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juin 1, 2010

FlyKKiller – Experiments In Violent Light

Note : ++

Origine du Groupe : Poland

Style : Electro

Sortie : 2007

Tracklist :

1 Flykkiller
2 Peroxide
3 Fear
4 Sell My Pulse
5 Shine
6 Get All Pulled Out
7 Controlled Environment
8 B Murphy
9 Music For Twelve Wounds
10 Cze Nie Szkoda Ci
11 Flykkiller (David Holmes Remix)


The purported story behind the duo FlyKKiller is that these songs were created by an extra terrestrial creature named V, who only wishes to pass peaceful communications to earthlings, yet V is held in captivity at the FlyKiller Institute in Poland. Her captors and keepers (Pati Yang and Stephen Hilton) have taken the recordings and put them out on the market to finance their scientific research. Yang is one of Poland’s leading electronic artists (at the tender age of only 18!) and Hilton is known for his collaborations with David Holmes and Siouxsie Sioux’s first solo outing, soundtrack work on two James Bond films as well as numerous other motion pictures, and his work behind the boards as producer of recordings by Pulp, Depeche Mode and Sir Trevor Horn. So here are the otherworldly first results of the duo’s experiments to date, spurred on by V. They’re unlike anything you’ve yet to hear in this lifetime.

FlyKKllr 2007