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septembre 22, 2010

Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo – Eternal

Origine du Groupe : Russia , North America

Style : World Music , Alternative , Electro World

Sortie : 2010

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Tuvan band Huun Huur Tu have always functioned perfectly well by themselves, so pairing them with electronic musician Carmen Rizzo was a daring experiment — what could he bring to the party?
Quite a lot, it appears. Although never overbearing, he uses instruments, synths, beats (and some strings and brass) to make the group even more shamanic and emotional, as on the utterly
breathtaking « Orphaned Child, » where the voices seem to be calling from the wilderness into the void. There’s perhaps less of the throat singing that first grabbed Western audiences, but it’s
replaced by a beautiful, mournful lyricism (not completely; those overtones are very much in evidence on the closer, « Tuvan Prayer, » with all four voices working together and traditional
instruments very much on display, with electronics more of a shadow). Rizzo  proves to be the perfect sympathetic foil for Huun Huur Tu, taking what they do and heightening and shading it,
as with « Ancestors Call, » where the shamanic side of Tuva stands to the fore. But the centerpiece, quite literally, of the album is « Dogee Mountain (Interlude), » an eight-minute piece that verges
more on modern classical than anything to do with folk, world, or electronic music. It marks a great departure for Huun Huur Tu, sending the group very firmly into new, wide open spaces and
marking Rizzo  as the ideal partner in crime.




1. Ancestors Call 5:41

2. Mother Taiga 6:49

3. Saryglarlar Maidens 5:46

4. Saryglarlar (Reprise) 1:28

5. Dogee Mountain (Interlude) 8:21

6. In Search of a Lost Past 4:56

7. Orphaned Child 5:11

8. Tuvan Prayer 2:21



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