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octobre 16, 2010

Utah Jazz – Its A Jazz Thing

Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Drum & Bass , Downtempo , Electro-Jazz

Sortie : 2008

Featuring on various 12″s and compilations from well respected labels, including Hospital and Innerground, Utah Jazz has tended to target quality and substance rather than focusing on the
quantity of output or capitalising on popular trends. Releasing his debut artist album, « It’s A Jazz Thing », on Bryan G’s V-Recordings offshoot Liquid V, Utah Jazz has cemented his position as
one of highest calibre producers that would currently be categorized under the ever-broadening umbrella of liquid funk. Whilst several highly credible drum and bass albums have been released in
recent months, to a greater extent than has been accomplished so far this year, Utah Jazz has achieved a balance between conveying a cohesive theme and displaying an uncompromising attitude
towards diversity and character. The consequence is a collection of complementary tracks that are likely to be on rotation at home or in the car for longer than is usual for drum and bass.

Whilst other influences are apparent, the core of the 12 full tracks and 3 interludes that comprise It’s A Jazz Thing is highly reminiscent the raw original sound of disco. Setting the tone,
« Feeling Inside » begins the album with spoken word snippets and layered vocal samples, the powerful tight breaks highlighting the fact that not all modern soulful drum and bass is necessarily
« liquid ». Raising the energy levels with a full vocal, intensifying build up and a drop that releases a catchy hook, the album’s second track « Back in Time » has been popular with DJs whilst
receiving significant airplay on BBC 1Xtra. Following on, « Mesmerize » is the album’s first subtle roller and the deep jazz sound it encompasses is found again later in the likes of the reggae
tinged « Riddim Track ».

« Piano Interlude » is one of three interludes that divide up what is a well-structured album. Whilst they do a job, they are perhaps generic and typical of a dnb producer working at a lower bpm.
Additionally, there are tracks on the album that, whilst not distracting from the overall quality, are not executed as effectively as others. Unfortunately the final track, « Acoustic Jam », sounds
less atmospheric and slightly immature when compared to many of the others. Leaving the end of the album isolated to a degree, it was also slightly disappointing that the collaboration with
Atlantic Connection, « River Track », was not more arresting considering the strength and originality of Atlantic Connection’s recent releases.

The deep, soulful and more euphoric aspects of early house are also smoothly captured. « Runaway », a previous single, features a familiar sounding warm 80s soul style vocal and the stripped down
« The Message » is reminiscent of original New York or Chicago house. In contrast, the pitched up « head in the clouds » sample gives « Cloud 9 » a uniquely UK feel. In leaving the vocal quite exposed
alongside an understated bassline Utah Jazz avoids creating what could have been a more disposable peak time single whilst guaranteeing an instant reaction from fans of old skool hardcore.

It is, however, in the recreation of the sound of funk and original disco that gives « It’s a Jazz Thing » its character. « The Only One » encapsulates the album’s mood more than any other track and
will probably be recognised as classic in years to come. An ideal summer anthem with each element, including an uplifting vocal, complementing the other perfectly, this is a sultry yet emotive 6
minutes evocative of idealisations of Detroit or New Orleans. With characteristically effective percussion, the more relaxed « La Cinta » continues this theme and is as fitting for Sunday mornings
at home as it is in the car or as the soundtrack to evening at a beachside bar. « Funkless Life », produced alongside Soulmatic, is slightly sweeter and is comparable to several tracks that have
been released on V since Marky and his counterparts exploded on to the scene in 2001.

With « It’s a Jazz Thing » Utah Jazz has provided enough soulful energy to please summer ravers and enough depth and diversity to please more dedicated dnb fans. It is the intrinsic underground
nature of drum and bass that often results in the potential of a particular style not being fully explored or perfected due to producers consistently seeking originality or aiming to balance a
recent period of one style’s dominance by taking the music in the opposite direction. What Utah Jazz has proven is that, although this album may not appear as original as those in recent years by
Commix, Matrix and Futurebound or others, sometimes using a particular sound in a slightly different format, or crafting songs so that a style’s potential is fully realised, can be just as
innovative as more obvious attempts to create something fresh.

Most importantly however, and a rarity in drum and bass, he has produced a textured and themed album that is more that a collection of 12″s. The execution of the ideas behind the album, its
influences, and overall quality, provide it with the potential to be a critical success outside of drum and bass. As vinyl sales fall it is vital to gain support from people who have diverse
tastes and do most of their listening at home, from the people who bought Timeless and New Forms. Utah Jazz has the product right, the marketing and PR may be more difficult.

by  rob


Tracklist :

1. Feeling Inside 5:38

2. Back In Time 5:14

3. Mesmerize 5:56

4. Piano Interlude 1:05

5. The Message 6:39

6. Cloud Nine 5:41

7. Funkless Life ft. Soulmatic 6:39

8. Atmosphere Interlude 1:12

9. The Only One 5:59

10. Riddim Track 5:54

11. La Cinta 5:00

12. Sultry Interlude 1:12

13. Runaway 7:01

14. River Theme ft. Atlantic Connection 5:54

15. Acoustic Jam 4:29


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août 29, 2010

Mourah – From One Human Being to Another

Note :

From Myspace :

By the end of 2003, Mourah starts his musical carreer with the release of his debut album FROM ONE HUMAN BEING TO ANOTHER. It is a fine and pure piece of work that finds its centre in a raw blend
of acoustic and electronic sonorities.

Author composer arranger and performer, he brings us here an ensemble of diverse themes in their intensity and style: «It is not a homogeneous album with tracks following a logical sonority in
order to set a scene in the listener’s imagination. It is rather a kind of collection of my first (serious) musical attempts as a composer exploring different fields such as trip-hop and
drum’n’bass amongst others…Therefore there is no main connecting thread running through the tracks, here what links them is the rupture from one to another. It is not an one-hour single journey
but rather eleven journeys of five minutes each».

In sum, it reflects shared experiences first with a funk band called Anticlockwise in Geneva (1995) and later with his friend Dj Kmi (co-founder of Geneva collective Audioactivity) in the quest
of the art of djing by mainly mixing drum’n’bass and breakbeat tunes.

It would finally be the Portuguese independent label Nova Zona/ Zona Musica to give him the first chance of showing his skills. Aware of his lack of experience they bet, nevertheless, on the one
hand on his sensitivity and on the other hand on the cultural richness an early immigration to switzerland might have given him. It is in some sense, on a personal level a return to his roots, to
an unknown country after his father’s death. A page is now turned and many more are about to be written. To our concern, musical ones.

FROM ONE HUMAN BEING TO ANOTHER was nominated for best national album 2003, at the Dance-Club Music Awards, rewarding alternative and electronic music both Portuguese and international. For him
the highest point of a global acknowledgment by the media and specialized press.


Origine du Groupe : Portugal

Style : Electro Drum & Bass , Trip Hop , Downtempo

Sortie : 2003

Tracklist :

1 – A bow

2 – J. Butterfly

3 – Let it slow flow

4 – Lisbon underground Genova

5 – World in peace

6 – Moonlit

7 – Os mudos da vale

8 – I did not know

9 – Heavylightness

10- Higher love (Dub Version)

11- Silence



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août 13, 2010

Seba & Paradox – Beats Me

Note : ++

‘Seba & Paradox Beats Me’ features 12 tracks of Deep, Melodic and truly Timeless Drum and Bass. The Vocal talents of New York resident Robert Manos are present throughout the cd; in tracks
such as DJ Fabio’s favorite ‘Cant Let Go’, DJ Flights top 2005 track of the year ‘Stone Cold’ and the awesome and emotional ‘Last Goodbye’. The tracklisting really shows both of the labels
diversity with the Source Direct-esque ‘Its Not a Dream’ and ‘No Words Can De-scribe It’ right through to the 1970’s Funk grain of Paradox’s ‘Futures Extinction’ and the dark vision’s of Seba’s
‘External reality’. In all, this is a CD that will never gather dust on the shelf. Too much of today’s Drum and Bass doesn’t have that shelf life that can be played for years to come. Identity is
everything in music. This IS Seba & Paradox at their very best. Enjoy!.


Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Drum & Bass , Electro

Sortie : 2006

Tracklist :

01. Paradox – Future’s Extinction 6:24

02. Seba & Paradox – Stone Cold 6:02

03. Seba – Shapeshifter 5:45

04. Seba – External Reality 5:29

05. Seba & Paradox – It’s All Love 5:18

06. Seba & Paradox – Last Goodbye 5:40

07. Seba & Paradox – Remembrance 6:13

08. Seba & Paradox – Can’t Let Go 6:34

09. Seba & Paradox – No Words Can Describe It 5:40

10. Seba & Paradox – Wakeup Call 5:17

11. Seba & Paradox – You Didn’t See It, Did You? 5:29

12. Seba & Paradox – It’s Not A Dream 5:39



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juin 27, 2010

Telepathe – Dance mother

Note : ++

« Dance Mother » est un premier disque qui tient ses promesses mais nous laisse un peu dubitatif. Il faut dire qu’à l’origine, Telepathe est un duo dont le premier EP se voulait assez noisy. Alors
quand on s’aperçoit que Busy Gangnes et Shahin Motia ont choisi d’abandonner les expérimentations bruyantes et autres distorsions pour se tourner vers les voies de l’électronica, on est un peu
surpris par l’aridité de l’ensemble.

Difficile de dégager un sentiment plutôt qu’un autre dans la musique de Telepathe tant les compositions semblent traverser notre époque avec un sentiment de détachement quasi salutaire. Dès les
premières notes de So Fine, l’électro minimaliste de Telepathe nous plonge immédiatement dans une ambiance froide qui nous rappelle les balbutiements de la New Wave. Mais l’humeur des deux filles
de Telepathe ne semble pas être à l’hédonisme tant leur musique sonne comme un lendemain de fête trop difficile. Dans ces conditions, on a du mal à accrocher à l’electro-clash de Chrome’s On It,
seule ombre au tableau de ce disque austère.

Mais au milieu de cette ascèse, on retrouve certains éléments de style de TV On The Radio – David Sitek a produit « Dance Mother » – sur In Your Line, tant le morceau pourrait sonner comme une
chute de studio du groupe. Batterie tribale, synthétiseur vaguement réverbéré et voix distanciées sont au cœur de ce titre qui constitue indéniablement la réussite de ce disque en demi-teinte.
Parmi ces atmosphères sobres on gardera aussi Lights Go Down dont les blips concassés tentent une sortie progressive de ces ambiances glaciales. Cette touche de concupiscence sera de courte
durée, le reste du disque retombera rapidement dans sa distance ultra raisonnable.

Ce premier disque d’une nouvelle sensation de ce début d’année est plutôt bien ficelé, malgré un ton impassible qui risque de se finir aussi par une distance de notre part. Gageons qu’au delà de
la performance technique, Telepathe saura mettre une touche de sensualité dans son prochain album.

Par Mathieu


Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Electro Pop , Drum & Bass , Psychedelic

Sortie : 2009

Tracklist :

01. So Fine

02. Chrome’s on It

03. Devil’s Trident

04. In Your Line

05. Lights Go Down

06. Can’t Stand It

07. Michaël

08. Trilogy : Breath Of Life, Crimes And Killings, Threads And Knives

09. Drugged

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mai 27, 2010

Ror Shak – Deep

Note :

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Electro , Drum & Bass , Downtempo

Sortie : 2007

Tracklist :

1. Lisa’s Song – Feat. Lisa Shaw
2. Fate or Faith – Feat. Julee Cruise
3. A Forest – Feat. Chantel Claret
4. Golden Cage – Feat. Julee Cruise
5. Rescue Me – Feat. Wendy Starland
6. Interlude # 1
7. Be There
8. Love & Pride – Feat. Wendy Starland
9. Heist
10. I Don’t Want (A Remake) – Feat. Julee Cruise
11. Window Pain – Feat. Julee Cruise
12. Trust (Alternative Mix) – Feat. Mark Holmes


While Kosheen took drum’n’bass to the mainstream club and Pendulum twisted it into something approaching fist-pumping, arena rock, Ror-Shak want to become the Zero 7 or Röyksopp of drum’n’bass. Members DJ DB and Shaun Morris bring the genre into the lounge on their debut album, Deep, a laid-back and often spacy effort that works best in the background thanks to some cringe-worthy words. Luckily, these producers have great taste in vocalists with Naked Music veteran Lisa Shaw supplying the soul while David Lynch’s muse Julee Cruise supplies the previously mentioned spaciness. Morningwood frontwoman Chantal Claret does an excellent job on this slowly building cover of the Cure’s « A Forest, » but it’s the lesser known Wendy Starland who comes in first with her jazzy, Billie Holiday inspired voice gracing two cuts. Ror-Shak’s rich, warm soundscapes and their infectious drum’n’bass rhythms would be just as listenable as instrumentals, so even with all the beautiful voices, Deep would be better off stripped of some hippy, trippy, and trite words.

by David Jeffries


mai 26, 2010

The Blood Of Heroes – The Blood Of Heroes

Note : +

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Alternative Fusion , Indus , Post Rock , Drum & Bass

Sortie : 2010

Tracklist :

01. Blinded [04:15]
02. Chains [04:36]
03. Salute To The Jugger [03:31]
04. Breakaway [06:19]
05. Transcendant [04:08]
06. Repositioned [05:49]
07. Remain [03:33]
08. Wounds Against Wounds [03:08]
09. Descend Destroy [08:48]
10. Bound [07:30]
11. Drift [04:01]


Somewhere between the chaos of the most extreme metal on the planet and the trippiest ambient electronica and chill-hop lies a musical netherworld ripe for exploration. Genre-testing Brooklyn experimentalist extraordinaire Bill Laswell has made a life of testing these waters, whether bringing together funk keyboard titan Bernie Worrell and guitarist Buckethead, remixing Ozzy Osbourne and Herbie Hancock, or collaborating with artists as varied as DJ Krush and Serj Tankian. On this project, he joins with guitarist Justin Broadrick of industrial pioneers Godflesh and more recently Jesu, electronic artists End.user and Submerged, vocalist Dr. Israel and others for a case study in unrestrained musical beat mining. Prong and Fear Factory, as well as ’90s acts like Scorn and Ultraviolence have explored these musical chasms by remixing metal or combining digital and analog extremes to craft unique and eclectic forms of electronica. But these 11 tracks are new testaments to the power of true crossover experimentalism. Songs like “Remain” and “Descend Destroy” reveal the raw, groove-laden possibilities of what can happen when technology collides with open-minded artists unafraid to combine punk, metal, industrial, ambient, hip-hop, dub and other musical hybrids. It’s heady stuff that’ll please the musical intelligentsia but avoids falling into the noise trap, remaining accessible enough to pass as artsy cocktail music.
By Dave Wedge


avril 7, 2010

Nelli Rees – Jazz noir

Note :


Sortie : 2003

Style : Nu-Jazz , Drum & Bass , Electro


Tracklist :

1. Groove 2 U

2. Female intuition thing

3. Jazz noir

4. Body greed

5. Struggle dance

6. Use me

7. Boy from Ipanema

8. Ice cold

9. Don’t worry

10. Small black dress

11. Female intuition thing (Hectic mix)







Nelli Rees est une chanteuse russe à la voix sensuelle accompagnée par une fusion de jazz, hip-hop, funk et drum’n’bass. Qu’elle chante en anglais, en russe ou en français, son trip-hop rythmé devrait savoir séduire les amateurs de musique recherchée.

par Jérôme


décembre 4, 2009

Undergang – Alter Native

« Mind on, TV off ». Un véritable « électro-choc » s’offre à nous dans l’univers électro actuel. Un phénomène qui prend de l’ampleur chaque jour. Undergang cultive cependant l’originalité avec des textes engagés sur des musiques et des sons variés mélangeant électro-jungle et rock. Un talent récemment découvert lors du printemps de Bourges. Pour preuve, un seul homme et un savoir faire déconcertant. Cédric Gleyal est le seul maître à bord. Il connaît bien son affaire et maîtrise une multitude de machines mixant plusieurs pistes à la fois, tripotant une armée de boutons. On ne s’ennuie pas une minute. Le chant, les scratches, la prog des machines, le sampling, les guitares, basses, batteries et claviers sont gérés par un véritable expert. La ville de Toulouse reste sa principale muse où réside la diversité. Le métissage des cultures et la scène toulousaine hissent le prodige au plus haut. Seul sur son album, pourvu de plusieurs bras probablement, la pieuvre d’Undergang utilise également son organe vocal. Des sons très riches (sonorités orientales…) accompagnés par des textes qui le sont tout autant. « Du son, du sens, du débit et des DB ». Les textes sont rapés avec une diction implacable. Imaginez Rockin’ squat sur des pistes électro ! Une énergie comparable et de nombreux thèmes qui tiennent à cœur ces deux MC’s. « L’éducation à travers les médias » extrait du premier album d’Assassin, intitulé « Le futur que nous réserve-t-il? » est comparable et complémentaire à « Alternative ». En effet, la cible est la télévision et son danger à force d’en consommer. Dépendance, aveuglement face à une jeunesse qui a tendance à faire son éducation à travers cette dernière. Consommation et protection de l’écosystème au programme. Une préoccupation abordée sur « Aléas des mots » qui présente parfaitement les croyances et les opinions du toulousain, issu de « la génération hardcore verbal qui réfléchit par la violence des mots ». La force des textes est parfois accentuée par des « slogans » américains amenant une puissance supplémentaire à cet album transpirant déjà l’énergie. Undergang se dope au décibel. Les textes sont donc mis en avant et occupent une place toute aussi importante que celle de la musique. Cette dernière est un véritable vecteur d’information qu’il qualifie de « message littéraire et musical ». Chacun peut tirer des conclusions quelles qu’elles soient sur l’actualité afin de créer un véritable débat. Au final on se demande tout de même qui est la machine. Une ascension en un temps record. Impressionnant !