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novembre 1, 2010

Rachel Magoola – Songs from the source of the Nile

Origine du Groupe : Ugandan

Style : World Music

Sortie : 2006

Songs From The Source of The Nile is quite simply one of the most sublime musical experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure of having. This is one of those albums where every single track is well
worth the price of the entire album. Every song takes the listener to a completely different realm–one of deep beauty and exquisite poetry. Ms. Magoola’s talent is quite simply stunning. Her
vocals and harmonies are resoundingly delicious, her musical compositions and arrangements are pure perfection, and the infectious warmth of her rhythms and melodies will feed your soul for a
long long time… until you are inspired once more to pop the CD back into your player. Thank you Rachel Magoola!!

by  Long Tall Sally  permalink

Tracklist :

01 – Gwendayira

02 – Asante

03 – Noyo Omulungi

04 – Akiiki

05 – Ekizino

06 – Imbalu

07 – Tuleerwani

08 – Tonyiga

09 – Vooto

10 – Akasajja

11 – Inhaife

12 – Jangu Eno


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