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octobre 21, 2010

Atari Blitzkrieg – Kick, Punch, Fight, Rhyme

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Hip Hop

Sortie : 2009

From Official Myspace :

Hailing from Virginia, Atari Blitzkrieg has been recording and producing since 1995 but due to real life situations didn’t release his first single until 2007. The Rokkonorrottenhell single
featured hip-hop icon Royce Da 5’9, Groovie Mann from the industrial band My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and producer Krohme.

Since then, he has released close to 200 songs, has unveiled 16 EP’s. 3 full-length albums, numerous guest appearances, produced a few songs for other artists including Ryu of Styles of Beyond
and Little Indian and has worked with some of the biggest names in underground hip-hop; Daedelus, Rapper Pooh, Louis Logic, Vast Aire, Roc C, LMNO, Breez Evahflowin, Motion Man, Wildchild, Mr.
Len, Blockhead, Moka Only, 4th Disciple & Bronze Nazareth to name a few. He continues to evolve his sound and blur genres while keeping his core principles; technology, violence, corruption
and post-apocalyptic dystopia’s intact.

He has been featured in magazines and websites across the world, was selected as an URB Next 1000 and recently saw a track off of The Melancholy Tales of Extraordinary Robot Avengers licensed for
use in an upcoming indie film.

Tracklist :

1. Welcome to the Now

2. Today’s Horror Show

3. Third Finger Salute

4. Subconscious Tales of Dream Kids in Utero/Kill Everybody

5. The Cry From Within feat. Vast Aire, Breez Evahflowin’, LMNO & Krohme

6. It’s 12 O’Clock Do You Know Where Your God Is?

7. Hedcraktopen

8. Touch the Big Star

9. Profile: Julius Jackson/Amethyst

10. Wheres Your Eye feat. Akrobatik & Existereo

11. Knock Knock Bastard Face feat. Louis Logic & Roc C

12. I’m the Awesomest My Friends

13. Swhyneflew/The Voices In My Head

14. WTF!!!

15. Blood Coffee feat. Moka Only/Blood Pudding

16. Sunday Mourning

17. Faithful Visionaries

18. The Central Parking Lot Rangers feat. Vast Aire

19. Ragnarok feat. Mike McTernan of Damnation A.D.



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octobre 21, 2010

Chromeo – Business Casual

Origine du Groupe : Canada , North America

Style : Electro-Disco , Pop

Sortie : 2010

On n’a pas si souvent que ça l’occasion de baisser les vitres de la 309 GTI ,de mettre l’autoradio à fond et de faire cracher le boomer en écoutant un bon vieux disque de dance music. L’occasion
nous en est donnée avec le troisième album de Chromeo  qui se présente, tout simplement, comme le disque le plus fun de la rentrée 2010 !

Composé de deux canadiens, Chromeo joue une musique electro funk disco retro, assez irrésistible, comme a pu l’être en son temps celle des Rythmes Digitales sur l’album Dark dancer, ou encore
l’electro pop régressive et jouissive du moins connus, mais non moins fameux, DMX Krew.

Après un fameux « DJ Kicks » paru en 2009, dans lequel le duo « Dave 1 + Pee Thug » faisait valoir ses références disco 80’s, Chromeo revient dans les mêmes dispositions avec un album produit cette
fois par Zdar, alors que les deux précédentes l’avaient été par Tiga.

Guitares Rock FM, rythmes disco endiablés, synthés vintage, refrains et gimmicks hits des clubs estampillé 1985, le duo s’amuse comme un fou avec les clichés 80 ‘s et persiste dans un genre où il
est passé maitre, à savoir l’art du recyclage toujours à la limite du mauvais gout. Mais justement, leur grande force est de ne jamais sombrer dans le mauvais gout et de toujours trouver le
parfait équilibre pour que leur musique reste parfaitement écoutable et digeste de bout en bout. Résultat on écoutera « Business Casual » en boucle encore pendant une paire de jours.

par Pop Revue Express


Tracklist :

01. Hot Mess (3:39)

02. I’m Not Contagious (3:39)

03. Night By Night (3:44)

04. Don’t Turn The Lights On (4:33)

05. You Make It Rough (7:19)

06. When The Night Falls (Feat. Solange) (3:31)

07. CDon’t Walk Away (3:30)

08. J’ai Claque La Porte (2:25)

09. The Right Type (3:54)

10. Grow Up (3:01)



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octobre 21, 2010

Clinton Fearon – Faculty Of Dub

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Dub , Reggae Instrumental

Sortie : 2008

From Official Site :

Step up to higher education…Clinton Fearon has scaled another musical summit with the release of his eighth album and his first purely dub CD. Faculty of Dub is a higher education in sound. If
his previous work established Fearon’s tenure in the reggae world, the 15 lessons on this album reveal a deeper mastery. They teach us to transcend melody and lyrics, into direct experience. Your
heart and bones will understand-without taking notes.

I’ve been thinking about this album for a long time, Clinton reveals. In Faculty of Dub he gives vent to creative experimentation that builds upon his previous work. The layered sounds, echoes
and reverberations blend into songscapes evocative of the legendary Jamaican sound system engineers. You may recognize some rhythms from earlier recordings, but this album is original in every

Recorded in Seattle with the Boogie Brown Band, he teams especially strongly with singer and musician Ire, whose experience hails from Culture, and Winston Watson of Meditations fame. Horns,
flute, and lead guitar are key ingredients, and respect is due to every member of the band for consistently strong performances. But when Professor Fearon picks up his bass, partnered with ex
Burning Spear drummer Nelson Miller, watch out! You will see why he is also known as Basie, a name earned during the Studio One and Gladiator years. The lessons set forth by these combined
talents will stay with you for life. Clinton Fearon has once again put together a remarkable album that will also be available on vinyl. Your assignment: listen with all your senses. Douglass
Colbert, Rootsbeat International House of Dread, KSER FM Everett, Washington.


Tracklist :

01. Kingston Walk

02. Street Talk

03. Wha Dat

04. Ghost

05. Nah Run

06. Fight Back

07. Dirty Water

08. Get Out

09. Polluted Minds

10. Back Of Satan

11. Full House

12. Who’s The Winner

13. Peace Of Mind

14. Come Forward

15. Sweetness



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octobre 21, 2010

Asobi Seksu – Acoustic At Olympic Studios[0]=images/products/TPLP1013CD.jpg&

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Folk , Pop

Sortie : 2009

What a start to the year Asobi Seksu are having! Not content with releasing the incredible ‘Hush’ album and undertaking a mammoth tour, they slip in a low key release to boot, talk about keen.
‘Acoustic At Olympic Studios’ isn’t technically a full release, it’s only available at the bands shows and the One Little Indian website so truthfully this is a release specifically for the

I’d heard about this a while before I received it and have to say that I was sceptical on the whole. Asobi Seksu acoustic? How would that work? Considering the first two albums are chocker full
of multi-layered guitars and the newly released ‘Hush’ is awash with big sounds and sugar coated production it wouldn’t work, would it? The answer is yes and no, the band sound great but you are
left wondering whether some of these tracks really suit the acoustic mould.

It takes a while to acclimatise yourself to the contrast in sound, tracks like ‘Familiar Light’ and ‘Walk On The Moon’ that usually soar into the echelons are now condensed and fragile,
exhibiting a different side to their persona. ‘Gliss’ and ‘Blind Little Rain’ work well as acoustic numbers, Yuki’s haunting vocals are perfectly suited to the minimal arrangements. The acoustic
element allows the music room to breath and the listener to explore aspects perhaps unavailable previously. My only issue is with the BIG songs that somehow seem incomplete without the wall of
sound accompaniment, they feel like they are built to reach that crescendo so when they don’t it’s slightly frustrating.

For the unfamiliar ‘Acoustic At Olympic Studios’ will not endear you to the band and would obviously be a bad place to start. For fans of ‘Hush’ this serves as ideal accompaniment that should be
sought out and persevered with.

by The Music Fix


Tracklist :

01. Breathe Into Glass

02. Walk On The Moon

03. Meh No Mae

04. New Years

05. Blind Little Rain

06. Urusai Tori

07. Suzanne

08. Gliss

09. Familiar Light

10. Thursday



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octobre 21, 2010

Travellers – Black Black Minds

Origine du Groupe : Jamaica

Style : Reggae

Sortie : 1977

BLACK BLACK MINDS: While this isn’t exactly the gold nugget suggested by producer King Jammy’s (who presumably came across these tapes while spring cleaning), The Travellers’ one and only long
player is the sort of roots reggae that you just don’t hear anymore. There’s no need for any gimmicks – though the original release is augmented in the usual Pressure Sounds style with DJ cuts
and dub versions. Okay, so The Travellers’ might not have been the most versatile vocal group of their time, and their harmonies are sometimes stretched a little thin, and no, there’s nothing
particularly innovative about the songwriting or the fairly standard roots rhythms, but there’s definitely an element of quintessential reggae goodness at the heart of BLACK BLACK MINDS, and it’s
this that really recommends The Travellers’ record for re-release. It’s the middle of winter here, right now, but I have a feeling that this one is going to sound very nice in the yard when
summer moves in.


by Locks Lion


Tracklist :

01 – Jah Give Us This World

02 – Poor Man Cry

03 – Girl I Left Behind

04 – Keep On Trying

05 – Peace And Rest

06 – False Leaders

07 – Tell Me Why

08 – Know Yourself

09 – How Long

10 – Black Black Mind

Mixing Engineer : Prince Jammy

Producer : Prince Jammy

Vocals : The Travellers

Backing Band : The Aggrovators

Drums : Sly Dunbar & Santa Davis

Bass : Robbie Shakespeare

Guitar : Chinna

Piano : Keith Sterling

Organ : Winston Wright

Percussions : Scully Simms

Harpsicord : Winston Wright

Clavinet : Winston Wright


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