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septembre 23, 2010

Alerta Kamarada – Historias de Pueblo

Origine du Groupe : Colombia

Style : Reggae

Sortie : 2010

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From Official Website

Con invitados especiales como el maestro Alfredo Gutiérrez, la leyenda viva del acordeón colombiano; Ata, vocalista y productor de La Etnia, uno de los grupos colombianos más importantes de la
escena rap; Charley Anderson, bajista de la legendaria agrupación inglesa de ska, The Selecter y Pantera, maestro del trombón, que ha tocado, entre otros, con The Latin Brothers y Fruko y sus
Tesos, Alerta Kamarada lanza “Historias de pueblo”, su cuarto trabajo discográfico.

LGrabado en One2Records, el estudio de grabación de la banda, el disco fue masterizado en H-PEH en Alemania, por el mismo productor de artistas reggae de la talla de Gentleman o Capleton.

Bajo la producción de Pablo Araoz y mezclado por Richard Blair, “Historias de Pueblo” es una apuesta por la diversidad, tanto en el sonido como en los contenidos de las letras que hablan de los
temas eternos como el amor, la soledad y relatos de fé y vida.

El disco contiene 13 tracks originales que mezclan el estilo tradicional de Alerta Kamarada, el reggae y sonidos de roots ,dub, champeta y cumbia, cuenta con dos lados: el A, que es rumbero y
movido, y el K que mantiene la esencia pura del reggae.

Tracklist :

1. Amor Revolucionario

2. Conciencia (feat Ata 527)

3. De Dónde Viene La Cumbia (feat Alfredo Gutierrez)

4. De la luz a la oscuridad

5. Desplazados

6. Ella Baila como ninguna

7. En Las Calles

8. Family Vibez

9. Historias De Pueblo

10. Isla (preludio III)

11. Jaimeditation (preludio II )

12. Lava

13. Maitirust (preludio IV)

14. Red Dread (Interludio I)

15. Solo

16. Tiempos Positivos

17. Why (Feat Red Dread)



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septembre 23, 2010

Mo’Kalamity & The Wizards – Deeper Revolution

Origine du Groupe : France

Style : Reggae

Sortie : 2009

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Le 2ème opus «Deeper revolution» de la chanteuse à la voix de velours Mo’Kalamity accompagnée des Wizards se révèle être une confirmation des piliers du reggae actuel. Ses influences métissées
allant de la soul au dub comme sur l’excellent «Never alone» rassemblent tous les ingrédients d’une «grooverie reggae roots» très bien arrangée. Si la musique n’a rien à envier aux maîtres du
genre (Burning Spears en tête), les textes sont tout aussi inspirés, abordant les problématiques africaines et inégalitaires en français ou anglais.

14 morceaux à écouter sans modération !

par Hugues (La ruche)


Tracklist :

01. Another way

02. Autour de moi

03. Inner peace

04. Walls

05. Never alone

06. About prince charming

07. Politika

08. Fears

09. Without faith, nor law

10. Woman scorned

11. Terre mère

12. Jah love

13. Deeper revolution

14. Inner dub



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septembre 23, 2010

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – Dirt Don’t Hurt

Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Folk , Country , Blues

Sortie : 2008

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Holly Golightly has enough experience not to draw from it. She released her first solo album in 1995, after spending a few years in Thee Headcoatees; since then, she has kept up a steady pace of
new material, at least one of these per year: singles comps, odd and ends packages, live shows, and (oh yeah) traditional albums. That rate of production often seems crucial to the palatability
of her new old-timey music, preventing her from overthinking her songs or her performances while keeping everything loose and tossed off. As a result, she sounds a lot less manicured and a lot
more convincing than upstarts like Langhorne Slim or Scott H. Biram.

In fact, writing on her web site, she sounds almost apologetic explaining that it took five days to record Dirt Don’t Hurt, her second collaboration with the Brokeoffs. Their previous effort, You
Can’t Buy a Gun When You’re Crying (which, you have to admit, is useful advice), was wrapped up in four days. And while she does admit « it may seem a little over-produced to some! » Golightly
hasn’t gone all Dave Fridmann on us: That extra day doesn’t ruin the antique luster of her songs, but just focuses the collection considerably. It’s still a heartily ramshackle affair, with pots
and pans for percussion, rudimentary banjo picking, and what sound like first take on every track. The album’s clattery rawness is its chief appeal.

Some explanation may be required: The Brokeoffs isn’t a real backing band, as the pluralized name might suggest. Instead, it’s just some dude named Lawyer Dave, who has been playing upright bass
for Golightly for about a decade now. He provides the clatter, even sings in a cough on menacing opener « Bottom Below ». Their sandpaper and satin voices blend nicely on the country lament « Up Off
the Floor » and they imbue « Indeed You Do » and « Slow Road » with a folksy eeriness that lurches and claws at the recriminating lyrics. The slapdash « Gettin’ High for Jesus » puts the pot in
pots-and-pans. A Holly/Lawyer original, it could be a cover of some late-60s hippie novelty hit by, say, Country Joe & the Fish.

At times Dirt Don’t Hurt gets away from them: The clamor becomes grating (the demonstrative metal smacks that kick off (« Three Times Under »), the murder-and-mayhem storytelling sounds like
dress-up (« My 45 »), and the duo risk the sort of preciousness that sinks some of their sepia-toned peers (the clucks and bocks on « Cluck Old Hen »). But more often than not, they make virtues of
these shortcomings, as on the closer « I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya ». This Claudia Swann cover ought to sound unbearably saccharine, but thanks to the rumbling electric guitar and Holly and
Lawyer’s Mickey & Sylvia vocal trade-offs, it’s the album’s highlight– the reconciliation after all the bickering– underscoring how well the duo play old songs as if they wrote them and
write new songs that sound decades old.

by Stephen M. Deusner


Tracklist :

01.Bottom Below

02.Up Off The Floor

03.Burn Your Fun

04.Slow Road

05.My .45

06.Cluck Old Hen

07.Indeed You Do

08.Gettin’ High For Jesus

09.Three Times Under

10.Accuse Me

11.Boat’s Up The River

12.For All This


14.Hug You, Kiss You, Squeeze You



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septembre 23, 2010

Archie Shepp – Things Have Got to Change !

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Jazz

Sortie : 1971

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Archie Shepp’s Thing Have Got To Change, released in 1971 solidified the saxophonists reputation as a soulful, yet radical free jazz artist motivated by social commentary and cultural
change.  The record which features many of Shepp’s longtime comrades including Joe Lee Wilson, Beaver Harris, Grechan Moncur III, and Ronald Wilson integrates the symphonic-like structure of
the politically charged compositions with the spirited, cathartic sound for which Shepp is so notorious.   

« Dr. King, The Peaceful Warrior », a stripped down anthem style duet between Shepp and Cal Massey, provides a striking contrast with the album’s predominately thick, almost ecclesiastic
orchestration.  Ultimately, Things Have Got To Change is a vivid snapshot of a social conscious artist who not only wore his emotions on his sleeves but expressed them with unsurpassed
artistry and prowess.



Tracklist :

   1. « Money Blues, Parts 1 – 3 » (Beaver Harris, Archie Shepp) – 18:20

   2. « Dr. King, The Peaceful Warrior » (Cal Massey) – 2:29

   3. « Things Have Got to Change, Parts 1 and 2 » (Massey) – 16:53


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septembre 23, 2010

Dynamic Syncopation – Dynamism

Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Abstract Hip Hop

Sortie : 1999

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Perroquets anglophones et myrtilles enchantées, oyez,oyez, la nouvelle est arrivée: un nouveau Ninja Tune est né…

…Et il est peu dire que de prétendre qu’ils portent la dragée haute à leurs ainés puisque cet album est tout bonnement excellent, du début a la fin, sans exception aucune. « Dynamism » est
d’ailleurs un patronyme parfait pour cette masse hip hop, big beat par moment, coupée par des scratchs surprenant, mélangée à la sauce Ninja et arrosé de samples de cordes, de vents et de funk,
prenant l’auditeur par les oreilles, lui caressant les cages à miel pour mieux le surprendre, plus tard, avec un « ground zero » rap comme on l’aime, entre Krush et Shadow, où le minimalisme se
confronte aux vocaux plus tranchant que jamais. Du hip hop qui se la pète en restant cool but easy…



Tracklist: :

01. Intro

02. Dynamism

03. Ground Zero (Feat. Mass Influence)

04. Veteran’s Leg

05. The Essence (Feat. Yeshua Da PoED)

06. Bahian B-Boy

07. The Plan (Feat. Juice Aleem)

08. It’s A Monster

09. Homing In

10. Dedicated (Feat. Mass Influence)

11. Rock

12. Losing Your Soul (Feat. Yeshua Da PoED)

13. Swings & Roundabouts


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