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novembre 1, 2010

V.A – Music From South India

Origine du Groupe : V.A South India

Style : World Music

Sortie : 2004

From the land of a thousand Gods and Goddesses

from the land of ragas and talas….

ancient mystical music,

to jump start the spirit, to hot wire the soul

Side 1

1. Varnum, Raga Intha. A varnum is an opening piece in praise of the half human half elephant god Ganesh, asking him to remove all obstacles. perfromed by Mandolin virtuoso, U. Srinivas,

2. Thyagaraja Kriti Kalavati. A piece composed by the 17th century Saint Thyagaraja. Preformed by the brother / sister duo of Krshnan and Vijaylaksmi Lagudi.

3. Jaya Jaya, Pradmabha Nabha. Performed by one of the great vocalists, Sanjay Subramanium.

Side 2

1. Vapati, Hamsa Shvani (Song of the Swan). Perfromed by the elder statesman of flute, Dr. Ramani.

2. Saraswati Namosthuthe, composed by G.N. Balasubramanium. A song in praise of the Goddess Saraswati (goddess of learning and music). Nadadesswaram is a large oboe like instrument used in
wedding celebrations.

*Recorded in 2004 by Dr. Temiz

by nicholab  from  permalink

Tracklist :

01 Varnum, Raga Intha

02 Thyagaraja, Kriti Kalavati

03 Jaya Jaya, Padmabda Nabha

04 Vapati, Hama Dhvani (Song of the Swan)

05 Saraswati Namosthuthe


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