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juillet 14, 2010

Matthew Shipp – Goodandevil Session

Note :

The Good and Evil Sessions are the first in Thirsty Ear’s Blue Series Continuum, which emphasizes diverse styles of music with a rotating, leaderless cast of musicians. This one melds Danny Blume
and Chris Kelly of Good and Evil fame with turntable maven Miso and some of the heavy-hitters from the avant-garde jazz world, including bassist William Parker, pianist Matthew Shipp, and
trumpeter Roy Campbell. The results are unpredictable and deliciously sassy, with groove-based throbs, jazz beats, and turntable scratches setting the stage for down-in-the-bucket solos that purr
with joyous abandon. Free improv meets punk and dance rhythms laced with foot-tapping, body-swaying pulses. While the pop inflections are certain to spark a debate within the tiny but intense and
vocal free jazz community over the commercialization of art, the generally uncompromising improvisations of the Shipp/Parker contingent stand up reasonably well even if somewhat less-intense and
complex than usual. This sort of crossover fusion could widen the appeal of these otherwise relatively obscure though extremely talented performers. Shipp is in superb form, spinning webs of
simple (though never simplistic) phrases, veiled by supple nuance. Miso’s scratches are a constant, subversive presence, while the Blume-Kelly guitar duo keeps the hips shaking and the trombone
twosome of Alex Lodico and Josh Roseman adds a raunchy bottom. Roy Campbell’s fading repetitions on « On the Run » are lovingly distorted through the filter of the Good and Evil lens.

 ~ Steven Loewy



Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : New Jazz , Free Jazz , Downtempo , Avant Garde , Abstract , Piano

Sortie : 2003

Tracklist :

1.  Brainwash — 6:35

2.  Then Again — 4:40

3.  The Stakeout — 4:49

4.  Close Call — 4:18

5.  The Hideout — 4:39

6.  On the Run — 4:42

7.  Roll It Back — 4:03

8.  Change of Plans — 5:09

9.  Sweetbitter — 4:21



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