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septembre 18, 2010

Coco and the Bean – Tales from the Mouse House

Origine du Groupe : U.K
Style : Electro , Trip Hop , Alternative
Sortie : 1997

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From Official Myspace :
Coco And The Bean, comprising of writer/producer team Les Hodge and Taf McLaren, released their first single “Money” in 1991 on the Edinburgh-based label Baghdad Radio Records. Critically acclaimed, this limited edition on vinyl features vocals from London-based rapper Dravedian – all set to a funky backdrop. 1992 saw the release of the second Baghdad Radio 12’’, “Talking With A Number 6”/”Mr Repairman”, featuring rapper Mike from Washington DC. By this time Coco And the Bean were receiving widespread interest from record companies and press across the UK generated by their funk/soul/hip-hop influenced sound. In 1995 Coco And the Bean signed to Mantra Recordings. The release of the singles “Western Ways” (simultaneously Single of the Week in Echoes, Music Week and the NME) and “Killing Time” followed. Coco And The Bean were by now also working on other projects, including the “East Coast Project” and “Blunted” releases on Natural Response, remixing Sugar Bullet for Parkway Records, and remixing reggae icon Bim Sherman. By 1997 Coco And The Bean included in its line-up – vocalist Gwen Esty from Yorkshire, Edinburgh-based vocalist Zeb, guitarist/keyboardist Chris Dawkins formerly with Nightmares On Wax and DJ A1. The result was the release of three singles – “All-Star”, “Versus the 90’s”, and “Fair Play” – and the laid-back soul and hip-hop sound of the 1998 long-player “Tales From the Mouse House”. Coco And The Bean are featured on various film soundtracks – notably, “Nowhere”, “Le Ciel, Les Oiseaux, Et Ta Mere”, and “Splendour” – and compilations. Les Hodge and Taf McLaren continue to work with soul project Harmonized and to produce vocalist Mystikman.


01. Soul Tones
02. solid Gold
03. Fair Play
04. Poisoned
05. Weird World
06. Anytime
07. All-Star
08. Paradise
09. Versus The 90’s
10. Plain Sailing
11. Drifting



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