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juillet 14, 2010

Anjali – Sheer Witchery

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Like label mates, Cornershop, Anjali Bhatia ? as lead riot grrrl in the Voodoo Queens used to make clattery, two-chord noise-pop but has now gone beat-crazy and soundscapist. And, again like
Cornershop, the reinvention is definitely worth celebrating. Following on from last year?s collection of EPs, Sheer Witchery, her self-titled debut finds Anjali drawing a skewed lounge-pop sound of
arrangements rooted as much in Bollywood themes and 60s soundtracks as funk and hip-hop. So while strawberry mousse rides on hefty breakbeats, it?s made truly cinematic by string flurries and a
synthesised choir chorus. Turquoise and Blue, meanwhile, is kitsch, queasy listening underpinned by echoing dub beats and exotic keyboard fx, reminiscent of Baby Fox, only not rubbish. Elsewhere,
she minds the same shivery spy-film vibe that Goldfrapp toyed with on the Felt Mountain LP, but crucially is far better at updating John Barry-isms without owing considerable debt to Portishead.
Part of the power is down to Anjali?s voice, at times almost identical to that of AWOL genre-masher, Nicolette. And while the tone of her music is different, Anjali shares with Nicolette a
fearless, anything-goes funkiness, and an ability to conjure a groove and soothe the soul simultaneously. It?s quite a talent.

From Official Website Anjali

Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Electro , Trip Hop , Downtempo , Lounge

Sortie : 1999

Tracklist :

   1. Feline woman

   2. Maharani II

   3. Juju

   4. Aquila

   5. Triton

   6. Maharani I

   7. Astra

   8. Aquila B

   9. Kalpna



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