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octobre 9, 2010

Nobody – And Everything Else


Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Alternative , Downtempo , Electro

Sortie : 2005

I’m relieved that, as bad as things seem to be, people are still making desert island discs in America. By desert island discs, I don’t mean Signals, Calls and Marches. As writer Jeff Koyen noted
back in the ‘90s: what the fuck would one need punk rock for on a desert island? Good, angry rock is the sound of mainland claustrophobia. Under our sad circumstances, it makes for an easy
emotional attachment. But it’s all context. If you’re on a desert island and you’ve got an adequate food supply, you may as well relax and recall certain aspects of the mainland fondly, if at

Somebody makes perfect music for that, and that good soul employs the handle Nobody. The first record was good. This one’s better. It’s got a more refined musical palate and a more defined sense
of humor.

Within the first 10 minutes, you’ve already got a blasé cover of the Flaming Lips’ “What Is The Light?” In Elvin Estela’s hands, W. Coyne’s prog-rock Bic flicker becomes a rickety mix-‘n’-match
that rattles toward its conclusion seemingly by coincidence. The beat drops hard, and his sometime-colleagues in Beechwood Sparks and the Aislers Set pop in to help out.

“Wake Up and Smell The Millennium” takes a tack even less conceptually aggressive, running Curt Boettcher’s music over an unassuming beat and pretty much leaving it be. It works because Estrella
is smart, smart enough to know when he needn’t flash his skills. He reminds us by counterexample why so many “turntablist” records are so unlistenable.

The balance runs the gamut, from the delightfully askew “Poor Angular Fellow” to the Spanish toast “Con Um Relampago” to the stomping “Go Go Interlude Go” to the wistfully Nico’d “You Can Know
Her” (which features the understated vocals of forever up-and-coming balladeer Mia Dia Todd).

“Beat science” has been so thoroughly integrated into every corner of popular music, one barely notices it here. The rhythms that anchor And Everything Else are no more auspicious than gravity.
For the most part, it sounds like giddy, faux-innocent psychedelia filtered through a kaleidoscope, moody but never mopey.

I’ll bring this to the island. You bring Everything Went Black. We’ll see who leaves with fewer unnecessary ulcers.

By Emerson Dameron


Tracklist :

1. the coast is clear (for fireworks)

2. what is the light?

3. spin the bright sun rose

4. go go interlude go

5. poor angular fellow

6. tilijem’s forrest

7. you can know her

8. jose de la rues!!!

9. con un relampago

10. wake up and smell the millennium

11. tori oshi

12. siesta con susana


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octobre 8, 2010

Bluetech – Love Songs To The Source


Origine du Groupe :

Style : IDM , Electro Dub , Downtempo

Sortie : 2010

After a steady stream of releases on the Waveform, Aleph Zero, Thoughtless Music and Somnia labels over the last 7 years, the next phase of Bluetech’s sonic trajectory plots new and intrepid
coordinates via Canadian imprint Interchill.

In this unique full length release, listeners familiar with the Bluetech sound are presented with an inviting point of departure into the warm, spacious realms of his signature mid and downtempo
electronica. Employing a more dub-wise and organic sound palette than on previous albums, Bluetech brought several collaborators on board in the making of Love Songs To The Source including;
featured vocal contributions from the likes of Dr. Israel, Katrina Blackstone, Mari Boine, Lady K, Tina Malia and Lynx; and musical input from Jamie Janover, KiloWatts and members of The March
Fourth Marching Band’s horn section. Rounded out with a distinguished selection of instrumentals, this innovative, genre-bending chapter in the evolving Bluetech chronicles is ripe with emotive
vistas, reflective passages and all the evocative depth that one has come to expect of this highly talented US based producer.

In Evan’s words, ‘Love Songs To The Source is an audio exploration of the spark of divine light that oscillates in the heart of every being’, and with this intent, one finds music that is both
uplifting and devotional as it passes seamlessly through a lush digital expanse of infinite expression. To embark upon this listening experience is to travel down an illuminated path beyond all
stylistic bounds.



Tracklist :

01. Seed To Soil

02. Green Sophia(Gnosis Mix)

03. Change(Featuring Katrina Blackstone)

04. Dread Inna Babylon(featuring Dr. Israel)

05. Two River Sisters

06. Lay Your Sorrows Down(Featuring Katrina Blackstone)

07. Hanuman

08. Waiting For Initiation

09. Counting Out Stones(featuring Dr. Israel)

10. Polychrome Petroglyph(Featuring KiloWatts)

11. Three Worlds

12. Big Medicine(Mari Boine Track Remixed By Bluetech)

13. To Mend(Featuring Lynx & Janover)


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octobre 7, 2010

The Abbasi Brothers – Something Like Nostalgia

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Alternative , Psychedelic , Downtempo , Post Rock

Sortie : 2008

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Yousuf and Amman Abbasi create « sound-scenes » that immediately fill the void left by your daily mundane routines with an intricate, dreamy, and nostalgic sound. Closing my eyes I can’t help but
see moving images of nostalgic events that took place somewhere in another life. This is the music for the waving hands on the platform of a leaving train; music for the hopeless bolts through
endless cornfields; music for the fallen tears on a park bench erstwhile drenched in rain. The fifteen scenes split into tracks defy the genre classification. Yet the album, two years in the
making, clings tightly to the nomination as the modern classical soundtrack of my life. I could also see the Abbasi Brothers fighting for my Best of 2008 list, when the time comes [something I
felt from the very first track]. Something Like Nostalgia is scheduled for a release the summer of ’08 worldwide. Highly recommended if you like Skyphone, Deaf Center, Elegi, Marsen Jules, and of
course, Clint Mansell. Every track is a gem.



Tracklist :

01. Stacy’s Day Parade

02. Kompa

03. Something like Nostalgia

04. Camera Flashes Blue

05. The Way of the Wanderer

06. Dreams of a Graffiti Artist

07. The Social Evening (in 1992)

08. Mr. Boe

09. A Long Weekend

10. In a Field

11. Playtime in Spacetime

12. Approaching the End

13. Fragments of Memories as a Child

14. Reprise

15. Clouds are Sleeping


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octobre 6, 2010

Alvik – Forms Apart

Origine du Groupe : Czech Republic

Style : Electro Jazz , Nu-Jazz , Downtempo , Nu-Soul

Sortie : 2008

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From Official Myspace :

Founded in 2001 in Prague, Czech Republic, Alvik has become a driving force behind the best sounds resonating in Europe today.

Alvik was built on their performances in Prague’ss smaller jazz clubs before graduating to larger halls, playing across Europe and touring the Czech Republic and the United States . With this
growth the group’s sound has evolved into its present form with a style which is as easy to listen to as it is hard to define.

Alvik is the perfection of elements brought by each of its members: front singer and songwriter-singer Anya Stuart, who has helped the band cross into the international scene with her North
American roots; Bharata Rajnosek, hornman who cuts between sax, flute and trumpet; Petr Tichy, compelling stand-up bass player, Mishan Pajdiak on drums and samples from Prague and Audun Nedrelid,
with his Norweigian fingers gracing the keyboard.

Together, Alvik breathes a new kind of jazz that transgresses a wide variety of styles and tempos from abstract hip-hop to broken beats to drum and bass and Latin rhythms.

Over the years Alvik has developed more into a project. Hosting few concerts per year in their native Prague or at European festivals, Alvik thrives on the on-stage convergence of the many guest
artists involved in the project. Starting in 2004 with an intense collaboration with the Apollon Quartet and Jazz legend Emil Viklicky, Alvik has continued work with their original bass player
Martin Zpevak, and added many other names to the list such as Norwegian hornman Oyvind Svendsen, American vocalist Tonya Graves and Czech pianist/flutist Vitek Pospisil.

Most recently Alvik has enjoy a cooperation with Slovakian jazz drummer Martin Valihora , who played as a guest on their E.P. Cold June (2007) as well as the greater part of the Forms Apart album
(October 2008).

The collaboration spirit in Alvik continues well into the studio as they have had remixes done by artists from Prince of Tennis to Ishfaq

Tracklist :




04.On Air On Skin

05.Final Next


07.Samba In Paris


09.Cold June


11.Got My Self

12.Trent Beat


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septembre 8, 2010

Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong

Note :

Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Alternative , Nu-Soul , Downtempo

Sortie : 2010

I’ve never been invited to a dinner party, as anyone who’s read one of my reviews might not be surprised to hear. So I don’t know what sort of music people play at them, but I know that to attach
the tag of ‘dinner party music’ to anything is a grave insult, implying sounds bland enough to ensure the focus stays on the balsamic drizzle and not the hi-fi.

Lost Where I Belong veers a little close to the background, but is saved heroically from blandness partly by Triana’s voice – an elegant, sultry zephyr that dips low and soars high with breathy
ease, bringing to mind Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu or Jill Scott – and partly by the production from Bonobo, who makes that voice the star and frames it with not much more than understated
percussion and acoustic guitars. It won’t startle the guests, but it’s still a deeply soulful and promising debut.

by Euan Ferguson


Tracklist :

1. Draw The Stars

2. Up In Fire

3. Lost Where I Belong

4. A Town Called Obsolete

5. Darker Than Blue

6. Daydreamers

7. Far Closer

8. Something In The Silence

9. X

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septembre 6, 2010

Background Radiation – Moot Point (EP)

Note :

Origine du Groupe : Nederlands

Style : Alternative , Ambient , Downtempo , Folktronic

Sortie : 2010

Creative Commons License

Background Radiation, is folktronic pop. Tim Dwyer and Ludo Maas, both on different sides of the world, collaborate in a Postal Service like fashion through the internet. Moot Point is the
ironically named follow-up to their ironically named debut, « False Start ». Much like the first EP, these songs, layer acoustic tinkerings and mesh them with slow, electronic rhythm sections.
« False Memories Take You By Surprise » is a short instrumental intro as if the opening credits to a film. Themes of film, space, and love come and go over the course of album from the folksy
number « Give Me Light » to the ambient pop of « Double Negative ». You’ll hear lots of different influences in the EP from the almost National sounding « Motion Trees » to the David Sylvain-esque
« Need The Constant ».


Tracklist :

01) False Memories Take You By Surprise

02) Give Me Light

03) Radiate

04) Double Negative

05) Motion Trees

06) Need The Constant

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septembre 6, 2010

Chandeen – Teenage Poetry

Note :

Origine du Groupe : Germany

Style : Electro Ambient , Downtempo

Sortie : 2008

Comment revenir sur le devant d’une scène Heavenly foisonnante consciemment quittée depuis une demi-décennie? Comment donner du sens au come-back franchement inattendu d’une formation fer de
lance d’Hyperium pendant les grandes années ethereal voices? Ou trouver la pertinence, les ressources, le bon goût?

Simplement parce que Chandeen répond parfaitement à de telles problématiques dans son surprenant « Teenage Poetry », il mérite l’ovation. Il ne sera d’ailleurs nullement nécessaire de se forcer à
plébisciter le nouvel essai en gardant à l’esprit les risques qu’un tel retour pouvait représenter. Au delà de tout questionnement musical superflu, Chandeen revient parce qu’il a la foi en ce
qu’il fait.

On se souvient des albums tels que Jutland, petites perles candides d’une dreampop sensible et accessible, indispensables pour les amateurs d’heavenly il y a dix ans – relativement discrets pour
les autres. Loin d’être un ersatz des Cocteau Twins, Chandeen développait une personnalité mélancolique et éthérée, touchant occasionnellement à l’électronique, et exploitant allègrement le chant
sublime d’Antje Schultz.Chandeen qu’on croyait mort est, en 2008, de retour avec une nouvelle chanteuse, Julia. A vrai dire, on n’attendait pas vraiment le come-back d’une formation plus
qu’agréable, mais connaissant de nombreux homologues stylistiques, et on avait finalement bien assez à faire en matière de musiques éthérées.

De tels soucis ont pu cerner l’esprit de Chandeen durant la composition de « Teenge Poetry », mais il est évident qu’ils ont vite laissé place à une sorte de contemplation créative, une transe
émotionnelle continue et charnelle. Le titre, que l’on pourrait légitimement redouter avant d’avoir écouté l’album, sied parfaitement au climat. Les nappes de clavier, fluides et satinées, plutôt
froides, jouissent de ce glissement délicat assimilable à un son New-Age revisité et cent fois plus humain. Le chant, au premier plan, est parcouru d’un écho subtil qui dessine les brumes du
rêves dans les paysages mi-urbains, mi-oniriques. Chandeen, effectivement, c’est désormais la mise en musique d’une passion adolescente viscérale, entre larmes et espoir, et on ne se doutait pas
qu’on pouvait rendre aussi bien la substantifique moelle d’un esprit tourmenté par la transition entre enfance et âge adulte. « Welcome The Still » et « New Colouring Horizon », à l’ouverture de
l’album après une bonne introduction atmosphérique, laissent réellement pantois, c’est une véritable claque. La première joue d’une litanie percussive subtilement et efficacement électronique,
laisse le chant exprimer des mélodies d’une grande sensibilité, et les nappes de clavier couler doucement comme un nuage. La seconde, plus surprenante encore, se montre Pop, avec son rythme
soutenu entremêlé à une formation rock brumeuse et profonde. Une indéniable souffle candide suinte des mélodies, et la composition, totalement aboutie, joue non pas sur l’immaturité des
structures et des sons, mais sur celle du fond. Le coeur de l’enfant qui ne sait plus où il en est.

La suite est quelque peu regrettable. « At The End Of All Days », convaincant mais pas transcendant, laisse place à un « From The Inside » manquant singulièrement de force d’impact, moins émotionnel.
Certains y verront peut-être une volonté de mise à l’écart de la facilité. Difficile de passer après les sublimes deux premières vraies chansons de l’album, tout de même. C’est le défaut de
« Teenage Poetry » : l’inégalité. On aurait aimé une constante émotionnelle, d’autant que les interludes n’ont pas une intérêt flagrant (« A Last Goodbye »), et l’impact s’amoindrit au fil de
l’écoute. Sauf à la toute fin, avec un « Dreaming A Thousand Dreams » somptueux, très ambient et planant, triste et fantomatique (mentionnons la piste cachée chantée par la vocaliste des
Lovespirals, autre grand nom Heavenly).

En dépit de ces reproches, Teenage Poetry a de très forts arguments. Le son du groupe, modernisé, soigné à l’extrême et rêveur, conjugue efficacement une Darkwave romantique et innocente, une
électronique discrète et très à propos, et une dreampop toujours personnelle. L’essai est intéressant, attachant même s’il ne marquera pas l’histoire du genre, et le manque d’impact de certains
titres donne finalement l’envie d’y revenir, pour retrouver celui des autres. Ce qui n’est pas plus mal, d’autant qu’on a des chances d’y arriver.




Tracklist :

1 – Teenage Poetry

2 – Welcome The Still

3 – New Colouring Horizon

4 – At The End Of All Days

5 – From The Inside

6 – A Last Goodbye

7 – Looking Forward, Looking Back

8 – Clean The Traces

9 – The Coming Dawn

10 – The Sentiments Of An Old Love Story

11 – Dreaming A Thousand Dreams (+Bonus)

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septembre 2, 2010

Rare & Cheese – Jazzpolice

Note :

Origine du Groupe : Hongry

Style : Hip Hop Jazz Downtempo

Sortie : 2010

(cc) by-nc-nd



| release date: 29-Mar-2010 | produced & mastered by: Rare | artwork by: Veni Galabova |

Rare and Cheese bring us back to the golden years of hip-hop. « Jazzpolice » comes with beautiful frisky jazzy cuts,

lo-fi beats, scratches and wise funky stories right from the street. If you dig the early 90s sound of A Tribe Called Quest,

Lord Finesse, Main Source and Compton’s Most Wanted, this album is for you!


01. Randomfunk (02:04)

02. Jazzpolice (03:12)

03. Movin’ (02:15)

04. Jazz 20 (03:16)

05. Havin Fun (01:56)

06. So Called Game (02:08)



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août 29, 2010

Up, Bustle & Out – Soliloquy

Note :

From Official Site :

 Listening to the music of Up Bustle & Out, I feel each song is a testimonial, conveyed on timeless instruments full of grace, and modern electronic wizardry as well.

– Pablo Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead

Ever since setting out as one of the first and most prominent jazz – dance combos on the young Ninja Tune label, Up, Bustle & Out have come a long way since pioneering Ninja Tune’s global
reach. Their search for sounds, traditions, stories, allies and cultural change has lead them to places like South America: Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, Europe, urban mega-cities like New York and
Tokyo and the Orient. Their studio base in Bristol, England is the place where they bring it all together, forging one colorful, authentic and truly revolutionary album after another, and, in
this collage process, relentlessy experimenting with sounds and styles to generating creative, new dubs, fusions and versions.

Up, Bustle, & Out have me mesmerized, intoxicated, enveloped in a process that takes the idea of collaboration and synthesis one step further to transform art through the alchemy of sound

– Pablo Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead

Soliloquy is full of moods, sounds, landscapes and even evokes the scents of foreign places. There is the Bosporus region, which was already celebrated on a double disc (Istanbul’s Secrets), and
where singer and actress Sevval Sam has long since become an extended family member. It’s her voice that dominates most of the album’s 13 tracks. We can also discover the voices of Bronagh Slevin
(ex- Crustacean), as well as Columbian singer Andrea Echeverri, and « Sally’s City Cats » appear on the studio rooftops of the Bristol production HQ.

Soliloquy album front cover by Up, Bustle and Out The Andalucian vibe on Waterfalls of Gold is provided by Benjamin Escoriza, singer of award-winning Radio Tarifa, while credit for most of the
other spanish moods must go to band member Cuffy « El Guapo » and his dreamatic and tense Flamenco guitar work. Fellow Bristolian Jim Barr of Portishead Band and The Blessing provides the
trustworthy foundation on his beloved double bass. Other U, B&O stalwarts from Bristol include trumpeter Andy Hague and the bucket-loads of percussion by the Eugenia Ledesma (Argentina)…
Again, founding member, Rupert Mould Medd made the musical journey across Europe to Instanbul to return with the recorded tapes of magical studio session work, while his partner « Clandestine » Ein
held out at the HQ composing and adopting the hands-on production approach that is now the U, B & O trademark.

A soliloquy conjures for me a single dream, a drop of water, a bubble, a violin solo: the spoken word recounts the inner feelings of one self among many.

– Pablo Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead

Let us not forget that the album title hints at moments of loneliness and inwardness. Powerfull club tunes, so much loved by DJs and dancers around the world, take a step back this time, giving
way to delicate arrangements, Eastern chords and contemplative moods that all contribute to the album’s common thread: the spirit of our environment, our concerns for a future, the very sounds of

Listen closely, you will hear the sound of beach surf, winds, animal and children, also a movie organ, a steam boat leaving the harbour, or a Gypsy carousel. These field recordings were captured
over the years by band founder and musical director Rupert Mould Medd.

With the addition of four dubs and versions as bonus tracks, this album, covers a wide range of the world. It is softer, deeper, introspective and certainly carefully crafted, skillful movements
as U, B & 0 strive for the next level. This release not only celebrates a unique and deeply humanistic vision of a globalized world, and its concerns, but also the leading role of Istanbul –
as an inspiration for the European Capital of Culture in 2010.

Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Electro Dub , Downtempo , Lounge , Abstract Hip Hop , Electro World Music

Sortie : 2010

Tracklist :

   1. Theme

   2. Absent Crowds

   3. Littered Dreams

   4. Silver Fish – An Ocean’s Dub Tale

   5. Waterfalls of Gold feat. Benjamin Escoriza

   6. Sho Beto’l Alreh feat. Amal Murkus

   7. Popcorn Delights – an unusual Waltz

   8. Beach Combing feat. Andrea Echeverri

   9. Soliloquy Theme

  10. Luminous Fragments feat. Bronagh Slevin

  11. Scratchy Aperture – Dub

  12. Sokak Cats feat. Sally’s City Cats, Bristol

  13. Satie’s Atelier

  14. bonus tracks Silver Fish – An Ocean’s Full Tale

  15. Waterfalls of Gold – Dub

  16. Satie’s Atelier – Dub

  17. Golondrinas Volando feat. Benjamin Escoriza




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août 29, 2010

Mourah – From One Human Being to Another

Note :

From Myspace :

By the end of 2003, Mourah starts his musical carreer with the release of his debut album FROM ONE HUMAN BEING TO ANOTHER. It is a fine and pure piece of work that finds its centre in a raw blend
of acoustic and electronic sonorities.

Author composer arranger and performer, he brings us here an ensemble of diverse themes in their intensity and style: «It is not a homogeneous album with tracks following a logical sonority in
order to set a scene in the listener’s imagination. It is rather a kind of collection of my first (serious) musical attempts as a composer exploring different fields such as trip-hop and
drum’n’bass amongst others…Therefore there is no main connecting thread running through the tracks, here what links them is the rupture from one to another. It is not an one-hour single journey
but rather eleven journeys of five minutes each».

In sum, it reflects shared experiences first with a funk band called Anticlockwise in Geneva (1995) and later with his friend Dj Kmi (co-founder of Geneva collective Audioactivity) in the quest
of the art of djing by mainly mixing drum’n’bass and breakbeat tunes.

It would finally be the Portuguese independent label Nova Zona/ Zona Musica to give him the first chance of showing his skills. Aware of his lack of experience they bet, nevertheless, on the one
hand on his sensitivity and on the other hand on the cultural richness an early immigration to switzerland might have given him. It is in some sense, on a personal level a return to his roots, to
an unknown country after his father’s death. A page is now turned and many more are about to be written. To our concern, musical ones.

FROM ONE HUMAN BEING TO ANOTHER was nominated for best national album 2003, at the Dance-Club Music Awards, rewarding alternative and electronic music both Portuguese and international. For him
the highest point of a global acknowledgment by the media and specialized press.


Origine du Groupe : Portugal

Style : Electro Drum & Bass , Trip Hop , Downtempo

Sortie : 2003

Tracklist :

1 – A bow

2 – J. Butterfly

3 – Let it slow flow

4 – Lisbon underground Genova

5 – World in peace

6 – Moonlit

7 – Os mudos da vale

8 – I did not know

9 – Heavylightness

10- Higher love (Dub Version)

11- Silence



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