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août 29, 2010

Kimono – Arctic Death Ship

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kimono and Bad Taste Ltd. are very pleased to announce that the new album, Arctic Death Ship, has finally arrived in the country of Iceland. Advance reviews have called the album « an ambitious,
bold, brilliant piece of modern rock, cramming the last twenty or so years of musical genre bending into one complete whole. » We like to think of it as the sound of four drastically different
individuals pulling songs in many directions at once.

ADS was recorded by Aron Arnarsson and kimono in Studio Tími (klinK+Bank). It was mastered by Mike Marsh at The Exchange in London. The artwork features drawings by Giancarlo Bracchi and layout
design by Alex and Dóri from kimono. Guests include members of Ghostigital, Hudson Wayne, the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, and the Reagan administration.

The title of the album comes from the second of seven woodcuts by HC Westermann (U.S., 1922-81) from a series he named The Connecticut Ballroom (1975-76). This series addressed a range of « heady
themes – the likes of death, love, and the American Dream. » Like the series, the album describes a foreboding atmosphere partially alleviated by a dose of humour and deflective surrealism.
Starting off with a lullaby about individualist isolation and the American hegemony, the album goes through a near-catastrophe in a family from several angles before ending on a walk through the
woods (echoing « Tea Can Forest » from kimono’s first album mineur-aggressif). So there.

Thanks to everyone who helped us out over the past few years with putting on shows and sending us those nice letters of encouragement. We’re moving to Germany this fall to play shows and work on
new material. We’ll be trying to tour as much as possible so anyone with contacts around the continent or ideas for venues, definitely contact us about setting up shows.

By Alex


Origine du Groupe : Island

Style : Rock Progressif , Post Rock

Sortie : 2005

Tracklist :

1 Standing Wave

2 Sober

3 Aftermath

4 Children Of God

5 Hyla Grace

6 Hle

7 Sonar

8 Onomatopoeia

9 Red Army

10 Railroads

11 Directions



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