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juillet 24, 2010

V.A – Jamaica to Toronto 1967-1974

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In 1963, the flight from Jamaica to Toronto was 8 hours. Today it’s 3 1/2. Countless people have made the dwindling journey over the years, but in the sixties and seventies there was a new breed of
traveler: the finest ska, rocksteady, and reggae recording artists the West Indies have ever produced. We’re talking Studio One, Treasure Isle, Trojan, and WIRL veterans Jackie Mittoo, Johnnie
Osbourne, Wayne McGhie, Lloyd Delpratt, The Mighty Pope, Noel Ellis, Jo-Jo Bennett, and many more. Arriving in their new Canadian home, these talented singers, songwriters, musicians, and
performers simply did what came naturally to them. One by one, they hit the studio and captured some of the hardest tunes this side of Kingston. Jamaica to Toronto: Soul Funk and Reggae 1967-1974,
details this crucial sonic migration and stands tall as the second helping of Light In The Attic’s new Jamaica to Toronto series, compiled by DJ/Canadian music historian Sipreano, along with Light
In The Attic.


Origine du Groupe : Jamaica

Style : Reggae

Sortie : 2006

Tracklist :

1.) JO-JO AND THE FUGITIVES – Fugitive Song

2.) EDDIE SPENCER – If This Is Love (I’d Rather Be Lonely)

3.) JO-JO AND THE FUGITIVES – Chips-Chicken-Banana Split

4.) JACKIE MITTOO – Grand Funk

5.) LLLOYD DELPRATT – Together

6.) COUGARS – I Wish It Would Rain

7.) JOHNNIE OSBOURNE – African Wake

8.) RAM – Love Is The Answer

9.) BOB AND WISDOM – I Believe In Music

10.) THE SHEIKS – Eternal Love

11.) WAYNE McGHIE & THE SOUNDS OF JOY – Fire (She Need Water)

12.) COUGARS – Right On

13.) EDDIE SPENCER – You’re So Good To Me Baby


15.) NOEL ELLIS – Memories

16.) WAYNE McGHIE – Here We Go Again



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