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avril 1, 2010

Hilde Louise Asbjornsen – Never Ever Going Back

Note :


Sortie : 2010

Style : New Jazz , Pop


Tracklist :

1. Trans Siberia 4:17
2. Dragon Fly 3:56
3. Till I Die 4:20
4. Come Summer 4:07
5. When You Are Gone 3:41
6. Wartime 5:16
7. Big And Black 5:14
8. Echo 3:42
9. Yellow Days 3:32
10. Undeceivable 4:36
11. Never Ever Going Back 4:15






Critially acclaimed and bestselling jazzartist Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen is described by Norwegian press as « three parts Monroe and one part Holiday ». She writes music and lyrics within her own personal genre, inspired by American vocal-jazz of the 50s, early European cabaret and the harsh wind blowing on the coast of Norway. She has released four jazz-albums in five years, recieved great reviews and toured the country doing both club-concerts and festivals. Her last album « Sound Your Horn » went straight in to the Norwegian Charts Top 40.

Hilde Louise has a strong stage-apearance, and both her voice and her movements gives references to the 1920s, champagne, lushlife and a deep dark behind the seemingly glamourous surface.

Put this together with a sparkling orchestra of some of Norways hottest jazzmusicians, and you get a fantastic concert-experience.

Recently she has been performing as front-singer for the Swedish jazz/pop duo KOOP, touring Asia, USA and Europe. She is also the singer and co-author on their new single « Strangelove », which was released in the US autumn 2007, and in Europe March 2008.

Now Magazine, Toronto writes:
The transfixing stage presence of sultry Norwegian vocalist Hilde Louise Asbjornsen stole the show. Her smoky, note-perfect rendition of Strangelove was so close to the record, we wondered if she was pulling a Britney.