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octobre 9, 2010

Dennis Alcapone – Forever Version


Origine du Groupe : Jamaica , U.K

Style : Reggae Deejay

Sortie : 1971

From Wikipedia :

Forever Version is the debut album from Jamaican reggae deejay Dennis Alcapone. It was released in 1971 by Studio One, and features Alcapone toasting over some of the label’s greatest
hits.[1]  The album was engineered by Sylvan Morris  who left large parts of the original vocal tracks in the mix, with Alcapone appearing to answer back to the singers.[1]  Tracks
which formed the basis for the album include Larry Marshall’s « Nanny Goat » (on « Nanny Goat Version »), The Cables’ « Baby Why », Carlton and The Shoes’ « Love Me Forever » (« Forever Version »), two
tracks from The Heptones (« Baby Version » and « Sweet Talking Version »), and one from The Wailers (« Dancing Version »). The album was reissued by Heartbeat Records on compact disc in 1991, and again
in an expanded form in 2007, with six bonus tracks.

Tracklist :

   1. Nanny Version

   2. Run Run

   3. Riddle I This

   4. Baby Version

   5. Sunday Version

   6. Version I Can Feel

   7. Forever Version

   8. Baby Why Version

   9. Dancing Version

  10. Midnight Version

  11. Sweet Talking Version

  12. Version You To The Ball


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