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octobre 27, 2010

Satanicpornocultshop – Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos

Orgine du Groupe : Japan

Style : Alternative Fusion , Experimental , Broken Beat , Breakcore , IDM

Sortie : 2010

NEWS !!! This player HERE

I hope the cover, name and preview are enough to convince people to get this, because I really am not sure how to describe it. It’s like, extremely experimental hip-hoppy IDM with an occasional
(and very pretty) female vocalist, but that’s not even close to how it sounds like. I don’t really like using the term, but “avant-garde” is all that I can really think of. All I really know is
that they’re a group of people from Japan who’ve been active since 1999, going through some lineup changes and making some all-around quirky, fun, great music. It’s kind of poppy and mellow
sometimes, mostly on tracks like (R.I.P) Tide and Pinky, and at other times really chaotic and energetic, à la 2 More Heads_Sprouted! or Saddam Fed Bird While Jailed. It’s really crazy, try


Tracklist :

1   New Years’ Snow

2   (R.I.P) Tide

3   Saddam Fed Bird While Jailed

4   2 More Heads_Sprouted!

5   Feed Me W) Ur Kiss

6   Glaneurs

7   Pinky

8   Custom Drum Destroyer

9   Left Handed Darling

10  9 Headed Monster

11  Paradise

12  Kanariya

13  Nido

14  Next Years’ Snow, Reprise

15  Comment Te Dire Adieu



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octobre 13, 2010

Palov & Mishkin – Think Twice

Origine du Groupe : Grèce

Style : Funk , Soul , Breakbeat

Sortie : 2009

Palov & Mishkin : The Infamous duo and re edit extraordinaire are bombing the soul out of you with their first album release on Cast-a-blast, following a highly acclaimed compilation Backslam
Extravaganza and a series of E.P’s for labels like Gamm, Resence, Scribble, Rebtuz and remixes for The Hot 8 brass band and Lovemonk’s Más Achilifunk – Gipsy Soul From 21st Century. Think Twice
selectively combines heavy guitar funk, south American flavors, block breaks and exotic soul with tropicalismo in a playful mash down of styles and genres that characterize the Palov &
Mishkin sound.



Tracklist :

01. Blunts, Parachutes, Headphones & Beats feat. Bnc 2:58

02. Never Forget 2:54

03. A Case Of Amnesia 2:13

04. Rude Mamba pt.1 4:09

05. China Man 1:32

06. Halo Halo 2:22

07. Et De Clarinete 3:15

08. Theme From Backslam 3:16

09. Fast Train Humming 2:44

10. Rude Mamba pt.2 3:41

11. Oiust Atou 2:24

12. Block Rock feat. Bnc 3:22

13. De Mi Careta 2:37

14. Jack The Nose 2:50

15. Nude 0:51

16. Pai-Voi Dub 2:56

17. Basking In The Ambience 3:35

18. Crush Test 4:01

19. Basking In The Ambience (TM Juke Remix) 5:37



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septembre 22, 2010

Amon Tobin – Featured Tracks

Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Electro , Broken Beat , I.D.M

Sortie : 2010

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From Official Myspace :

Musician, programmer, recording artist, beatsmith, dance floor commander, composer, sound designer, bad ass motherfucker. Amon Tobin is all of these things but most of all a forward thinker.
Pushing forward and never looking back has always been his focus. This is what gets him up in the morning and what keeps him up late into night.

Amon Tobin never set out to be in the music industry. To him music is an end in itself, not a path to commercial success. His own success is basically a bi product of his obsession and remains
something of a welcome mystery to him. The fact is, whether or not the world had ever heard of Amon Tobin he would still be creating music. His life has been a long term love affair with sound
and rhythm and a personal study of both. his work is a contribution to the evolution of sound in the spirit of the pioneers of electronic music.

Amon has released a series of critically claimed full lenght albums alongside a number of side projects which vary from film score work to collaborations with artists who range from classical to
hip hop and much in between. Curiosity and a relentless drive to explore has lead Amon to various places in music but the the real fruits of this are in the combined knowledge gained from these
experiences. Knowledge of how music music and sound work and the passionate application of this to his own personal creations.

Tracklist :

01 – SC Conviction – Roll Credits (unreleased)

02 – Noisia – Machinegun (Amon Tobin Remix)

03 – Eskamon – Fine Objects (edit)

04 – SC Conviction – Coste

05 – SC Conviction – Menu Theme

06 – Hey Mr. Tree

07 – SC Conviction – Oval Office

08 – Technique

09 – SC Conviction – Corridor Cue

10 – Bloodstone

11 – SC Conviction – Sarah!!!

12 – Slowly

13 – SC Conviction – White House

14 – Delpher


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février 28, 2010

Instituto Mexicano del Sonido – Mejico Maxico

El Instituto Mexicano del Sonido es un proyecto de Camilo Lara, en el que algunas canciones clásicas de los años setenta y ochenta se mezclan con música electrónica, como por ejemplo la canción « Mirando a las Muchachas », de los Hermanos Castro. Las siglas de este proyecto se pronuncian i-eme-ese para no ser confundidas con las del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social. En el 2006 salió su primer disco llamado México Mágico bajo la disquera mexicana independiente Noiselab y, en España, por el sello madrileño Lovemonk. Éste contiene fragmentos de cumbias, de cha cha chas, estructuras pop a veces, mucha electrónica juguetona, mucho Esquivel, textos de Juan Rulfo recitados por el propio Rulfo, dub y muchas cosas más. Surgido de pedacitos de más de trescientas canciones de los años 20 hasta los 60, « este disco refleja el color y el bullicio de una ciudad tan imprevisible como es México DF« .
Sus remezclas abarcan desde grupos como Placebo a Le Hammond Inferno, pasando por Gecko Turner o Babasónicos
En el 2007 salió su segundo álbum llamado Piñata, el sencillo que se desprende de este álbum se llama El Micrófono, según él, este álbum contiene mas ritmos que el disco anterior. La canción « El Micrófono » es parte de la banda sonora del videojuego FIFA 08, mientras que la canción « Alocatel » es parte de la banda sonora del FIFA 10.
En el 2009 lanza un tercer album llamado Soy Sauce con el sencillo « Hiedra Venenosa ».

Quantic Soul Orchestra-Pushin’ On (Mexican Institute of Sound remix) by MexicanInstituteofSound

Note :
Sortie : 2006
Style : Electro , Downtempo , Breakbeat , Lounge , Alternative , Remix

Tracklist :

1. Bienvenidos A Mi Disco
2. Ok
3. Mirando A Las Muchachas
4. Jaja Pipi
5. Buena Idea
6. Drume Negrita
7. Cyber Mambo
8. Juan Rulfo
9. Corasound
10. Canción De Amor Para Mi Futura Novia
11. Sabrosa
12. Hey Tia!
13. Que Rico
14. Dub-A El Tiempo Es Muy Largo
15. No Hay Masa Ya