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octobre 23, 2010

V.A – Introducing Townes Van Zandt Via the Great Unknown

Origine du Groupe : V.A

Style : Country/Alt-Country & Americana, Country/General, Folk/General

Sortie : 2009

The ideas simple, get a eclectic bunch of unknown (mostly) indie artists together and record an album of Townes van Zandt songs, we’ve already had one van Zandt tribute recording this year from
the great Earle senior, which I blogged about back in March.

Do we need another one ? Absolutely and this one is coming at it from a different angle, does it work – in a word yes. Why? Well the power of Townes writing tends to transcend most music and in
this instance the covers are not half bad either.

The packaging for the CD is great too, the accompanying booklet giving plenty of information on the unknowns encouraging the buyer to go do some research, unknown of course is a relative term and
there are of course some recognisable artists on the CD, here’s the full tracklist.

by simon2307


Tracklist :

1 Lessons In Time (AU) – At My Window

2 Thomas Denver Jonsson (SWE) – To Live Is To Fly

3 Loophole & Ciaran Kirby (IRL) – Lungs

4 Great Lake Swimmers (CAN) – Our Mother The Mountain

5 Fort King & My Hawaii (US) – Loretta

6 Christina Kulukundis (UK/US) – If I Needed You

7 J. Tillman (US) – My Proud Mountains

8 Gustav Haggren (SWE) – Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel

9 Kevin Tihista (US) – Still Looking For You

10 Kate Maki (CAN) – I’ll Be Here In The Morning

11 Anders Parker (US) – No Place To Fall

12 Telafonica (AU) – St. John The Gambler

13 Nick Jones (US) – Don’t Take It To Bad

14 The Wheel (US) – She Came And She Touched Me

15 Stephen Duffy & The Lilac Time (UK) – Pancho And Lefty

16 Pacific Ocean Fire (UK) – You Are Not Needed Now

17 Chris Mills (US) – Tecumseh Valley

18 The Be Good Tanyas (CAN) – Waiting Around To Die

19 Jad Fair (US) – Turnstyled, Junkpiled


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septembre 30, 2010

Avalon Blues – A Tribute To The Music Of Mississippi John Hurt

Origine du Groupe : V.A

Style : Blues , Folk , Country , Alternative Rock

Sortie : 2001

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Avalon Blues est un album hommage à la musique de Mississippi John Hurt, le célèbre bluesman.

Ben Harper y interprète Sliding Delta à la guitare. Pour lui, sans Mississippi John Hurt, il n’aura jamais fait de musique, son influence est très importante chez Ben Harper.

Dans cet album on peut retrouver également Taj Mahal ou encore Beck.

par Les collaborations


Tracklist :

1. Frankie &  Albert – Chirs Smither

2. Avalon, My Home Town – Bruce Cockburn

3. Angels Laid Him Away – Lucinda Williams

4. Here Am I, Oh Lord, Send Me – Alvin Youngblood Hart

5. Candy Man – Steve & Justin Earle

6. Monday Morning Blues – Peter Case & Dave Alvin

7. Sliding Delta – Ben Harper

8. Chicken – Geoff Muldaur (with Jenni & Claire Muldaur)

9. Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor – Mark Selby

10. Stagolee – Beck

11. Since I’ve Laid My Burden Down – Victoria Williams

12. Pay Day – Bill Morrissey

13. My Creole Belle – Taj Mahal

14. Beulah Land – Gillian Welch

15. I’m Satisfied – John Hiatt



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septembre 23, 2010

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – Dirt Don’t Hurt

Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Folk , Country , Blues

Sortie : 2008

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Holly Golightly has enough experience not to draw from it. She released her first solo album in 1995, after spending a few years in Thee Headcoatees; since then, she has kept up a steady pace of
new material, at least one of these per year: singles comps, odd and ends packages, live shows, and (oh yeah) traditional albums. That rate of production often seems crucial to the palatability
of her new old-timey music, preventing her from overthinking her songs or her performances while keeping everything loose and tossed off. As a result, she sounds a lot less manicured and a lot
more convincing than upstarts like Langhorne Slim or Scott H. Biram.

In fact, writing on her web site, she sounds almost apologetic explaining that it took five days to record Dirt Don’t Hurt, her second collaboration with the Brokeoffs. Their previous effort, You
Can’t Buy a Gun When You’re Crying (which, you have to admit, is useful advice), was wrapped up in four days. And while she does admit « it may seem a little over-produced to some! » Golightly
hasn’t gone all Dave Fridmann on us: That extra day doesn’t ruin the antique luster of her songs, but just focuses the collection considerably. It’s still a heartily ramshackle affair, with pots
and pans for percussion, rudimentary banjo picking, and what sound like first take on every track. The album’s clattery rawness is its chief appeal.

Some explanation may be required: The Brokeoffs isn’t a real backing band, as the pluralized name might suggest. Instead, it’s just some dude named Lawyer Dave, who has been playing upright bass
for Golightly for about a decade now. He provides the clatter, even sings in a cough on menacing opener « Bottom Below ». Their sandpaper and satin voices blend nicely on the country lament « Up Off
the Floor » and they imbue « Indeed You Do » and « Slow Road » with a folksy eeriness that lurches and claws at the recriminating lyrics. The slapdash « Gettin’ High for Jesus » puts the pot in
pots-and-pans. A Holly/Lawyer original, it could be a cover of some late-60s hippie novelty hit by, say, Country Joe & the Fish.

At times Dirt Don’t Hurt gets away from them: The clamor becomes grating (the demonstrative metal smacks that kick off (« Three Times Under »), the murder-and-mayhem storytelling sounds like
dress-up (« My 45 »), and the duo risk the sort of preciousness that sinks some of their sepia-toned peers (the clucks and bocks on « Cluck Old Hen »). But more often than not, they make virtues of
these shortcomings, as on the closer « I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya ». This Claudia Swann cover ought to sound unbearably saccharine, but thanks to the rumbling electric guitar and Holly and
Lawyer’s Mickey & Sylvia vocal trade-offs, it’s the album’s highlight– the reconciliation after all the bickering– underscoring how well the duo play old songs as if they wrote them and
write new songs that sound decades old.

by Stephen M. Deusner


Tracklist :

01.Bottom Below

02.Up Off The Floor

03.Burn Your Fun

04.Slow Road

05.My .45

06.Cluck Old Hen

07.Indeed You Do

08.Gettin’ High For Jesus

09.Three Times Under

10.Accuse Me

11.Boat’s Up The River

12.For All This


14.Hug You, Kiss You, Squeeze You



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septembre 10, 2010

Coova and Bud Melvin – He’s the Ripper (ep)

Note :


Origine du Groupe : Japan , North America

Style : Alternative Fusion , 8-Bits , Country

Sortie : 2009

Creative Commons License

La musique 8 bit n’en finit pas de me surprendre. Si on la savait capable de produire des titres pop d’une incroyable efficacité (écoutez Disasterpeace « Ensis »), on la sait désormais aussi capable
de jouer avec les codes et les styles musicaux comme c’est le cas sur ce magnifique Ep signé Coova & Bud Melvin. Un Ep dans lesquel la 8bit rencontre la country/western music, ou comment le
banjo et les sonorités numériques basiques se marient à merveille sur 4 titres totalement bluffants. Et plus je les écoute, plus je me dis qu’il a quelque chose de vraiment unique dans la musiquedu
duo Coova and Bud Melvin

par Netlabels Revue


Tracklist :

1 – Karioto

2 – Reuben

3 – Yourmachi

4 – Sjutton

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août 31, 2010

Guano Padano – Guano Padano

Note :

Origine du Groupe : Italia

Style : Alternative Rock , Country , Folk , Smooth Jazz , Instrumental Experimental

Sortie : 2009

Alessandro Steffana released his debut solo album to much acclaim on Important a few years back Since then he has worked as a member of Mark Ribot’s Ceramic Dog project as well as Mike Patton’s

Guano Padano, assembled by Alessandro Stefana, features guests Alessandro Alessandroni (renowned whisteler of the immortal Ennio Morricone western soundtracks), Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart/Jeff
Buckley guitarist), Chris Speed (clarinet player with Tim Berne, Uri Caine, John Zorn etc.) and, last but not least, the legendary Italian singer Bobby Solo

Guano Padano’s music is a kind of road movie, unfolding between the scorching asphalt of Highway number 4 and the juicy smells of the peasant festivals so common in the Pianura Padana. It’s a
dreaming mixture of rock, psychedelia, folk and country, jazz improvisations and Morricone hints. Alessandro « Asso » Stefana and Zeno de Rossi started to work together some years ago while playing
in Vinicio Capossela’s band, of which they are still steady members. For this trip they are joined by Danilo Gallo, a double bass player with a dark, meaty, gutsy style, who has shared with Zeno
various adventuresmerged in El Gallo Rojo collective, one of the most interesting experiences of Italian underground and independent jazz.


Tracklist :

01. Guano Padano

02. A Country Concept

03. El Divino

04. Epiphany

05. Bull Buster

06. Ramblin’ Man

07. Jack Frost

08. Del Rey

09. Danny Boy

10. Tromp Valley

11. El Divino (alternate version)



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