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juillet 14, 2010

Joanne Shaw Taylor – White Sugar

Note :

When Dave Stewart had his big experience, Joanne Shaw Taylor was only 16. Her skills at the Telecaster were so perfect that the bluesfan and Eurythmics-frontman asked her to join his supergroup
D.U.P. to tour europe in 2002. She was also offered a record contract but the label went bust. Today Joanne is 23 and happy about the fact that she took her time with the recording debut: « I
wanted to take time out to really work on my craft and make sure that when I did an album it was the best that I could do. »

For White Sugar Joanne took a plane to Memphis where her label RUF had booked Jim Gaines studio. Jim had worked with some of Joanne´s idols like Albert Collins and Stevie Ray Vaughan. He brought
in the experienced sessionmen Steve Potts (drums) and Dave Smith (bass).

« Working with these guys was totally easy. I knew of them because of Luther Allison and the Jonny Lang albums. They didn’t know the tracks until five minutes before we recorded them. I made them
listen to the songs once and then play them. It was fantastic. They’ve got so much feeling and soul. They are amazing guys to work with. »


Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Blues Rock

Sortie : 2009

Tracklist :

1. Going Home (4:50)

2. Just Another Word (4:08)

3. Bones (5:22)

4. Who Do You Want Me To Be? (3:35)

5. Time Has Come (5:52)

6. White Sugar (4:27)

7. Kiss The Ground Goodbye (4:40)

8. Heavy Heart (5:20)

9. Watch ‘Em Burn (5:08)

10. Blackest Day (8:17)



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