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juillet 14, 2010

Moonraker – Nada Brahma

Note :

True innovators of live electronic music have landed. Moonraker branches out from the current state of music, working with the remnants of d’n’b and house. The energy of dance music is filtered
through the live band, creating the sexiest sound to surface in years. The power of the human voice merges with epic soundscapes and ever-evolving breakbeats to continue the ancient story forever

The recent upsurge of the live electronic scene has gained a rapidly growing audience, and Moonraker has been steadily moving to the crest of this wave of new music. Having been together for two
years, the group has packed countless rooms in the Boston area, including the Middle East, House of Blues, Bill’s Bar, the Paradise and the Somerville Theater. Moonraker is continually broadening
its fan base with regular performances in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Toronto and New York City (Wetlands, Mercury Lounge, Knitting Factory). Moonraker were named ‘Best New Band
in Boston’ by WBOS 92.9, and are featured regularly on local radio (WBCN, WERS). Moonraker has shared the stage with notable acts including DJ Spooky, Ice-T, Amon Tobin, Joan Osbourne and the
Disco Biscuits.


Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Trip Hop , Electro

Sortie : 2001

Tracklist :

1. Shalom

2. Night With You

3. Organic Love

4. The Rescue

5. Madeline

6. Dying Sun

7. These Walls

8. Wood & Stone

9. Modern Way


Kelli Scarr – Vocals

Shaolun – Keyboard

David Moltz – Guitar

Kody Akhavi – Bass

Dan Mintzer – Drums



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