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septembre 7, 2010

Choc Stars – Kelemani

Note :

Origine du Groupe : Congo

Style : World Music , Soukous

Sortie : 1986

It is hot in the Netherlands. With temperatures rising up to 36º C, or more

this weekend. The whole country is in a hot summer mood, hanging out

on terraces with big glasses of cold beer. Same time we are all very exited

about being in the finals of the worldcup. Orange fever going ’round the land.

The music that fits a hot summer night like no other, a nice piece

of steady soukous. Choc Stars are the band to fulfil that request

for us tonight. Make a slow but groovy dance with Choc Stars.


Tracklist :

1 Kelemani – djeuni

2 Deserteur

3 Presence

4 Ozi

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