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mai 26, 2010

AXMusique – AXMusique (Ep)

Note : +

Origine du Groupe : Poland

Style : Electro House

Sortie : 2009

Tracklist :
1 STS 6:49
2 Lane 7:34
3 Tore Nade 5:28
4 Faith 6:54 



Lascivious Electronic Pop | This is pure electronic energetic pop! Let the saw bassline loose and get the people freaked out with some breathy vocals. The electronic funk will do the rest to set the people in motion and the place on fire. AXMusique is a producer duo who melt sexy electro and minimal house together: Sweating bodies and excited girls guaranteed!

I discovered the excellent Brennnessel Netlabel during our creative commons music carnival in december and stumbled upon AXMusique while surfing their website. AXMusique are an example about how sophisticated electronic pop music can sound. With their release you get four songs filled with hypnotic electro-minimal sound. Fontastique!


avril 29, 2010

Nocow – Koona EP

Note :

Sortie : 2010

Style : Downtempo , Electro , Ambient Electronica

Tracklist :

01. Koona pt.1
02. Pier 19
03. Aloofness
04. Home
05. Koona pt.2
06. Clea
07. Work Wonders
08. S.M.


Alexey Nikitin aka Nocow – electronic musician from St.-Petersburg. It is difficult to classify his music as a particular style, because he stay-on-a-way of experiment, never knowing where his music will take him next. It gives a notion about state of his mind and, sometimes, it falls you in pleasant thoughts. The artist’s first EP was released at the beginning of 2008 by “DedPop” internet label. At the same time he started to work as participant of “Wax Paper Cup”.


septembre 29, 2009

Music Renation : Sotu the Traveller – Day Dreams EP (2007)

septembre 26, 2009

Music Renation : Gonja Sufi – EP (2009)

septembre 26, 2009

Music Renation : Bullion – Young Heartache EP (2009)