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octobre 20, 2010

Buff Roshi – Devil You’re A Liar

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Trip Hop , Electro , Alternative , Abstract , Experimental

Sortie : 2010

After six years in the making, film composer and founding member of the 80’s band , Vivabeat, Mick Muhlfriedel and experimental guitarist, G.E. Stinson to release album 6/16/10

Buff Roshi’s debut album « Devil You’re a Liar » marks the first release from the new Cephalophone Music label. The album, featuring cover art by celebrated L.A. guerrilla poster artist Robbie
Conal is the product of a long term studio collaboration between film and commercial composer and founding member of Peter Gabriel discovered 80’s band, Vivabeat, Mick Muhlfriedel and extended
technique guitarist G.E. Stinson, a charter member of the world jazz group Shadowfax. Stinson counts Buff Roshi amongst several current band projects he is part of, including Sleepr Wave, Coded
Source, plus numerous collaborations with Nels Cline.

« I began putting together bits of found sounds and random snippets of music that I had been collecting for sometime with some processed beats,” says Muhlfriedel. “I was a big fan of G.E.’s
Splinter Group and sent some of the tracks to him to experiment with. We then worked together on several additional songs. Eventually, I enlisted Renee Wilson, who added some vocals and later,
G.E. brought in the great John Fumo to lay down some trumpet.”

Of the eleven tracks on the album, Buff Roshi includes two covers, a lush chill-out reset of Pink Floyd’s « Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun » and « Dark », a circa 1940’s Julie London
b-side featuring vocals by singer-filmmaker Renee Wilson, who appears as Raelette, Pat Lyle, in the Academy Award winning film, Ray.

In 2007 Muhlfriedel circulated a demo of several of the earliest Buff Roshi compositions, which garnered some late night airplay on L.A. hipster station KCRW and resulted in Hong Kong director,
Derek Chang tapping excerpts of two tracks for a Canon Camera commercial campaign. « Buff Roshi somehow manages to infuse layers of cinematic adrenaline with a cool jazz vibe that played well
against the visuals i was going for in the commercials, » said Chang.

by Cephalophone Music — Musical Moods for Moderns


Tracklist :

01. Blue Days (05:03)

02. Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun (04:46)

03. Devil You’re A Liar (04:39)

04. It’s Not the End of the World (05:23)

05. Watch As Blast Points Appear (below The Falling Section of Tower) (00:54)

06. Tonight Let’s All Make Love In London (03:46)

07. Flying the French Way (04:03)

08. Dark (05:47)

09. The Hours (00:58)

10. Julie Christie (05:20)

11. This Is How It Goes (05:20)



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