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septembre 6, 2010

Aston Barrett – Cobra Style

Note :

Origine du Groupe : Jamaica

Style : Reggae , Instrumental , Dub

Sortie : 1998

Before there was a Robbie Shakespeare, there was Aston « Familyman » Barrett, who, in reggae’s earliest years, wielded the music’s heaviest bass. As Bob Marley’s bassman and arranger from the late
’60s until Marley’s tragic death in ’81, Familyman (along with his drummer brother, the late Carlton Barrett) was a key element of the Wailers sound. But he also was an integral part of other
productions by seminal studio legends like Treasure Isle’s Duke Reid, Joe Gibbs, Sonia Pottinger, Lee Perry, Niney the Observer, and Studio One’s Clement « Coxsonne » Dodd, and even provided weight
for the vocals of the late John Denver. This record takes its title from a minor-key vamp honed to perfection by the bass hero, and it performs the service of rescuing from vinyl oblivion some of
Barrett’s lesser-known but nonetheless great moments, whether laying down rock-solid foundations for the sublime tenor Jimmy Riley’s soaring « We’re Gonna Make It » and the Wailers’ « Distant Drums »
(by the original lineup of Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer), or rumbling like distant thunder through reggae « dubs » or instrumentals. Bonus tracks in this priceless collection include
extended remixes, a.k.a. « disco » mixes, of « Cobra Style » and « Well Pleased. »

by Elena Oumano


Tracklist :

01 – Cobra Style

02 – Black Weh

03 – We’re Gonna Make It

04 – Eastern Memphis

05 – Guided Missile

06 – Babylon

07 – Elegant Shape

08 – Distant Drums

09 – Children of the Ghetto

10 – My Girl

11 – Well Pleased

12 – Woman in Love

13 – Work

14 – Natural Woman (disco mix)

15 – Cobra Style (disco mix)

16 – Well Pleased (disco mix)

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