Clinton Fearon – Faculty Of Dub

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Dub , Reggae Instrumental

Sortie : 2008

From Official Site :

Step up to higher education…Clinton Fearon has scaled another musical summit with the release of his eighth album and his first purely dub CD. Faculty of Dub is a higher education in sound. If
his previous work established Fearon’s tenure in the reggae world, the 15 lessons on this album reveal a deeper mastery. They teach us to transcend melody and lyrics, into direct experience. Your
heart and bones will understand-without taking notes.

I’ve been thinking about this album for a long time, Clinton reveals. In Faculty of Dub he gives vent to creative experimentation that builds upon his previous work. The layered sounds, echoes
and reverberations blend into songscapes evocative of the legendary Jamaican sound system engineers. You may recognize some rhythms from earlier recordings, but this album is original in every

Recorded in Seattle with the Boogie Brown Band, he teams especially strongly with singer and musician Ire, whose experience hails from Culture, and Winston Watson of Meditations fame. Horns,
flute, and lead guitar are key ingredients, and respect is due to every member of the band for consistently strong performances. But when Professor Fearon picks up his bass, partnered with ex
Burning Spear drummer Nelson Miller, watch out! You will see why he is also known as Basie, a name earned during the Studio One and Gladiator years. The lessons set forth by these combined
talents will stay with you for life. Clinton Fearon has once again put together a remarkable album that will also be available on vinyl. Your assignment: listen with all your senses. Douglass
Colbert, Rootsbeat International House of Dread, KSER FM Everett, Washington.


Tracklist :

01. Kingston Walk

02. Street Talk

03. Wha Dat

04. Ghost

05. Nah Run

06. Fight Back

07. Dirty Water

08. Get Out

09. Polluted Minds

10. Back Of Satan

11. Full House

12. Who’s The Winner

13. Peace Of Mind

14. Come Forward

15. Sweetness



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