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mai 14, 2010

Merlyn Webber – Once You Hit The Road

Note :

Origine du Groupe : Jamaïca

Style : Reggae Roots

Sortie : 1976

Tracklist :

A1* Letter To Mummy And Daddy
A2* Forget The Past
A3* As Long As You Love Me
A4* No More Running
A5* May Be The Next Time
B1* Stand By Your Man
B2* Once You Hit The Road
B3* First Cut Is The Deepest
B4* He Will Have To Stay
B5* What Good Am I

Engineer : Errol Thompson
Vocals : Merlyn Webber
Backing Band : Skin, Flesh & Bones


Lp de 1976 com Merlyn Webber cantando e a banda de apoio é a Skin, Flesh & Bones, banda liderada pelo baterista Sly Dunbar junto com diversos outros mestres como: Ranchie McLean e Lloyd Parks(baixo), Rad Bryan(guitarra) e Ansel Collins & Bobby Kalphat(teclados).