Archie Shepp – Things Have Got to Change !

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Jazz

Sortie : 1971

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Archie Shepp’s Thing Have Got To Change, released in 1971 solidified the saxophonists reputation as a soulful, yet radical free jazz artist motivated by social commentary and cultural
change.  The record which features many of Shepp’s longtime comrades including Joe Lee Wilson, Beaver Harris, Grechan Moncur III, and Ronald Wilson integrates the symphonic-like structure of
the politically charged compositions with the spirited, cathartic sound for which Shepp is so notorious.   

« Dr. King, The Peaceful Warrior », a stripped down anthem style duet between Shepp and Cal Massey, provides a striking contrast with the album’s predominately thick, almost ecclesiastic
orchestration.  Ultimately, Things Have Got To Change is a vivid snapshot of a social conscious artist who not only wore his emotions on his sleeves but expressed them with unsurpassed
artistry and prowess.



Tracklist :

   1. « Money Blues, Parts 1 – 3 » (Beaver Harris, Archie Shepp) – 18:20

   2. « Dr. King, The Peaceful Warrior » (Cal Massey) – 2:29

   3. « Things Have Got to Change, Parts 1 and 2 » (Massey) – 16:53


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