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octobre 25, 2010

Incognito – Tribes, Vibes + Scribes

Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Acid Jazz , Nu-Soul , Nu-Jazz

Sortie : 1992

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Loved and respected throughout the industry, Incognito are a long-running institution, headed up by guitarist/keyboardist Jean Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick. Released at the height of the Talkin’ Loud
label’s powers, this was the second release from Incognito’s second incarnation. It fully marked their transition from the very 80s jazz funk to the very 90s acid jazz.

For those with longer memories, Incognito were the sophisticated group who emerged when Light Of The World splintered in the early 80s. After a decade resting, but with Maunick writing with a
revived Incognito in mind, they were signed by DJ Gilles Peterson to his Talkin’ Loud imprint in the early 90s.

Tribes Vibes and Scribes built on the success of 1991’s Inside Life, which featured Jocelyn Brown’s gargantuan reading of Ronnie Laws’ classic Almost There. With American vocalist Maysa Leak now
at the helm, the album is full of hook-laden, assured soul.

The lead single, a cover of Stevie Wonder’s Don’t You Worry About A Thing was a bold statement, squaring up to the master’s Innervisions tour de force with aplomb. It earned them a UK Top 20

Tribes Vibes and Scribes is accomplished in both its playing and positive message. The dancefloor storm of opener Colibri its with scat vocals and soloing, never strays too far into indulgence;
there is also the urban, orchestrated soul of Change. The jazz feel of tracks like L’Arc En Ciel De Miles saw the group’s popularity in the US grow, becoming something of a staple on the
burgeoning ‘quiet storm’ radio strand.

Tribes Vibes and Scribes is infused with is a tremendous enthusiasm and exuberance. It is this remarkable spirit that has kept the group so popular for so long and this record sounding like it
was recorded only yesterday.

by  Daryl Easlea



Tracklist :

1. Colibri

2. Change

3. River In My Dreams

4. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing

5. Magnetic Ocean

6. I Love What You Do For Me

7. Closer To The Feeling

8. L’Arc En Ciel De Miles

9. Need To Know

10. Pyramids

11. Tribal Vibes



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octobre 19, 2010

Belleruche – 270 stories

Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Alternative Fusion , Nu-Soul , Experimental

Sortie : 2010

Il y a un an de cela, le trio anglophone recevait les beaux échos de la critique après avoir livré un tout premier album signé par l’excellent défricheur Tru Thoughts. C’est dans la continuité de
cette œuvre aux teintes accrocheuses, mêlant électro et hip hop, en un classieux poème soul qu’il nous invite aujourd’hui à une nouvelle balade mélodique, portée par la voix de la diva Kathrin
deBoer. Quelques bons breakbeats, des sons acoustiques proches du blues, les comparaisons et les influences se mêlent pour poser une personnalité sonore prometteuse.

par Openmag


Tracklist :

01 Fuzz Face

02 Tired Robot

03 Bobby

04 3 Amp Fuse

05 Cat In A Dog Suit

06 You Me Us Them

07 Shudder & Cry

08 Clockwatching

09 Ginger Wine

10 Gold Rush

11 Churro


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octobre 17, 2010

V.A – The House of Urban Grooves – THUG Jazz

Origine du Groupe : Various North America

Style : Nu-Jazz , Soul , Funk , Groove , Rap Fusion

Sortie : 2004

This is an intriguing set. Although put out by the Concord subsidiary Peak, the jazz content is pretty low, with the flavor of jazz utilized much more than any serious improvising. However, the
dance music is continuous and episodic, and keeps one guessing. A lot of different colors are used (whether it be Louis Van Taylor’s tenor, Karen Briggs or Trey Duncan on violins, the keyboards,
or the occasional vocalists), plenty of moods are covered, and the grooves never stop. Its main fault is that the electronic rhythms do not vary often enough (do dancers really need to have the
beat stated so obviously all the time?), but in general this is a more interesting set than expected. It works best as background party and dance music.

by Scott Yanow


Tracklist :

01. Hey Shorty

02. Vanelli

03. Jak Ghetto

04. Howard’s In

05. Enemy

06. Da Truth

07. Deringa

08. Kaos

09. Sumpin’ Else

10. T.h.u.g. Theme

11. Vicious Vamp


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octobre 14, 2010

John Legend & The Roots – Wake Up!

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Soul , R&B , Blues , Jazz , Rap Fusion , Alternative

Sortie : 2010

Inspired by the election of Barack Obama in 2008, and the nostalgia that it brought on for a time when urban communities were active in the civil rights movement, soul-singer John Legend and
hip-hop luminaries The Roots got together to record a track reminiscent of the music from that time (the ’60s and ’70s). The result was a full-length album, which basically plays like a hits
anthology of classic soul, funk and reggae music.

Starting of strong with the hard-hitting “Hard Times,” originally recorded by Baby Huey, an obscure, single-album artist whose legacy still lives mostly in hip hop samples (everyone from A Tribe
Called Quest to Ice Cube and the Wu-Tang have sampled him). For the most part this track plays closely to the original, which is a good thing, but a verse from the Roots’ MC Black Thought builds
on that and brings it into the contemporary.

From there, the rest of the album runs the gauntlet, from Donny Hathaway (“Little Ghetto Boy”), Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes (“Wake up Everybody”), Erni Hines (“Our Generation”) Marvin Gaye
(“Wholly, holy” ), Nina Simone (“I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free” ) and James Kirkland (“Hang on in There”) – another artist who is highly praised and sampled in the hip hop world. In
fact, as much as the album pays homage to a certain period of music, it can also be seen as a thank-you to all the great, sometimes obscure artists that hip hop producers and MCs, after
tirelessly digging through crates of vinyl, have resurfaced and relied on for their catchy hooks.

A concern I originally had was that Legend’s voice would be too smooth, too polished and crooner-y to sing gritty protest music, and nowhere is this more apparent than on the one track that isn’t
a cover, “Shine.” It definitely stands out, because next to the covers, it sounds just like a John Legend song. (Whether that’s a good thing or not depends on what you think of Legend’s music.)

But for those who don’t like Legend’s music, the range of his voice on the rest of the album will pleasantly surprise you, especially on the stand out track, Bill Wither’s “I Can’t Write
Left-Handed,” a poignant story about an injured vet coming home from the Vietnam War. Legend’s raspy, gospel-worthy voice here transplants the listener right back to 1973 when the original was
first recorded (video for both versions below. Cue Withers up at 1:56 and Legend up at 0:54 for a duet), and while no one can come close to Withers, Legend and the Roots come close here.

Whether you have a penchant for classic soul music, or the genius of the Roots, or just want an introduction into some of the music you would find in Questlove’s extensive vinyl collection, this
album is a must buy. The only thing that’s missing and would really make this album stand out would be to include an accompanying disc of all the originals.



Tracklist :

1. Compared to What

2. Hard Times

3. Little Ghetto Boy

4. Wake Up Everybody feat. Common and Melanie Fiona

5. Our Generation

6. Love the Way It Should Be

7. Hang On in There

8. I Can’t Write Left Handed

9. Wholy Holy

10. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free

11. Shine

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octobre 6, 2010

Alvik – Forms Apart

Origine du Groupe : Czech Republic

Style : Electro Jazz , Nu-Jazz , Downtempo , Nu-Soul

Sortie : 2008

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From Official Myspace :

Founded in 2001 in Prague, Czech Republic, Alvik has become a driving force behind the best sounds resonating in Europe today.

Alvik was built on their performances in Prague’ss smaller jazz clubs before graduating to larger halls, playing across Europe and touring the Czech Republic and the United States . With this
growth the group’s sound has evolved into its present form with a style which is as easy to listen to as it is hard to define.

Alvik is the perfection of elements brought by each of its members: front singer and songwriter-singer Anya Stuart, who has helped the band cross into the international scene with her North
American roots; Bharata Rajnosek, hornman who cuts between sax, flute and trumpet; Petr Tichy, compelling stand-up bass player, Mishan Pajdiak on drums and samples from Prague and Audun Nedrelid,
with his Norweigian fingers gracing the keyboard.

Together, Alvik breathes a new kind of jazz that transgresses a wide variety of styles and tempos from abstract hip-hop to broken beats to drum and bass and Latin rhythms.

Over the years Alvik has developed more into a project. Hosting few concerts per year in their native Prague or at European festivals, Alvik thrives on the on-stage convergence of the many guest
artists involved in the project. Starting in 2004 with an intense collaboration with the Apollon Quartet and Jazz legend Emil Viklicky, Alvik has continued work with their original bass player
Martin Zpevak, and added many other names to the list such as Norwegian hornman Oyvind Svendsen, American vocalist Tonya Graves and Czech pianist/flutist Vitek Pospisil.

Most recently Alvik has enjoy a cooperation with Slovakian jazz drummer Martin Valihora , who played as a guest on their E.P. Cold June (2007) as well as the greater part of the Forms Apart album
(October 2008).

The collaboration spirit in Alvik continues well into the studio as they have had remixes done by artists from Prince of Tennis to Ishfaq

Tracklist :




04.On Air On Skin

05.Final Next


07.Samba In Paris


09.Cold June


11.Got My Self

12.Trent Beat


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septembre 16, 2010

Chrisette Michele – I Am

Origine du Groupe : North America
Style : Neo-Soul , R&B
Sortie : 2007

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Def Jam unveiled a stunning new talent in 2007 with I AM, the debut album from Chrisette Michelle. Though raised on gospel, Michelle’s biggest influences are clearly old-school jazz divas in the vein of Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan, as their textured, bluesy phrasing can be heard informing her own delivery. Yet Michelle is decidedly contemporary, threading elements of contemporary R&B, hip-hop, pop, and adult-alternative into her unique brand of neo-soul. Help from artists like Babyface, John Legend, and heighten the profile of an already mightily impressive debut.


Tracklist :
1. Like A Dream 3:59
2. Work It Out 4:21
3. If I Have My Way 4:02
4. Best Of Me 3:53
5. Your Joy 4:32
6. Good Girl 4:04
7. Be OK (Feat. Will.I.Am) 3:43
8. Mr. Radio 3:54
9. Golden 4:23
10.Let’s Rock 4:44
11.Love Is You 3:17
12.In This For You 3:41
13.Is This The Way Love Feels 6:46
14.hidden track 3:45



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septembre 8, 2010

Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong

Note :

Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Alternative , Nu-Soul , Downtempo

Sortie : 2010

I’ve never been invited to a dinner party, as anyone who’s read one of my reviews might not be surprised to hear. So I don’t know what sort of music people play at them, but I know that to attach
the tag of ‘dinner party music’ to anything is a grave insult, implying sounds bland enough to ensure the focus stays on the balsamic drizzle and not the hi-fi.

Lost Where I Belong veers a little close to the background, but is saved heroically from blandness partly by Triana’s voice – an elegant, sultry zephyr that dips low and soars high with breathy
ease, bringing to mind Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu or Jill Scott – and partly by the production from Bonobo, who makes that voice the star and frames it with not much more than understated
percussion and acoustic guitars. It won’t startle the guests, but it’s still a deeply soulful and promising debut.

by Euan Ferguson


Tracklist :

1. Draw The Stars

2. Up In Fire

3. Lost Where I Belong

4. A Town Called Obsolete

5. Darker Than Blue

6. Daydreamers

7. Far Closer

8. Something In The Silence

9. X

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septembre 6, 2010

Shafiq Husayn – En’A-Free-Ka

Note :

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Neo Soul , Rap Fusion

Sortie : 2009

Alors que le deuxième album studio de Sa-Ra Creative Partners a bien tardé à voir le jour, pour n’être au final qu’une prolixe mais néanmoins agréable compilation de faces B et de chutes studio,
le membre le plus discret de ce fougueux trio, j’ai nommé Shafiq Husayn, décide d’œuvrer en solitaire pour un premier LP. Après un EP instrumental remarqué l’année passée, ce véritable magicien
de l’ombre, à qui l’on doit en grande partie le dernier album de la diva Erykah Badu, nous livre ici une ode au continent africain, et démontre toute l’étendue de ses talents.

On savait que le bonhomme était axé sur un travail musical plus acoustique que ses deux autres compères Taz Anorld et Om’Mas Keith (que l’on retrouvera d’ailleurs ici au chant simplement). Ce
« Shafiq En A Free Ka » confirme cette impression et s’avère rapidement être une véritable claque. On ne trouvera pas ici de gros banger immédiat et remuant, Shafiq semblant ainsi s’éloigner
clairement du Hip Hop futuriste qui a fait sa renommée. Il est plus question ici d’une Nu Soul psyché, deep et spirituelle au maximum, clairement inspirée par l’afro beat, le jazz 70’s et la pop
60/70’s barrée, le tout parfaitement synthétisé. Un peu comme si Fela Kuti, George Duke, Talking Heads et J Dilla s’amusaient joyeusement dans un studio nigérian.

Shafiq envoute ainsi magnifiquement nos tympans tout au long des 17 pistes de ce premier ouvrage, et ce, dès l’introduction, une brève instrumentale tribale dirigée par son timbre de voix grave
et puissant. Ce dernier pose ainsi son phrasé absolument charismatique sur la plupart de ses compositions, comme sur la très inspirée et sensuelle « Le’Star », où il y fredonne des backs vocaux en
français avec une présence troublante. Mais il a cependant fait appel à plusieurs guests de choix, principalement ses collaborateurs de longues dates tel que l’insaisissable Bilal ou Rozzi Daime
ainsi que quelques talentueuses nouvelles tête, comme la douée Fatima (qui se révèle absolument irrésistible sur la superbe « Lil Girl ») ou Noni Limar. Tous œuvrent dans l’alchimie la plus totale
et habillent magnifiquement les prods habitées du beatmaker de Sa-Ra.

Sans tomber dans le name dropping de titres à outrance, on restera particulièrement bluffé par des titres comme les deux hallucinantes ballades pop « Major Heavy » et « Evil Man », la mélancolique
« Love Still Hurts », « Dust & Kisses », spatiale à souhait, ou l’irrésistible « Nirvana ». La globalité de l’album impressionne ainsi de par une maîtrise et une richesse rare. Pas une seule fausse
note, ni de baisse de régime, Shafiq se veut inspiré comme jamais, naviguant entres ses influences et variant méticuleusement les ambiances.

En faisant habilement le grand pont entre toutes les influences 70’s et des sonorités tout à fait actuelles et avant-gardistes, ce « Shafiq En A Free Ka » est définitivement une œuvre audacieuse ,
complexe et aventureuse comme on en voit rarement. Un grand album, tout simplement.

par Onelight


Tracklist :

1 – Intro/Electra

2 – Nirvana

3 – The U.N. plan

4 – Cheeba F. Bilal

5 – Lil’ girl F. Fatima

6 – Lost & found F. Jimetta Rose & Bilal

7 – Dust & kisses F. Noni Limar

8 – No moor

9 – All dead

10 – Major heavy F. Sonny Coates & Count Bass D

11 – Evil man

12 – Changes F. Om’Mas Keith & Stephen « Thundercat » Bruner

13 – Love still hurts

14 – Le’Star F. Rozzi Daime & Nomi Limar

15 – Egypt F. Jessy West & Kahil Sadiq

16 – The Odd is C

17 – Rebel soldier

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août 29, 2010

Dinner at the Thompson’s – Off The Grid

Note : ++

Trois ans déjà que Dinner At The Thompson’s nous avait littéralement séduits par l’osmose artistique, la vitalité et le groove qui se dégageaient de leur tout premier opus “Lifetime On Planet
Heart“. Depuis, le duo franco-américain a sérieusement consolidé sa carrière, entre scène et studio, entre Paris et LA, pour finalement remettre le couvert aujourd’hui avec la sortie de leur
nouveau “Off The Grid”. Incontestablement, Dinner At The Thompson’s a mûri, affûté ses atouts et gagné encore en consistance, sans perdre une miette de ce qui a fondé son succès, et qui en fait
l’un des duos soul-hip-hop-electro les plus prometteurs de l’hexagone. On retrouve ainsi cet hétéroclisme travaillé et précis, oscillant entre new-soul (”Spirulina Queen”, “This Day We Call
Hope”), trip-hop (la douce ballade “Western Spaghetti”), et hip-hop qui tâche (”It All Began” aux notes jazzy), sans négliger la collision maîtrisée des genres (le tranchant “Levitating”, le
funky “Rise Up”, le medley réussi “You Are Love” clôturant l’opus). Les influences d’Erykah Badu  et de Portishead planent toujours sur les titres, particulièrement du côté du chant de
Lucille Tee qui, si elle n’a de toutes évidences ni le grain Billie Holidesque et indépassable de la diva de Dallas, ni la puissance métaphysique du timbre de Beth Gibbons, tire très bien son
épingle du jeu avec son chant inspiré et sensuel, flirtant volontiers avec un rap féminin et percutant (”Whatever It Takes”). Côté versions instrumentales, Fablive enchaîne les performances,
maîtrisant parfaitement les astuces du sampling, la justesse des enchaînements et l’art des contretemps. Le tout dans une harmonie bluffante, restée intacte depuis les débuts du combo. Cet album
d’une richesse plus qu’appréciable réserve enfin une très bonne surprise: la présence de deux featurings d’exception, l’un avec le roi du funk Lee Fields, admirable sur une version boostée à la
bossa, l’autre avec l’un des piliers de l’écurie Stones Throw Guilty Simpson, sur un musclé “Rice ‘N’ Beans”. Finalement, Dinner At The Thompson’s continue sur une belle lancée avec cet “Off The
Grid” généreux et gourmand du haut de ses quinze tracks, que l’on dégustera sans modération. On conseillera juste au talentueux duo de tenter d’explorer de nouvelles directions à l’avenir, et de
faire évoluer un brin leur marque de fabrique, car les meilleures recettes peuvent devenir à la longue un peu écœurantes. Mais avec une énergie et une créativité pareilles, on ne se fait pas trop
de souci pour la suite…


Origine du Groupe : France

Style : Nu-Soul , Hip Hop

Sortie : 2010

Tracklist :

01. Intro

02. How Wan I

03. Spirulina Queen

04. Just A Dream

05. It All Began

06. Levitating

07. Rise Up

08. Different Beings Feat. LEE FIELDS

09. Whatever It Takes

10. I Can Do Anything

11. Running

12. Western Spaghetti

13. Rice n Beans Feat. GUILTY SIMPSON

14. This Day We Call Hope

15. You Are Love




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août 23, 2010

Ray Harris & the Fusion Experience – Ray Harris & the Fusion Experience

Note :

Raymond Harris is a talented keyboardist from Glasgow who successfully manages to blend dancefloor jazz with latin vibes, a touch of funk & soul, and Brazilian sounds coming directly from the
60’s and 70’s. Ray Harris has won the “Brewin Dolphin” newcomer award in 2008, and together with The Fusion Experience band has opened for the late godfather of soul James Brown and supported Funk
Legends The Average White Band, MTV award winners Jaga Jazzist, MOBO Award winner Denys Baptiste as well as performing with Ian McCulloch (Echo & The Bunnymen).

Media interest has been extensive with Harris being featured in a live Session on BBC Radio Scotland’s « The Jazz House », in another live session on BBC6 Music’s « The Craig Charles Funk & Soul
Show » and with his being interviewed on STV prior to his performance at the Glasgow International Jazz Festival. Radio play worldwide has been considerable with Mark Lamarr of BBC Radio 2, voting
« One of A Kind » by Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience one of his top 10 tracks of 2009.

The Fusion Experience band is composed of Jamie McGrory on drums, Signy Jakobsdottir taking care of percussion, Ian Thomson on guitar, Chris McGarvey on bass, and Marie Claire Lee, Susie Palmer,
Jane McLaughlin, and Lana Shilvpe contributing vocals. Ray Harris is of course on the keyboards, but also takes care of production and vocals.

Record releases worldwide include Record Kicks Italy, P-Vine Japan, DIW Japan, Demajors Indonesia, Mr Bongo Records UK, EMI Holland, and Chin Chin Records Germany. Such releases have coincided with
extensive touring of Asia and Europe with prolific performances at Jakarta International Jazz Festival Indonesia, Penang Island Jazz Festival Malaysia, IJazz Festival Holland, The Hague Jazz
Festival Holland and also touring performances in China, Japan & Europe.


Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Nu-Jazz , Soul Funk

Sortie : 2010

Tracklist :

01. Scaramunga (album version)

02. In Your Eyes

03. Freedom

04. One Of A Kind

05. Interpretation

06. Where Do We Begin

07. Tokyo Blue

08. Scaramunga (jazz-dance edit)

09. Scaramunga (Lack Of Afro rmx)

10. Freedom (Lack Of Afro inspiration)



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