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septembre 14, 2010

Karmuazine – Dreaming About а White Nights

Origine du Groupe : Russia

Style : Trip Hop , Alternative , Electro

Sortie : 2009

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Ludmila [Yurchenko] ([vokal]):

“Originally karmuazine thought as usual fate- project, something like sequential [Zemfiry], but with the more western sounding. The idea of the creation of command appeared in me even in the
school, but its realization was impossible before the entering into the university, t to familiar musicians then i yet did not have. However, plans there was much, desire fortified itself by the
large number of written songs, remained to only wait for the suitable moment.



Tracklist :

1 Jump (03:19)

2 Paranoja Mohito Doll (02:17)

3 Love (is not vegetarian) (03:46)

4 Changes (03:27)

5 The Sky Above Your Head (03:24)

6 Precious Place (03:53)

7 Revelation (02:09)

8 Red Light (02:52)

9 Can’t Stop (03:12)

10 ПЕТЬ (04:05)

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