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septembre 13, 2010

Blacanblus – Cuatro Mujeres y Un Maldito Piano

Origine du Groupe : Argentina

Style : Soul , Jazz , Blues

Sortie : 1994

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Estas cuatro mujeres se conocieron en un coro de spirituals y decidieron formar en 1992 una banda de blues, como no podía ser de otra manera. Poco a poco fueron haciéndose conocidas y su show
aparecía como « recomendado » en todas las carteleras de fin de semana de los diarios porteños. Fueron invitadas como coristas a la grabación del primer disco de la Mississippi Blues Band.

Llegaron así a grabar el primer disco, « Cuatro mujeres y un maldito piano » (1994), que fomentó aún más su popularidad. Ganaron el premio « Revelación del Año » de la Asociación de Cronistas del
Espectáculo e interpretaron con gran recibimiento clásicos como « Sweet Home, Chicago » o « St. Louis Blues ».

En 1995 participaron del Aligator Festival, en donde presentaron el nuevo material que integraría el segundo álbum. Especie de niñas mimadas del blues local, las Blancablus tienen seguidores de
varias edades y de amplio espectro musical. «No sigue gente que viene del blues, pero también del jazz y, por qué no, del rock». Sobre el hecho de tocar un « blues argentino », contestan «sería
tonto pensar que una vive en la misma realidad que un negro que trabaja en una plantación de algodón en New Orleans. Pero lo que realmente importa en la música es que uno ponga emoción, ya sea
para decir algo alegre o triste. El asunto es saber volcar la vida interior en una canción Y el arma que nosotras tenemos es ésta» (Clarín, 03/06/95).

Por razones de salud, Mona se retiró de la banda. Pese a ésto, siguieron adelante. Las damas del blues se volvieron a presentar en público en octubre del 2000, para ese entonces convertidas en
trío vocal.

En noviembre del 2003 presentaron « Suena en mí », el cuarto disco. « En el material nuevo hay spirituals y rhythm & blues, pero el sello de este trabajo es la apertura estilística », señala

En enero de 2006 la banda se separa definitivamente.



Tracklist :

1. No Quiero Tu Dinero (El Rockito)

2. Blues Latino

3. Maldito Piano

4. Como Lo Hacía Fred Astaire

5. Rouge Y Pentagrama

6. El Agitador

7. John Henry

8. Up Above My Head

9. St. Louis Blues

10. Ma Babe

11. After You´ve Gone

12. Sweet Home Chicago

13. Sixteen Tons

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septembre 13, 2010

A.Y.B Force – Lost Breaks

Origine ddu Groupe : Japan

Style : Abstract Hip Hop

Sortie : 2006

  Entrez dans les Lost Breaks, album des forces A.Y.B. que composes Bulljun, Lark Chillout & Matsumoto Histaakaa. Doucement Funky ou diablement jazzy, les productions sont riches et
solides, le rythme sonne juste et vous entrainera sans peine dans les méandres de cet univers de son. On en redemande.

par Le Hip-Hop Selon Vicman


Tracklist :

01 Doyouwannasee!?

02 Last Nite Was Da Nite

03 Asanova

04 Sunshine Hair

05 Going, Going, Gone

06 Merry-Go-Round

07 Ultazz

08 A.Y.Boogaloo

09 Ulticut Live From $$$$ 1

10 Breaking Point

11 Wild Pitch

12 Carioca Moon

13 From Darkside

14 Hardboiled

15 Giant Swing

16 Ulticut Live From $$$$ 2

17 Endless Dawn

18 Musica Camp

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septembre 13, 2010

Midnite Fith Son – Momentum


Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Reggae Alternative , Neo Roots

Sortie : 2010


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Reggae fans’ never ending obsession with the ultra-fascinating and ultra-active Vaughn Benjamin and Midnite has been enjoying a mighty strong stretch as of late with two albums already on shelves
for 2010, ‘Ark A Law’ and ‘What Makes A King’. Always known as being one of the most active artists on the scene, Benjamin and company return to familiar ground with their third effort of the
first half of the year, Fifth Son Records, who brings forth ‘Momentum’. Previously the New Mexico based label released the well received ‘Suns of Atom’ as well as the double disc set, ‘Standing

‘Momentum’ is an album on which listeners can expect more of the typical cryptic genius which normally accompanies Midnite projects. The difference here, as is the norm with Fifth Son, is that
the music is very beautiful and vibrant and they really give Benjamin, one of the greatest lyricist of the day, very strong backgrounds over which to display his unrivaled messages.

Midnite’s fans are known as being some of the most devoted and determined in Reggae and they’ll most certainly be eager to pick up ‘Momentum’ from Fifth Son Records, which they can do right now
both on CD and through digital retailers.

by Ras Achis



Tracklist :

1. Momentum 4:29

2. Life is sweet 3:40

3. Strengthen Fully 5:02

4. Corn an bread 2:59

5. Don’t be scared 4:56

6. No doubt 3:24

7. Hustlin’ 4:00

8. Real an raw 3:14

9. Very many 4:25

10.Living one 4:32

11.Sustainable living 3:18

12.The quickening 3:50

13.Stay 4:42

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septembre 13, 2010

Lee McDonald – Sweet Magic

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Soul , Funk

Sortie : 1981

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 A lost bit of modern soul from New Jersey — sweet, mellow, and with a groove that’s very much in the Philly indie mode of the late 70s! Not much is known about Lee, but the album’s got
that laidback, late nite groove that makes indie soul so great — professional in intent, but handled with an honest simplicity that makes the record a bit more compelling than most of its
contemporaries. Contains a version of « We’ve Only Just Begun » that’s so great it’s got to be heard to be believed — completely different than the original, done with jazzy conga flourishes that
really open up the groove. Other tracks include the great Northern Soul track « I’ll do anything for you », « Gotta Get Home », « Sweet Magic », « Slow Down », « Let’s Play Luck », and « Show Me ».

Enjoy it!

by Greg


Tracklist :

01 – Sweet Magic

02 – Slow Down

03 – We’ve Only Just Begun

04 – Let’s Play Luck

05 – I’ll Do Anything for You

06 – Show Me

07 – Gotta Get Home

08 – Sweet Magic [Instrumental]

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septembre 13, 2010

Chikita Violenta – The stars & suns sessions

Origine du Groupe : Mexico

Style : Alternative Rock , Indie

Sortie : 2007

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It seems that something is stirring south of the border. In fact, borders are being erased, the musical rules are being rewritten and, in some ways, thrown out the door altogether. Who needs
rules anyway? While Chikita Violenta have been making music since the earlier part of this decade, only recently has the music scene in Mexico begun to take off in terms of support for
independent, internationally accessible acts. In fact, you wouldn’t even realize the group was from Mexico at all with all of their lyrics in English except for the clue of “coming to you from la
Ciudad de México” said at the beginning of “The Last Film”.

While the quintet has a self-recorded album under their belt, The Stars and Suns Sessions is their major label debut and it reveals quite a strong leap out of the gate, at that. The album was
produced by Broken Social Scene member/producer David Newfeld in his Toronto-based Stars and Suns studio. The album is filled with layers of the BSS sound through Newfeld’s production work and
also through the guest appearances from fellow BSS members Brendan Canning, Kevin Drew, Justin Peroff and Charles Spearin. Other guests include Toronto folk singer Sarah Siddiqui.

Opening up the album with “Pangea”, a half-minute of digital washes of sounds that could’ve come straight out of Feel Good Lost. This sets the tone for a solid collection as well as shows off the
Canadian influence. But before you have a chance to reduce them to a mere Broken Social Scene knock-off, “Laydown” comes blasting through your speakers. Opening with a wave of drums, crashing
cymbals and some of the catchiest guitar I’ve heard all year, this song is immediately and undeniably infectious. And if the opening beats don’t have you moving at least one part of your body, I
guarantee the layered vocals and washes of “ooooohs” and “ahhhhh” will win your over once and for all. Full of handclaps and a snappy beat, Broken Social Scene only wishes they could be this

While there are several noteworthy songs on the album, one of my personal favorites is “Rotation” – with driving guitars, galloping drums, melodica and a mixture of sounds that blend together to
form a harmonious wall of noise that lifts the many vocals layers up to shine. Horns later make their way into the scene as the song builds up into an all out explosion of sounds then
disintegrates as if having completely run out of breath.

However, while this sonic wash of sound technique may work well to provide a certain flavor, it can also be overdone in places throughout the album to the point that it becomes distracting. This
is especially unfortunate because it keeps you from turning up the volume on your stereo due to everything mashing together in one big mess of noise. The album must then be played a notch or two
under what you might otherwise listen to. In tracks like “Rotation” where there are many layers, both vocally and instrumentally, it would’ve been nice if it were just a little bit more clear.
It’s less noticeable when heard through headphones but at one point I had the track playing loud and someone actually asked me what was wrong with my speakers.

In “Eight Miles High” the group incorporates heavier electric guitar undertones, rumbling drums and spacey guitar interjections. The vocals pick up influences from 70’s style harmonies, which is
a great contrast with the heavier music and works really well for them. “Sunburn” offers up a lighter fare with spacey guitar, hooky bass and soft yet almost whiny vocals that builds and builds
alongside trumpets and piano that then come crashing down into a melodic jumble of keys and drums at the end.

While Chikita Violenta may excel in the pop category, they do fall a bit short in some of the lyrical elegance and overall contemplative nature that makes their influences shine so brilliantly.
“Over Now” is a fairly short track at two minutes but even that seems like too much. With the lines “This is over now” it seems appropriate that the style of the song would evoke a certain
feeling of pain but unfortunately, it’s also painful to listen to as the vocalist strains to release each word from his lips. The track acts like an unfortunate speed bump between two more
enjoyable songs. But amazingly this one track is all I really have to complain about and luckily it isn’t around long enough to change the fact that the album is a downright good listen from
beginning to end.

“Breathe” wraps up the album nicely with the same washes of sounds heard at the beginning of the album and a gathering-of-friends-around-the-campfire type feel with acoustic guitar, mandolin, and
drum tapping. There is even a nice dip into a deeper vocal range which adds a nice touch. Given the list of guests, this almost feels like a farewell to the good times shared over the course of
the album’s creation, even if the specific lyrics here “Everyday feels the same / you’re gone / and the world breathes better” speak of something completely different. The vocals are laid back
and blend sweetly with the sonic layers evoked by Newfeld. The song fades out in the last two minutes with some chorus lines rolling about within the many layers of sounds that jam their way out
ever so slowly, as if afraid to give the final goodbye.

Each song is like its own little production filled to the brim with intensely memorable and heartfelt songs. Easily one of my favorite new albums of the year, The Stars and Suns Sessions is a
near-perfect pop album that introduces not only a band to watch out for but also an entire country getting ready to take the independent music world by storm.

by Lisa Town 


Tracklist :

   1. « Pangea »

   2. « Laydown »

   3. « The Last Film »

   4. « Rotation »

   5. « Sunburn »

   6. « Over Now »

   7. « War »

   8. « Disintegrates »

   9. « Eight Miles High »

  10. « Undecided »

  11. « Breathe »


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