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octobre 1, 2010

Psapp – Early Cats and Tracks Volume 2

Origine du Groupe : U.K

Style : Alternative , Electro

Sortie : 2009

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UK duo Psapp (Carim Classmann and Galia Durant) have continued to solidify themselves as child musicians in adult bodies with their unique brand of toytronica. The esoteric clicks, the
otherworldly blips, the raucous bangs of child’s play are all simply instruments in the minds of Classmann and Durant. And the kitsch doesn’t stop there; the two have an odd obsession with cats,
which pops up everywhere on their albums and on stage (they thrown handmade cats into the crowd).

And so, after making some noise (pun intended) in the electropop genre, Psapp has gone back to the old hard drives and dug up some of their earlier cuts and whatnot for Early Cats and Tracks
Volume II. Truthfully, these tracks are not too unlike those on Tiger, My Friend.  “Northdown C” seems to have taken the rain from the beginning of “Tiger, My Friend” and given it new life
with a hand drum beat and the bright tinkle of a plaything in the distance. “Happy Lamb” sounds like a typewriter bred with an organ and had children proficient in the marimba. Though many of the
tracks on here appeared on earlier EPs or Psapp’s debut Japanese-only release Northdown, the true highlight of this EP is “Who Knows My Ohs”, featuring Durant’s sultry sweet alto vocals laced
craftily over a strumming guitar and the frenetic plucking of a toy.

by Carl Sandburg Visits Me In A Dream



1. « Feel the Fur »                   3:58

2. « Dad’s Breakdown »        3:04

3. « Scissory »                         4:09

4. « Northdown C »                4:38

5. « Happy Lamb »                 3:53

6. « Whores »                          2:24

7. « How Things Turn Up »   4:57

8. « Who Knows My Ohs »    3:47


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