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août 5, 2010

V.A – Origins of Guitar Music in Southern Congo and Northern Zambia

Note :

More dry guitars, let’s go back in time.

In the new urban culture during the fifties in the copper mining towns of Katanga Province

in southern Congo and on the Copperbelt in northern Zambia, the guitar became an important status symbol.

Hugh Tracey the South African broadcaster turned field recordist amassed probably the largest body of pre-independence recordings of music in central and southern Africa.

This focus on guitar music offers a journey from remote forest villages into the cities and mining camps.

Depending on where they lived, miners and urban professionals heard on their radios American jazz and its South African imitators, Cuban pop, and its Congolese imitators, as well as all sorts of
traditional music…..

All of that is echoed in these recordings from Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi during the 1950s.

An exciting document, the emergence of a new sound – with some famous names such as Mwenda Jean Bosco

and George Sibanda……

by nauma


Origine du Groupe : Africa

Style : World Guitar

Sortie : 2002

Tracklist :

1957 &’58 recordings

Congo :

01-Ilunga Patrice & Misonba Victor-Mama Josefina

02-Ilunga Patrice & Misonba Victor-Masengu

03-Ngoi Nono & Kabongo Anastase-Muleka Mwene Yombwe

04-Kaseba Anatole-Muleka Mwene Ngoie

Zambia :

05-Stephen Tsoti Kasumali-Ematamno Waifwe Bantu

06-Stephen Tsoti Kasumali-Banakatekwe

07-T. Muntali & M. Sapao-Maio Wafwa

08-The Four Pauls-Nifwe Ba Four Pais

09-The Four Pauls-Maselino Yaya Yoyayu

10-John Lushi-Bamgufya Ba Kwati

11-Isaac Matafwana & Sunkutu-Katikalepuke Katikatobeke

12-Luson Mwape Muchalo-Chilomendo Chakumena

13-William Sivale-Nashe Nsapato

14-F. Musonda-Amatstotsi Mama Amaononge Chalo

Malawi :

15-Pearson Kapeni-Akazi

16-De Ndirande Pitch Crooners-Elube

1950,’51,’52 recordings

Zimbabwe :

17-George Sibanda-Gwabi Gwabi

18-George Sibanda-Dali Ngiyakuthanda Bati Ha-Ha-Ha

19-Josiah Nkomi-Itaula Bava Yami

Congo :

20-Mwenda Jean Bosco-Mama Na Mwana

21-Ombiza Charles-Nachelewa

22-Ombiza Charles-Safari Ya Baraka

23-Bembele Henri-Colette

24-Bembele Henri-Beni



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