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juin 20, 2010

Mustard Plug – In Black And White

Note :

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style ; Ska Punk Rock

Sortie : 2007

Tracklist :

01. Who Benefits?

02. Over The Edge

03. Hit Me! Hit Me!

04. Time To Wake Up

05. Something New

06. You Can’t Go Back

07. Life Is Too Short

08. Copasetic

09. On And On

10. Tell Me

11. Puddle Of Blood

12. Real Rat Bastard

13. What You Say


You have to give these guys credit: no one can tell them that ska-punk is over. On their sixth album and 16 years into their musical career, Mustard Plug are still sticking with the verities:
sharp horn charts, big and crunchy guitars, vocals that are more enthusiastic than tuneful (though still fairly tuneful) and lots of gleefully skanking backbeats. « Gleeful » may not be not the
first word that comes to mind on listening to these songs, though. In Black and White opens in an up-tempo but dark mood, with the dour « Who Benefits? » followed by the even darker « Over the
Edge. » « Hit Me! Hit Me! » brightens things up a bit and offers the album’s first real hooks; by « You Can’t Go Back » the band seems to have started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and
« On and On, » which is one of the album’s strongest tracks, is also its most unapologetically poppy. This is where you can really hear Mustard Plug’s 16 years of accumulated songcraft pay off.
Then they go out with a two-fisted bang: the snotty and hilarious « Real Rat Bastard » and the horn-heavy, singsongy « What You Say. » Most ska-punk bands celebrate their maturity by breaking up;
this one shows signs of being in it for the long haul. Recommended.

By Rick Anderson