast of LA musicians they’ve come up with a nine
track album of LA dream pop described as « a multi-layered aural landscape », not a bad summary. Without prior knowledge of the band I’d convinced myself they were from Scandinavia and not
California (thrown off the scent by the first track title and band name maybe?), there’s no L.A. sunshine to be found here and listening between dusk and darkness is recommended – Kranz’ vocal
and the albums melancholy fit that time of day perfectly. The album is released independently on the bands own label on May 25th.

by simon230


Tracklist :

1. Maybe Finland (3:56)

2. Everything Coming Apart (4:39)

3. Blue (5:19)

4. I Am a Storm (2:54)

5. The Letting Go (5:27)

6. Swallow Me (5:00)

7. Mistress (4:19)

8. Liar (7:27)

9. Please Be My Lover (4:07)

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