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septembre 18, 2010

Linval Thompson – Six Babylon

Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
Style : Reggae Roots
Sortie : 1979

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A consistently average album from Linval Thompson, Six Babylon is nonetheless a step up from I Love Marijuana in terms of the quality of both the music and the melodies.  The best track may be « Give Thanks and Praise, » featuring a classic organ and bass-heavy rhythm used in the ’90s for hits like Sanchez’ « Missing You. »  Also moderately musical are « Don’t Give Up, » with its driving bass and bluesy guitar, the rocking « Africa We Want To Go, » « No Confusion, No War, » and « Be Careful My Brother, » featuring a bass line reminiscent of Gregory Isaacs’ « Soon Forward. »


Tracklist :
1. Six Babylon [Long Version]
2. Don’t Give Up
3. School Girl
4. Jah Jah Dreader Than Dred [Special Clock Tower Mix]
5. Give Thanks and Praise [Clock Tower Mix]
6. Mr. Bossman
7. Be Careful My Brother [Long Version]
8. Children Must Be Fed
9. Africa We Want to Go
10. No Confusion, No Tribal War [Long Unedited Version]



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