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septembre 12, 2010

Kang Eun Il – Ancient Futures

Note :

Origine du Groupe : South Corea

Style : World Music , Ambient , Instrumental , Classical

Sortie : 2003

Kang Eun Il is one of the world’s most acclaimed Haegum artists and is regarded as the forerunner of crossover music, combining traditional Korean music with non-traditional genres. Ancient
Futures, her debut album, combines various musical genres: traditional, classical, jazz and improvisation (used for soundtrack of Kim Ki-Duk’s movie “Hwal” – « The Bow »). She has greatly broadened
the scope of her instrument, playing with famous musicians and orchestras both at home and abroad. Kang has long been interested in the possibility of bringing her instrument to a wider audience
by experimenting with crossover music and this has led to her collaborative work on popular songs with a number of famous jazz musicians. Really beautiful, emotional music !

by slow-riot


Tracklist :

1. 웽이자랑 Wongijarang (Cheju Lullaby)

2. 비상 Soaring

3. 초수대엽 Chosudaeyeop

4. 헤이 야 Hey Ya!

5. 오래된 미래 Ancient Futures

6. 비에 젖은 해금 A Wet Haegum With Rain

7. 라다끄의 여인 Ladakh’s Women

8. 낡은 마루 Old Floor

9. Fade Out

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