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septembre 6, 2010

Background Radiation – Moot Point (EP)

Note :

Origine du Groupe : Nederlands

Style : Alternative , Ambient , Downtempo , Folktronic

Sortie : 2010

Creative Commons License

Background Radiation, is folktronic pop. Tim Dwyer and Ludo Maas, both on different sides of the world, collaborate in a Postal Service like fashion through the internet. Moot Point is the
ironically named follow-up to their ironically named debut, « False Start ». Much like the first EP, these songs, layer acoustic tinkerings and mesh them with slow, electronic rhythm sections.
« False Memories Take You By Surprise » is a short instrumental intro as if the opening credits to a film. Themes of film, space, and love come and go over the course of album from the folksy
number « Give Me Light » to the ambient pop of « Double Negative ». You’ll hear lots of different influences in the EP from the almost National sounding « Motion Trees » to the David Sylvain-esque
« Need The Constant ».


Tracklist :

01) False Memories Take You By Surprise

02) Give Me Light

03) Radiate

04) Double Negative

05) Motion Trees

06) Need The Constant

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